Playing Together – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #25

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Playing Together. The inspiration was:

playing together

After a long stressful day, there’s almost nothing better than relaxing…together. ;)

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.


Playing Together

I walked into the house, immediately kicking off my shoes and leaving them next to the rack. As I walked down the hall I unbuttoned my shirt, letting it slide down my arms so I could hang it on the bannister. As I walked up the steps I moved my skirt around my hips, unfastening the zip, and as I stepped onto the landing I let it fall, kicking it to one side where it lay heaped in front of the bookcase. I I walked into the bedroom I reached behind me to unhook my bra, I pulled the straps down my arms, and sighing loudly as my breasts were suddenly free from the underwire and lace. I dropped it on the chair by the window, and rested a hand on the seat back, supporting myself as I slipped my panties down and stepped out of them. Grabbing a clip from the dressing table I twisted my hair up, sliding the clip in to hold it as I headed for the shower. I paused outside the en suite to flick on the air con.

I left the bathroom. The air con had cooled the room to a bearable temperature, I happily dropped the thin towel I’d wrapped round myself in the laundry basket. I pulled back the cotton top sheet, and sat down on the edge of the bed. Laying down I closed my eyes, the cool air washing over me as I finally relaxed. I woke slowly, the room was still light, I felt the pressure of a body on the bed beside me and I rolled over, opening my eyes. He was sleeping, I reached a hand to stroke his face. The day’s stubble greying his chin felt prickly, and I took a moment to try and smooth out the worry lines creasing his forehead. As I traced my fingers back down his jawline, he mumbled in his sleep, and turned his head nuzzling my hand.

I grinned as an idea came to me. Shifting to my side, I move my hand down his body slowly tracing over his chest. His nipples were peaked from the cool air, and I quickly licked my finger, circling over each nipple, and enjoying the way he twisted towards me. As I pinched them his cock twitched, beginning to stiffen, and swell. I slid my hand lower tracing the definition of his six pack, feeling each groove, and moving down the lines of the V until I was stroking the soft curls covering the base of his cock. I ran my finger tip along his shaft, slipping it over the head and back down the other side, stroking over his balls, and tapping along them. A move I know he loves.

Laying back down I close my eyes, as I wrap my hand around his cock. It’s semi erect, and I squeeze and stroke it until it’s hard. He moans softly, and I smile to myself, he’s waking up. I continue to work his cock, squeezing it at the end of each stroke, running my fingers over the head. Spreading his precum over my palm, using it to help keep lubricated. As he twitches again, I pause my thumb over the tip, moving it in little circles, adding pressure as I do. He moans again, a longer sound, and I freeze my hand, holding him tight but not moving. He lifts his hips slightly, pushing into my hand, and I’m suddenly very aware of this man I love lying next to me. My nipples harden, and the scent of my arousal drifts up as my cunt throbs.

I think he’s waking up, and I want to make it as gentle as possible. So very gently I start moving my hand again, up and down with a loose fist. I lose myself in the rhythm, and don’t notice him waking, my first surprise is when he flicks a finger over one of my nipples, before pinching it tight and pulling it. I gasp, gripping his cock tighter. I have to focus hard on keeping my hand moving but when he slips his hand down to cup my cunt, I freeze again, sucking in my breath. It’s only when he presses his hand against my clit and sets up a rhythm I am able to move my hand again. I always struggle playing together like this. I forget what I’m doing and just feel it all.

The harder and faster his hand moves, the tighter and jerkier my stroking becomes. I know I don’t have long, my body is arching, pushing against his hand. The wave is building inside me and I am suddenly hot again, feeling like I’m about to combust. I try to let go of his cock, knowing I am going to come hard, but my hands are clenched, and it’s too late. As my orgasm crashes through me, I squeeze his cock tighter, and he grunts, pushing up against my hand, and a white hot ribbon sprays across our stomachs.


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ELust #84 – The Community Round-Up

Elust #84
Photo courtesy of A to sub-Bee

Welcome to Elust #84

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #85 Start with the rules, come back August 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

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~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

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~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Good In Bed

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ETO 2016 – Erotic Trade Only Show

Post Event Round-Up

In May I wrote a post about the upcoming ETO 2016. It happened a few weeks ago, and I am finally recovered. I arrived on the Saturday, and with Mel (of Voluptasse) got started getting the Blogspot stand set up for Sunday. Finishing off the blogger goody bags, putting up a few posters, and setting out the leaflet table. We also laid out everything for the grand prize draw so we could get some photos for social media before packing it safely away until Sunday.

eto 2016    eto 2016

Once we were all set up, we went off to check into our hotel, and prepare ourselves for an evening of watching Football with some of the lovely ETO 2016 team, and Miles from Amazing O. Afterwards, we ended up in the hotel bar chatting to the lovely teams from Kink Craft and Sheets of San Francisco. It was great to finally meet some people in person properly, and to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen since last year.

ETO 2016

On Sunday we went over early to finish getting the blogspot stand ready to welcome people.

eto 2016 eto 2016

We were laying out snacks and drinks, putting all the Prize Draw goodies back on display, and pulling up the advertising banners. We had ten minutes before the doors opened, so I had a quick wander round, to snap some photos and say hi to a few company reps. Managed to have a few words with Lulu from Rocks-Off, Randy from Swiss Navy (who kindly donated some of their new Arousal Lubricant for the blogger bags), William from Doxy, and said a quick hello to the lovely people from The Bondage Man.

For the next two days I barely left the Blogspot stand. I talked to so many people over the two days I actually lost my voice by Monday evening. It was great to see and chat to so many bloggers, writers, and industry friends:

Also managed to speak to a few company reps who stopped by to chat to us:

  • First was Miles from AmazingO who I had met the previous evening.
  • Adam and Monika from Godemiche they make the most amazing crazy-coloured silicone dildos
  • Emma from The Alternative Choice Boutique who I met when she was a manager at another sex toy store.
  • Lizzi from HypnOgasm who I’d met the previous evening.
  • Alison from Fornicari, a soon to be opened luxury sex shopping experience
  • Eva from Persian Palm, who make stunning ceramic glazed dildos
  • Max from The Raunchier Side who writes sensual love poems for greeting cards, bookmarks, etc

By the end of the day all I wanted to do was collapse into a warm bath and bed but I was lucky enough to have been invited to the awards show, so after a shower to wake me up I put on my finest dress, and off I went to enjoy the show.

The Awards Show

AmazingO had sponsored a bloggers table, and the evening promised to be lots of fun. With Miles on the table were myself, Mel, and her husband Kris, Dom StrapOn, Girl on the Net, Justin DeCerous, Dave from The Big Gay Review, Lola Sparkles, and Rebecca Dakin. We were quite a lively table especially when Girl on the Net won the award for Best Erotic Journalist. We were all so pleased for her. After the awards a band came on, and there was dancing, drinking, and mingling. Someone at our table decided Sambuca shots were needed and proceeded to buy multiple rounds. Conscious of the fact that I needed to be back on the Blogspot the next day I declined my share, passing them on to whoever would drink them.

ETO 2016

It was a fantastic night, and lots of fun.


I thought Monday might end up being a quieter day but I was wrong. It was another day where every time I decided to sit down for two minutes, someone came to chat. I must have looked like a demented jack-in-the-box, I was constantly up and down. It felt like both myself and Mel were talking to people non-stop.  I did manage to grab ten minutes towards the end of the day to have a quick wander round, I wanted to see a few people, and chat to some reps I was hoping to work with.

Monday also saw the drawing of the Blogspot Grand Prize, this selection of sex toys and treats was donated by retailers and distributors within the adult industry. The total value of the prize was over £2,200. The name was drawn from a jar on Monday afternoon, and the winner had to be present to collect the prize.

The lucky winner was new blogger, ScrewTaboo wasn’t planning to attend on Monday but because she’d enjoyed Sunday so much she changed her mind. She was thrilled with her prize which included a few items that she said she had been coveting for a while. She even had to visit the shopping outlet over the road to buy a suitcase that was big enough to get it all home.


I realised when I came to write this that I didn’t get as much chance to wander around the ETO 2016 show as I would have liked, so I missed seeing lots of things. I was really hoping to speak to Andy and the team at the ElectraStim stand but just didn’t get chance. I was also hoping to see the bath tub of Slube that I heard so much about, this sounded fascinating and I really wish I’d managed to stop by. However, I did stop by the Doxy stand to take a look at their new range of Bullet vibes; mains powered and a rechargeable. They look so beautiful, and as you would expect from a Doxy they have a lot of power. I also came away with a Satisfyer Pro 2 thanks to Bradley at Creative Conceptions (review coming very soon), and Mark at SheetsofSanFrancisco very kindly gave me one of their printed sheets to review, I’m really looking forward to doing some wax play on it.

ETO 2016


Special Mentions

I want to take a moment to thank Cara. Despite not being in attendance she was a vital part of the Blogspot ETO 2016 stand, and did much of the background work; arranging sponsorship and advertising, getting prizes for the draw and items for the goody bags, marketing the blogspot, and designing the banners that were up on the stand. Without her the Blogspot would not have been the success it was, and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to participate.

I’d also like to (again) say a big thank you to Miles at AmazingO for sponsoring the Blogger table for the Awards. It really made my weekend, and I had a brilliant time.

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who visited and joined in with the Blogspot this year. You helped make it memorable.

Night World – Wicked Wednesday Flash Fiction

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 28th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Night World. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

Night World

When I saw this image that was taken by Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss, I immediately thought: ‘There’s a story in it.’

That’s what I want you to do: use the image as inspiration for your stories… and share!


Night World

He presses me against the wall as he kisses me, his hands splayed either side of my head. My hands grip his hair, crushing his mouth to mine. One of his legs is between mine, holding them apart, and pushing my skirt up. My right leg is wrapped around his other leg, hugging the back of his calf. He kisses me harder biting my lip, and sucking it between his teeth, and my foot jiggles. My shoe knocking against the door beside us, and we stumble out of the doorway, laughing and hushing each other. I wait for the security light to trip on but they must be out because it stays dark, the only illumination coming from the street lamp at the end of the lane. It is a night world.

He holds my hand as we walked further up the street, as we get farther away from the street lamp he spins me into him, singing some cheesy county love song as he slow dances with me. I press closer wanting to feel the way our bodies fit together. The way his cock nudges against the inside edge of my hip, my breasts pressing against his stomach, my cheek nestling into his chest, and his chin resting comfortably on top of my head. We sway together while he sings, I can feel his words rumbling through his chest, making me tingle, his warm breath blowing over my hair. When he finishes I tip my face up to find his, our lips meeting in a soft kiss. We deepen the kiss, and he slips his hands down, cupping my arse, and pulling me into him. I stretch onto tiptoe, rubbing myself against his cock, feeling him twitch.

He groans, breaking the kiss, as he glances up and down the street. His eyes land on the stairs behind us and he smiles, a wicked grin. Pulling me with him he carefully opens the gate, catching it before it slams shut. He lifts his arm twirling me, and stealing a kiss. Then he raises me up a few steps, moving me sit on them, before angling me so I’m leaning back on my elbows. He kneels down in front of me, and rests his palms on my knees. Pushing them apart, and sliding my skirt up my thighs. He moves his hands to my hips, slipping his fingers under the waist of my panties. I lift my butt so he can take them off, and he slips them into his pocket.

Bending back down he kisses the inside of each thigh, sucking gently as he reaches the tender spots above the top of each stocking. I suck in my breath as warmth floods through me. I forget all about the rough concrete under me, focussing on the feeling of his warm lips moving closer to my throbbing cunt. When his mouth touches my pussy lips, my legs relax further, opening me to him, and he nuzzles into me. Flattening his tongue to press against my entrance, tasting me, before sliding the tip upwards. I moan, shifting my weight to one arm so I can grab his head with the other. I twist my fist in his hair, tugging it as I drive his mouth harder against me. He sucks and nips at my clit, until I’m panting, gasping out “oh fuck”. He moves a hand up to cover my mouth, smothering the sounds of my first orgasms.

Moving back slightly he kisses and licks along my outer and inner lips, nipping, and sucking, tasting me. I’m so wet he easily slides two fingers into me, thrusting them in and out a few times before adding a third. He slips the three in and out until I come again, pushing against his fingers with the contractions of my next orgasm. Then he pushes them in, knuckle deep and bends them upwards, rocking them with a come hither motion, that has me wriggling and trying to call his name. He bends his head to suck my clit and I felt everything in me rushing down, the pressure building inside me crashes over the edge. As I come he presses his arm against my mouth, and I bite into him with the scream of my climax.

My body goes limp, and as he slides his fingers out liquid squirts over the steps. He kneels back on his heels, smiling at me as he strokes my legs, and arms. He smooths my skirt back down and stands up, moving to the steps next to me he sits down, pulling me against him, and stroking  my hair. We sit there for a few more minutes, the night world quiet around us, before he stands up again, this time pulling me with him, supporting me as my legs wobble.
“We should get home.” Pulling out his keys, he wraps his arm round my waist helping me climb the steps.


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Friendship Plus – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #24

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Friendship Plus. The inspiration was:

friendship plus

I don’t know who’s more fortunate – the one holding the cock, the one having his cock held, or us as we fantasize about what happens next. Maybe we’re all very lucky!

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.


Friendship Plus

He’d showered first, and when I got in after I could smell his shower gel, and that slight musky scent that made me think about the extra five minutes he’d been in the shower. Which made my mind wander, and by the time I’d washed and got out my cock was standing halfway to attention without really being touched. I towelled off, trying to ignore my erection, hoping it would go away. When I stepped back into the bedroom I knew it was still visible under the towel but I didn’t care.

He was standing by the window naked, his towel in a heap on the floor. He was obviously watching something because he gave a chuckle and nodded. I went to stand next to him, and he pointed to the balcony opposite and one floor down. Someone was pushed against the door, their face tipped back with a look of bliss. Their legs braced, you could see them being pushed forward as the person behind thrust into them. That person was completely in shadow.

My cock twitched and I shifted but in doing so managed to drop my towel. He turned, taking in my erection, and letting his gaze travel slowly up my body. When he finally met my eyes I knew I was blushing, and I dropped my chin, stepping backwards away from him. He caught my arm stopping me, and then his fingers were on my chin, tipping it up to meet his eyes. Keeping eye contact he ran his thumb over my lips, and they parted. He smiled and leant in, when his lips touched mine I felt a jolt go through me, and when he sucked my lower lip my cock throbbed.

He pulled back from the kiss, and turned me so I was looking out the window. He reached round me, wrapping his fist around my cock and stroking it, slowly, teasingly. I moved my arm back gripping his arse and pulling him into me. I pressed back against him, angling my body so his arm could reach around me better. His stiffening cock nudging my buttock as he stroked my erection. I watched the couple opposite, and imagined him taking me. As I thought about how it would feel to have his cock buried inside me, my own cock twitched. He tightened his grip stroking faster, twisting the head slightly in a way that made my knees want to buckle.

I pressed my free hand to the window, supporting myself as my breathing grew ragged, and I gasped out his name. His mouth close to my ear, he grunted, “Come for me.” His words combined with the heat of his breath, and the tightening of his hand, pulled my climax from me, and I came hard, spattering white drops across the window. He turned me round, pulled me close, and kissed me hard.


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