Common Denominator

A Personal Post

As a person it sucks when you end up having to think of yourself in mathematical terms, when something happens to you so often that you manage to reduce yourself to being the common denominator.

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Common Denominator

You know that thing where something happens once and you think, was it something I did? Then it happens with someone else and you think, maybe it is something I did wrong. Then it happens again and you sit yourself down to start analysing because at this point YOU are the common denominator. It must be something you’re doing.

It always starts the same way; good conversation, a few jokes, a laugh, and some flirting. They tell you they care. Make you feel like you are important to them. They break down your barriers, you let them in, then just when YOU really start to care about them, they shift the goalposts. Oh I have a girlfriend, sorry I’m actually married, did I mention xyz?

And you don’t see it coming because it is so left-field. It goes from YOU being the person they talk to every day, the person they say good morning and goodnight to, to you being someone they message every few weeks if that. You go from being someone they care about to someone who doesn’t even factor in their life. And that hurts.

It’s the fact that in the beginning they were obviously spinning a line, and you were stupid enough to believe it. Why couldn’t you see that it was just something they were saying. You’d rather they were just honest, you’re a grown-up, if all they want is to get in your pants a few times, maybe just say that. Don’t bullshit about being friends, about how much you care when the honest truth is you’re just looking for someone it is convenient to fuck while there’s no other acceptable options. In all fairness generally speaking, we like sex so chances are we would be into that but be fair with us. We deserve to know that’s what it is before getting emotionally invested in things. If there’s a time limit on the…….”friendship” just let us know.

If we’re actually friends, maybe you could try being our friend. Be there for us, let us be there for you. Talk to us, not just when you NEED something but just because. Especially if that’s how things were in the beginning. And if that’s done, if we’re not friends, then tell us, don’t keep us hanging. When these things happen over and over we are going to start asking ourselves, what am I doing that is making this something that happens? I am the common denominator so I must be doing something to cause this.

I don’t want to be one of those people who never trusts, even though I know I already have trust barriers people have to get through but every time this sort of thing happens, it breaks me just a little bit more. I feel myself sliding a little bit further towards being the person who can’t ever trust……because if you don’t let them in they can’t hurt you.

Me Time – Masturbation Monday Erotic Flash Fiction

Masturbation Monday #30

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Me Time. The inspiration was:

me timeFrantic, holding back screams, writhing across the bed – now that’s my kind of masturbation fun! What say you?

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.

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Me Time

I was supposed to be doing a quick outfit change; going from my casual daytime clothes to the cocktail dress I’d brought to wear for dinner. I left Johnny, my security man on guard outside the hotel room door, so I was sure of having at least ten minutes of private me time.

I pulled off my t-shirt, and dropped it on the chair, unfastening my jeans as I walked back towards the bed. I sit down on it, wriggling my legs to get the jeans off, leaving them heaped on the floor. I catch site of myself in the mirror; the pure white of the matching cotton pants and bra, setting off my golden tan perfectly. The white underwear is so virginal it’s laughable but after the press fury when someone snapped a photo of my black bra strap peaking out from under a white shirt my PR people had thrown a hissy fit, and it was easier to just go along with them.

My body wasn’t perfect but finally after years of never feeling good enough I was happy with how I looked. I’d never felt sexier or more healthy, and seeing images of me tucking into bowls of pasta published by the tabloids just made me smile. It’s easier to ignore the comments on weight gain when you know you’re still sexy. I smoothed my hand down my body; feeling the fullness of my breasts, the dip where the elastic waistband of my pants sat, the rounded softness of my stomach. I slip my fingers under the side of my pants, stroking over the crinkly curls covering my mound.

As I stroke I notice moisture forming, I slip a finger between my lips and circle my clit. I glance at the clock to see how much me time I have left, I wriggle further onto the bed, falling back against the pillows. I slide my hand further into my pants, using two fingers to rub my clit. My other hand pulls down my bra, freeing my breasts; I tweak a nipple, pulling it up and twisting hard. I stroke over my outer labia, spreading the moisture over the curls. Pushing two fingers between my lips I find my hard nub, and rub it. Applying downward pressure as I increase the tempo of my fingers. I release my nipple, moving my hand to add pressure to the fingers on my clit. As spikes of pleasure shoot through me, I press my head into the pillow, arching my back. The pressure builds inside me, my body rolling with the waves of pleasure, I’m gasping out. And as the waves reach the crest, I cover my mouth, catching the screams of my orgasm in my palm.


Hope you enjoyed my latest entry for Masturbation Monday, Me Time.  You can find more sexy stories by clicking the button below:

Me time

Strap On from Sh!Women Store – Purple Harness and Dildo

Dildo and 2 Strap Leather Harness

Handmade using the finest, softest leather, the 2-Strap Harness feels warm and sensual against the skin. Comfortable and practical. it is perfect for all strap-on play, including pegging ( when a women anally pleasures her male lover, using a strap on). With a neat front panel to hold the dildo close against your pubic mound, it feels secure, body-close and intuitive in use.

strap on

Wirly Girly 2 is a  medium-length, slim dildo, 5.75 inches long and just about 1 inch in diameter,  and very popular it is too, for both vaginal and anal play. The slender, gently ribbed shaft delivers stimulating penetrative sensations and with a medium length, it feels soft, sensual and super user-friendly during play. Made from 100% body-safe silicone and featuring our signature heart-shaped base, Wirly Girly 2 Slim Dildo can be worn in a harness or held by hand and is also perfectly safe for anal play.

strap on

Purple Strap On from Sh!Women Store

The first thing I have to say is how much of a pleasure it is to receive parcels from Sh!Women. They make it such a good experience, it’s like Christmas……but sexier. Each item is individually wrapped in purple tissue paper, secured with a Sh! sticker. They even include some little sachets of lube, and an information sheet.

strap on  strap on

When I finally succumbed to the temptation of knowing what was inside the parcel and opened it, I wasn’t disappointed. The inner packaging was simple; a plain white box with a clear plastic front.

strap on


The first thing I opened was the harness. This gorgeous deep purple 2 strap leather harness is soft as butter. The feel is beautiful; it is really soft and supple. It feels almost weightless in place. I was a bit worried about how well the ‘D’rings would hold the straps when it was in use but they worked perfectly, holding firm even with vigorous thrusting. I really liked this harness, it was very easy to tighten the straps when it was on, so it fit securely. I found it very comfortable to wear, and it didn’t chafe at all. The central straps that run between your legs sat nicely, and gave slight stimulation when I was thrusting. The only down side is the ‘O’rings used to hold the dildo, you’re given three sizes which is great. However, changing the rings is a pain in the arse; you have to completely undo all of the straps to do it. Not a huge thing just a bit of an annoyance. I was also a bit concerned about the best way to clean it, and whether bodily fluids were going to damage the leather. So far it has been fine, I have cleaned it with a soft cloth, and anti-bac toy spray.

strap on


Next I opened the Wirly Girly 2. It is a lovely purple colour, with a heart shaped base. It is a fairly small slim dildo made of pure silicone, with a twisty pattern. I was quite surprised by how squishy this dildo was…..not packer soft but it has a definite squeezability. It isn’t so soft that it causes a problem in use but you do have to position it with your hand as you start to slide it in. The ridges feel really good when you’re thrusting. Being pure silicone it is very easy to clean and sterilise, so it can be safely shared between partners. The Wirly Girly comes in a variety of sizes and colours so there is sure to be one that works for you. The downside is that like all silicone dildos, it picks up dust like a magnet but it’s easy to rinse off before using.

strap on


I was really pleased with the strap on, both the harness  and the dildo were great quality and worked really well.

strap on

strap on

* I was sent the strap on by Sh!Women in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


Knicker Rocker Glory Collaboration – Save Our Sex


About eight months ago I had an idea for something I wanted to try but I didn’t think it was the sort of thing that would work here on HornyGeekGirl, and at the time I didn’t have another place that felt like a match for it. So I wrote it in my future ideas journal, and sat on it hoping I would find the perfect home for it at some point.

Then around four months ago I came across Knicker Rocker Glory, a fantastic online boudoir of erotic accessories. I loved the site, the ethos, and basically everything about the site. So I tentatively reached out to Ruby (the lovely lady in charge), to see how she would feel about possibly working with me. We discussed the details of my idea, and while she was interested she wanted to hold off on putting it into action until after she had finished the update of her website.

knicker rocker glory

Knicker Rocker Glory

Just a few weeks ago I met the lovely Ruby in London, and we had a good long chat about our plans. We firmed up the details, and got everything ready. So for what feels like the longest few weeks on record I have been sitting on this massive piece of news. This week Ruby contacted me to let me know her updated site was all ready to go, and the webpage for our collaboration was sorted, and we could make the announcement.

knicker rocker glorySave Our Sex

There is nothing worse than sitting on a problem or a question and not knowing who to ask. Especially when that question or problem is related to sex, fantasies, fetishes or relationships.

That’s why I am very pleased to announce that Knicker Rocker Glory have taken me on as their resident Sexpert and sex-educator in training.

My mission is to spread sex positivity, educating and encouraging people to explore their sexuality and learn about their bodies. To give people the means to communicate their wants and needs to their partners, and to consider alternate solutions to problems they may be having.

By talking about sex, we can help normalise it. You will not be the only one, that we can promise you!

You can read more about Save Our Sex by clicking the logo below. On the link you will also find a form which you can use to send you anonymous questions.  Questions will be shared on the blog, and answered openly so other people can be helped by the answers.

knicker rocker glory

GPlug – Vibrating Anal Butt Plug by GVibe from Fun Toys

GVibe Vibrating Butt Plug

Gplug Small is one of the smallest rechargeable butt plugs on the market! It has a diameter of 3 cm (1.1 in) and this makes it a very attractive selling size for anal toys. Gplug also comes in Large size 3.9 cm (1.54 in), specially developed for extra pleasure seekers.

The rechargeable plug was presented by FunToys in 2013 at Erofame show and at the time there were no similar products on the market.

From Fun Toys



I was originally offered the GPlug to review at the beginning of the year but due to some mix-ups, staffing changes (at FunToys), and some miscommunication it didn’t arrive until the middle of the year. Unfortunately, it arrived right after ETO which meant it got added to the end of a very fair sized review queue…….a queue that doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.


I have to say I really love the packaging that Fun Toys use for the G-Vibes. It looks fun, protects the toys, and is easy to open. The ‘box’ is a tube shape with a rope handle and fitted soft plastic lid. Inside the tube the GPlug vibe is nestled in firm foam with all the extras packed underneath. You get the magnetic charging cable, a storage bag, and a very simple instruction booklet. By simple I mean easy to understand, in plain English with good illustrations. After a spate of either no instructions, or very confused instructions recently it was refreshing to have some that actually made sense, and helped me use the toy.

gpluggplug gplug

The GPlug vibrating butt plug is 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable, and whisper quiet. It charges using a USB magnetic  charger; it took around 90 mins to fully charge and that lasted around an hour on the full strength. It is made of silky smooth premium grade silicone. The silicone feels lovely to hold. The shape and soft touch material make it very tactile. In my hand the vibrations felt quite good, deep and rumbly rather than buzzy. My only concern was a slight wobble of the base on the stem of the body but I gave it a good tug and wiggled it, and it stayed firmly in place.


My GPlug was the small size, and it is very small. I think it would be a great size for those new to anal play, or wanting to give it a try. I also found it  was a good size to have in during sex because it wasn’t so big it clashed but it could still be felt. Having the vibrations felt really good. I was surprised by how much they added to the anal experience. It was interesting to have the vibrations from the butt plug while I used a dildo in my cunt. It was a new sensation for me and I really liked it.


The added extra fun came when I used the GPlug in conjunction with the GRing (which I reviewed last week). As I mentioned in my review of the GRing it could be used as a remote control for other GVibe toys. I had great fun playing with this, scrolling through the patterns, and strengths. The connection was really good, even from across the room, which means this could be used in some very fun games.

My only complaint about the GPlug is the round shape of the base. I just cannot get on with the round ones, they dig into the sides of my butt cheeks, and I can’t wear them for long. It would be great if GVibe could bring one out with a T-Bar instead. I’d love a T-Bar version.


I really liked the GPlug from Fun Toys G-Vibe range, especially when used in conjunction with the GRing. I only had the one tiny complaint and it wasn’t enough to stop me enjoying the butt plug.



*I was sent the GRing vibe by Fun Toys in return for an honest and unbiased review.