Icicles Glass Dildo 66 Textured Glass Dildo From MEO

Textured Glass Dildo

Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass massagers will leave you breathless. Each hand-blown Icicle glass wand is sleek, unique, and made to play hard. The Icicles Glass Dildo 66 features a graduated beaded shaft, allowing you to comfortably ease into its size. The bulbous texture is perfect for penetration, and cleverly curved for explosive G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation.

From Pipedream

Icicles glass dildo 66

Icicles Glass Dildo 66

Glass dildos come in such a huge range of sizes, patterns and textures that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. After trying my first glass dildo earlier this year I have been wanting to expand my collection. So when I saw this on the MEO site I knew I had to try it. The design looked enticing, and I liked the idea of how the ‘balls’ would feel while thrusting.

The Icicles Glass Dildo 66 is a finely contoured dildo created from smooth, flawless spheres designed to reach those pleasure centres known as the g spot and p spot. They are ranged in ascending order, so this curved delight will let you take it bit by bit. The hypo-allergenic glass is non-porous and body safe, and designed to last a lifetime. Clean up is lovely and easy, you can use soap and warm water, or toy cleaner, or even put it in the dishwasher.

icicles glass dildo 66

The great thing about this glass toy is it is really easy to use for temperature play. You can run the wand under warm water (the Pipedreams website also says it can be microwaved) to heat things up. Or chill it under cold water or put it in the freezer for a cooling sensation.

icicles glass dildo 66

The Icicles Glass Dildo 66 is a much smaller dildo than I expected, which is my fault for not reading the sizing properly. It is very small, just 4.75 inches long, widest insertable part is 0.8 inches wide, and 1.25 inches wide at the base ball. It fits perfectly in my hand, and (insertable length wise) is just a bit longer than my middle finger. So I was a little bit underwhelmed but being the good sex toy reviewer that I am I knew I had to still give it a fair go…and I am really glad I did.

icicles glass dildo 66The Icicles Glass Dildo 66 is slightly curved, and for me it is that which makes it work so well. Maybe not despite it’s slender size but because of it the curve makes it really great for G-spot massage. You can angle it into place so it rests against it, and then you can sort of wiggle it in a rocking motion, and because it is so slim you have space to manoeuvre it. This also works the same for prostate massage, assuming the receiver likes pressure rather than vibration. I also found it a nice warm up toy for anal. I’m still fairly new to that whole area/experience, and prefer to start small and work up each time.


I actually really liked the Icicles Glass Dildo 66. Despite it’s small size I found it worked great for G-Spot play.


*I was given this Icicles Glass Dildo 66 by MEO in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Sex Blogger Awards 2016

Awards and Accreditations

There are a number of Sex Blogger Awards 2016. Not just the journalism and industry type awards with a ceremony and dinner but also the online ones that are more of a collection of bloggers (and blogs). I want to talk about two of the second of these. One of these is really more of a popularity contest than a real award, and that frustrates me.

sex blogger awards 2016

Sex Blogging Superheroes 2016

The first Sex Blogger award 2016 I want to talk about is Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superheroes. This is a popularity contest masquerading as an “award”. In 2015 I promoted constantly for the month and ended up being listed in the 60’s. However, you have to get people to vote for you, it is biased towards those who already have lots of followers. If you follow me on Twitter you may remember a few months ago I tweeted about being conflicted over an award. It was this one. In the end I decided I wasn’t going to publicise it or ask for votes this year. It feels wrong to do so. They don’t have any rules in place about previous winners not being eligible, so the same people end up in the top positions year after year. It’s self-perpetuating, and newer blogs with lower follower numbers don’t stand a chance.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying those people who come top don’t deserve to be there, or that they aren’t people I consider the top of the field (because I actually think they are) but there needs to be more balance. As well as deciding not to promote myself, and not asking for votes, I also voiced my misgivings on Twitter. The result of that was Kinkly unfollowed me. And as much as they like to say their award isn’t about votes and isn’t a popularity contest I wasn’t listed in their Sex Blogging Superheroes either. I realise this may come across as arrogance, that I’m thinking I would have been on the list if I’d “campaigned” but I do think there is a good chance I would have been. I was listed around the middle of the list the previous year, so to have dropped off completely would have been strange. Especially when I listed in a similar position this year in a different list (one that is run using a much fairer system).

Sex Blogger Awards 2016

This award was originally started by Rori from Between My Sheets and taken over by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss. This award is subjective but it does also have clear rules that are not based on who can get the most votes. I like how open Molly is about her decision making process, she takes care to make sure it is really clear. As well as The Transparency Report the day before announcing the result Molly also shared a second post about her methods, clarifying things even more.

On Friday the Sex Blogger Awards 2016 were published on Molly’s website. It’s a great list with quite a few websites that are new to me. I have started going through and looking at the ones I haven’t read before. It was also a pleasure to see some of my favourites listed, a few of them even made the top ten.


Congratulations to everyone who made both lists.

No matter what your opinion on the way these awards are done it is always nice to feel like your hard work is appreciated and understood. And seeing your name on one of these lists can be incredibly validating, especially if you have any doubt as to your performance.

Struggling – A Personal Post on Depression

A Personal Post

I’m struggling at the moment.


Struggling to write. Struggling to form thoughts. Struggling to connect. Even struggling with sex.

Struggling with Depression

I have uni work to do because I need to get it finished. I cannot keep going with it hanging over me, and I owe it to myself at the very least to pass it. My deadline is early January, and I have around 40K worth of words  (over 3 projects) to be handed in. I have some of it already done but it is in very rough draft form, so needs serious rewriting. Plus everything needs serious editing. Which I actually find almost more difficult than the initial writing. There’s so much to do that I have to think about it in small chunks, if I think of it as a whole I stall completely because it just feels like way too much to do.

Add to this the fact that I need to keep putting articles here on the blog, I owe it to my readers (not to mention to my advertisers) to keep fresh content up. I have items that I need to finish testing and get the reviews published. I have ideas for posts and erotica (not to mentions some detailed plans) that I want to write but it’s taking forever to actually get words out. And even longer for those words to be coherent and structured.

I feel like I’ve lost myself. I know ‘they’ tell you that you should only compare yourself to yourself but sometimes it’s hard to remember that, especially when you’re surrounded by people who you consider to be much better writers. Or people who are more experienced. Sometimes without meaning to (at least I assume it’s not intentional) those people manage to make me feel as if everything I’m doing is wrong, or somehow not enough. I think some of that stems from the fact that we all have different approaches, and sometimes it’s hard not to think the way we do things is the only or best way.

My approach to HornyGeekGirl has always been honesty, I talk about the bad stuff. My Twitter feed includes the bad stuff, I use it to moan, and to complain. I AM MY BRAND, and that means it is me all of it is who I am. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is all of me…and it has been from the start. If you’re here reading this I assume you know that, unless you’re just here for the erotica in which case please excuse this self-indulgent post, and feel free to read something from my Masturbation Monday page. If you have followed me on twitter for anything more than a few weeks you will have seen the range of my tweets; I share almost everything because that’s who I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and what you see is what you get, if I’m happy I’ll say I’m happy. If I’m sad I’ll say I’m sad. If I’m struggling I’ll say I’m struggling. I am assuming people like that about me seeing as my twitter follower numbers keep rising, and also considering my blog stats are improving all the time.

It’s hard to feel confident about what I do despite the positive things I mentioned when you see the way you do things being referred to as unprofessional. If companies I work with really have an issue with how I ‘present’ myself, surely they wouldn’t have chosen to work with me in the first place. If people don’t like what I share surely they will stop following me, stop reading, and that would show in my stats. Not that I know how to be any other way. This is who I am. I have always ‘marched to my own drum’, I don’t think that’s going to change. So either I continue being me and it works, or it doesn’t. Only time will tell.

I need it to work, this is the first time in my life where I am doing something that feels right, something that isn’t making me ill. I might be struggling at the moment but this work isn’t the cause. This work is my lifeline right now, what is making it hard are my fears and self-doubt. Every minute I spend working I feel guilty for not doing my uni work but while I am supposed to be doing uni work all I can think about is work. It makes it very difficult to do either. Add to that the fact that this time of year my depression really kicks into high gear, and so I am currently fighting the brain fog that settles in along with it.

It also means I am struggling to communicate. I want to talk to people but I find I have trouble coming up with things to talk about. Even when it is something I really want to talk about I can’t seem to pick the words I need. So instead of reaching out I pull back, I close myself off. I avoid conversations altogether. In person it is easy to not talk; you can hang out, watch a film, listen to music, anything. Online it is hard to be in contact without having conversations, you end up vaguely touching base just to keep up but not really managing to engage.

I’m struggling at the moment.

The Butters All Natural Lube and Moisturiser From LTASEX

All Natural Lube

The Butters is an all-natural lube. It combines 6 of the world’s most nutrient-rich oils and butters with organic aloe for a slick, long lasting ride that leaves you soft & clean.

The Butters

The Butters was created as a solution to three problems in my life: chronic ashiness, dry hair, and most importantly, a lack of quality lube made for the sex I have. There are lots of products that solve the first two well enough, but I’ve never found a lube that’s beneficial to every orifice, non-toxic, plays well with lots of toy materials, won’t stain sheets, tastes good, is pregnancy-safe, and carries a reasonable price.

From The Butters Shop


The Butters

As my readers will know I don’t often review lubes. If I do they tend to have been provided in a package with something else, or they are something I feel is really special. This “lube” falls into the second category. Now although its own website calls it a lube I feel bad just referring to it as lube because it is soooooo much more than that. It is hypoallergenic, vegan, only tested on humans, Ph-balanced, clean drying, edible, has a neutral taste and smell, totally safe for internal use (vagina, anus, pregnancy-safe), amplifies natural lubrication, safe for pets and babies, non-toxic, and is produced/packed/stored to very high standards.

The Butters

I love this stuff. The scent is slightly nutty but not overpowering. The texture is light rather than being overly solid, I assume this is due the ingredients being ‘whipped’. It is really moisturising, and while it is oil based I didn’t find it at all greasy. It soaked in nicely leaving my skin wonderfully soft and smooth.

the butters  the butters

According to the website The Butters can be used for many different things. Such as:

  • Hair & Skin Conditioner
  • Personal Lubricant
  • Massage Lotion
  • Face Cleanser
  • Makeup Remover
  • Wood & Leather Cleaner/Conditioner
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • Shaving Lubricant
  • Beard Conditioner
  • Skin Protector
  • Tattoo Aftercare

I’ve used it for quite a few of these. I’ve used it as a lube (obviously ;D), massage lotion, for shaving, as moisturiser, on new tattoo, and to remove waterproof mascara. I really loved it for shaving, I learnt very quickly you need to rinse the razor in really hot water but you get a lovely close and smooth shave. I also found I had less of an issue with shaving rash, and itchiness.

the butters

As a lube I used it with quite a few toys made from a variety of materials. On my glass dildo it was very slippery, I managed to push the dildo out of me even more easily than normal. I liked the feel of it on my wooden dildo, it was lubricated without being too slick. Plus it almost felt like it was conditioning the wood. It also worked nicely on my silicone dildo without leaving any residue.

I found when using it for hand jobs I had to use more so it didn’t soak in too quickly, but it felt great and because it warmed up in my hand it lasted for ages. With internal (vaginal) use it seemed to add to my natural juices keeping things moving easily. Now it does state clearly on the label it is unsuitable for use with latex, so be aware if you are using latex condoms. However, I used it with non-latex condoms (skyn) without an issue, I didn’t notice any breaking down of the material.

I did notice a slight change in the scent after it had been opened four weeks, the smell got a bit more nutty, and slightly dusty smelling. Not dirty dust but that type of scent. It’s not a bad scent just a change to note.  The Butters should have a shelf life of no less than 6 months at room temp. If you keep it in the fridge, it lasts pretty much indefinitely.


I loved The Butters. It has so many uses plus it’s all natural and animal friendly. I can’t wait to try some of the other products in the range. The coffee body scrub sounds amazing.


*I was sent The Butters all natural Lube in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

MEO Black Friday Sale Announcement


MEO have been sponsoring my website for around a year now. I’ve found them great to work with; they are open, receptive, and polite. My contact always responds to my emails promptly, and they are very quick to act on the occasions I have had a problem.

MEO have been going since 1997. Based in the heart of Europe, they have been successfully delivering their products all over the world. Every day, thousands of items leave their mail-order warehouse to bring pleasure to people everywhere. They began as a German special mail-order business for men, and although their focus is still men, they do sell plenty of products to please ladies too. Under the slogan “MEO makes you come” many interesting products from the bizarre erotic sector awaiting you. MEO is one of the leading providers in the erotic sector.


SERVICE, DISCRETION & PROFESSIONALISM are important for the team. So they can already assure you that your order will be handled discreetly and sent to you in neutral packaging. They deliver all over the world, no minimum order, within a short period. You would usually receive your shipment in Europe in a few days at reasonable shipping rates (beginning at € 6.90) (express shipments are possible of course, if you should require an article very quickly).

Trust in their many years of experience and enjoy hassle-free shopping at MEO.


This month I have just one announcement from MEO. They would like me to let all my fabulous readers know about their BLACK FRIDAY SALE. This is a discount that will be running all weekend from Black Friday (25th Nov) until Sunday 27th. On that weekend they will be offering a massive 33.33% off site wide. The discount code for this is BLACKFRIDAY2016 to be entered at the checkout. More details will be announced in their newsletter, so if you’re not already signed up, now is the time.