Instagram Policies

Little mini rant contained…..feel free to look away. ūüėČ

I recently tweeted a link to a vlog, you can see it here. It is basically about Instagram removing pictures and closing accounts because of their vague guidelines. Now I recently had my Instagram closed and photos removed because Instagram said they breached their policies. The three pictures were basically tit shots (the same ones I have posted on here and on twitter), now I can see how they are considered to have breached the nudity policy, however you can see my confusion when I can go through Instagram and see other women’s boobs, I can see thousands¬†of topless men, and even some cock shots (mostly peeking cocks rather than full on). So how is it my pictures were offensive when pictures showing the same….or more are acceptable. Is it just because my tits are big? Or because I’m carrying more fat than is considered the norm? How exactly does the process work ? And where is my option to ‘fight’ the closure/removal?

I did tweet @instagram calling them out on this but they didn’t feel it worth a reply, tweeting was the only way I could find to actually contact them. Their customer service is abysmal. So I guess I will just continue to tweet and post my pictures here, and say sorry Instagram but you don’t deserve me and my tits. :p

Music Memories

I think music can make or break a date, knowing when a slow song is needed and when it should be more up tempo. Also knowing whether there should be music in the bedroom (or y’know, wherever you decide to have sex) can be a minefield. I like music in the background but not everyone does, and I don’t want something slow or sloppy (generally) I want something with a beat, and good tempo.

I’m sure we all have that one song that no matter where we are or what we’re doing when we hear it we are reminded of another time and place. I have quite a lot of songs that do this. But only a few that relate to sex, so as this is a sex blog those are the ones I want to talk about.

The first one that springs to mind is Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC. I spent so much time listening to this around the time I met Mr M. that I ended up setting it as the text message alert for him on my phone. In my head it is linked with sexual arousal….so much so that even just hearing it is enough to cause my nipples to perk up and my cunt to start throbbing. And as a Marvel fangirl I hear it a lot. In fact it’s on one of my favourite albums. lol.

The next one is Born to be myBaby¬†by Bon Jovi (although it could be any Bon Jovi or 80s classic rock song to be fair), it takes me back to first love. And makes me think of listening to tapes parked up in his ancient beat-up fiesta (a vehicle that was way roomier than you would think). I doesn’t arouse me in the same way Shoot to Thrill does but it’s more of a slow-burning feeling.

I also have a few songs that have a negative effect, nothing is more likely to turn me off than Abba (believe or not had a guy put it on as ‘mood music’), or Chris DeBurgh (why do guys still think it’s sexy, why???).


Do you have songs that turn you on? Or even songs that turn you off?

Dating Online

Recently, at the urging of a friend, I decided to give online dating a try. I had used Plenty of Fish before with no success so I decided to give OkCupid a try. ¬†I’ve had more interest but I’m not sure that it’s really any better. Quite a few guys opened conversation with “would love to fuck you”, also had a “would you consider a threesome” (from a guy with no picture), and lots of “hi, kik me”. ¬†I don’t have kik…..I had to ask someone what it was. When I received a message I would go check out the profile to see if we had anything in common, or if anything in their profile caught my attention. Often realising they hadn’t even bothered to read my profile at all. ¬†Now to start with I tried to reply to everyone, even if I wasn’t interested, because I thought replying was the polite thing to do. I learned quickly that a simple “thanks for your message but I’m not interested”, would be met with a list of reasons I was wrong and that actually I really was interested I was just shy, and when I still said “no thanks”, I got a barrage of insults.

I did meet a few nice guys on there……or so I thought.

One I’d been chatting to and getting on really well for about a few weeks when he suddenly asked me how I felt about married men. Alarm bells started ringing and so I just asked him straight out, “are you married?” His reply yes, and he had kids. I was pretty annoyed and not sure what I wanted to do, I liked him and we got on, so I¬†talked it over with a friend, and decided that if he wanted to cheat on his wife then that was up to him, and I thought I was ok with that…..until he turned up wearing his wedding ring, and I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to, I was horny as hell and really fancied him but all I could think about was his wife. He messaged me a few times trying to change my mind but in the end he realised I meant it.

And the other guy I thought was nice also turned out to be married. We were on a date when he let it slip, he mentioned a woman’s name while telling a story, and I just said “oh who’s xx?” And without missing a beat he says “My wife.” Then this look of horror slipped over his face,¬†and he starts trying to back track,¬†at which point I necked what was left of my drink and said goodnight.

I am still on there and am trying to meet people but I’m not really holding out much hope.


Have you had ‘fun’ online dating?

First Fantasies

I don’t really remember ever masturbating when I was young (or a teen), I don’t know why it just wasn’t something I did, I still don’t masturbate manually, only ever with a vibrator. I must have been about 17 (and still a virgin) when¬†I got¬†my first vibrator and learnt to use it, I had a boyfriend at the time and he’d bought ¬†me it when we were out shopping together. Now while I was technically still a virgin we were sexually active, I have fond memories of outdoor fun from that time. We were always going off to the country for walks and as soon as we were away from people we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Looking back I am amazed it took us six months to have full on sex because we we’re always getting…….hands-on with each other. His hands were the first to give me an orgasm, sort of awakened me to the possibilities of masturbation.

Now owing to being ‘hot and heavy’ with this guy and him buying me the vibrator, you would think that when I was using it I was thinking about him but nope. ¬†There are two fantasies I really remember thinking about when getting off, and they both involve me giving head. It’s something that I still like to think about when wanking; no thought gets me wetter faster than thinking about sucking cock. One of the fantasies involved me basically jumping a delivery man; pushing him into a chair, unfastening his trouser, slipping out his cock, and sucking/rubbing/licking him to climax. The other one is a bit more dirty, and involves me, two guys, and a scenario that used to be referred to as spit-roast (maybe it still is but it’s not a phrase I’ve heard in years). Now I have a good imagination and managed to visualise it all so clearly including all the feelings that just thinking about them could bring me close to coming, and I just used the vibe to push me over the edge. ¬†The threesome with two guys is still something I fantasise about……and would maybe like to try in the future.


What were your first Fantasies? Do you still have ones you go back to? Anything you fantasised about that you got to do? Was it as good as you imagined it being?

Something Different – I Want

I Want…

To see your lips curve in a smile

To see your strong hands reach for me

To see your head tilt as you take in my figure; lingering

The desire in your eyes as you lean towards me.


To feel your breath on my face as you lean to kiss me

To feel your touch as your fingers tilt my chin

To feel the press of your lips on mine; the warmth

The pressure as your tongue runs along the line where my lips join, willing them to part.


To taste the hesitance as your tongue slips into my mouth

To taste you; warm, and sweet, and wanting

To taste your need as you probe my mouth; teasing me

The hunger as you suck my tongue between your lips, pulling me in.


To hear the slurping as you suck my tongue into your mouth

To hear the wetness as you pull back separating our mouths

To hear our breathing low and shallow; panting

The urgency as you whisper, “I want you”.



I wanted to try something a bit different today, I hope you enjoyed it.