Product Review – Fantasy Curve Plus Size Babydoll


This Pushup Babydoll was sent to me for review, having never owned a babydoll before I wasn’t sure what to expect.  When I took it out of the packaging I was pleasantly surprised to find it felt like a very high quality item, the material is soft and pleasant and all the seems are flat and smooth.

The Lovehoney website said the 1x/2x fits sizes 14-18, but on the packaging it says 14-20.  Now I do have a very large cup size with a small back but because it said it fits 14 I hoped I would be lucky with this. It did fit but it wasn’t perfect, the bra back was very loose on me, even on the tightest fitting and there was nowhere near enough cup to hold my KK breasts, it definitely did NOT manage to push anything up.

However it still looked quite nice on and was very comfortable, even if I did wish it had slightly more coverage/support. If you are a size 14 I think you will find this too big, but if you are 16-20 (or your back measurement is more than 36″) with smaller breasts than me (upto G cup) I think it will fit really well. I was told it looked good on me, and that it didn’t look too big. However, I know because of the loose back and my heavy boobs it hung much lower than on the model pictured.

Overall: I really liked it; it’s pretty, good quality, and made me feel sexy. 


*An edited version of this review appears on the Lovehoney website.

Giveaway – The Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fantasy

On Wednesday I shared a review of Violet Blue’s Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, today I am pleased to share an excerpt from Chapter 5: Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes. I’m also giving one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of their own (this will require you giving me your name and address so I can forward the details on to the publisher who will send out your prize).


Your preferred arrangement may include a third person sharing the affection and sex within your established partnership as an equal participant. You and your partner may like to “take turns” with the newcomer. You might want to try something else, such as two men having sex with a woman and her strap-on, two women “using” a man as a sex toy, a couple having sex with an anonymous stranger, a woman watching her boyfriend and another man (or another woman), or any number of novel scenarios.

Foursomes are just what they sound like—a couple plus two more, often another couple. You can have opposite-sex couples, same-sex couples, or a mix of the two. Or a couple can invite two unrelated participants—though it helps if these newcomers have a desire to have sex with each other, as well. We usually think of a foursome as four people having sex together, but again, depending on limits and expectations, one or more may watch or assist rather than participate. Some people consider two couples simply having sex in the same room to be a foursome. (Remember prom night?) They can enjoy the added excitement of watching each other; even without sexual contact, it’s a hot slice of voyeurism.

Add a person and you’ve got a threesome, couple up and you’ve got a foursome, add more than two to your twosome, and you’ve got…quite a party.

From the Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, 2nd Ed., by Violet Blue

Giveaway now finished. Book was won by Texas Girl. Congratulations.



The lovely Charlie over at SexBlog(ofSorts)  had a fabulous idea for a competition using nail polish names as inspiration for writing a blog post, the idea being that you swap nail polish with someone and use the name of the colour to inspire a piece of erotica/a blog post/–a short story in another genre.

I had decided not to join this at first because I was busy writing submissions for Bawdyblokes  submission challenge and just didn’t think I would manage to get it done, and by the time I realised I was going to fail the Submission Challenge and called it a day (with just 4/10 submissions entered) it was too late. Until Charlie decided to change the rules (yay), meaning all I had to do was drop her a quick message and she sent me a polish name from her own collection. I got Innocent, and this was the result…..


When I tell people I’m sweet and innocent, I tend to get an eye-roll followed by “yeah, sure you are”. People never believe I am innocent, not sure what vibe I am giving off but apparently I just cannot pull off innocent. And yet if you’ve read this blog you’ll know that while I have a wickedly dirty mind, I would say I am inexperienced. It’s not like I’ve never had sex but my experience is…….limited, I guess. I’ve not had loads of partners or tried lots of ‘kinky stuff’, doesn’t mean I don’t want to, just that I haven’t so far. So I guess it’s true, I’m not innocent in that sense, or any sense I guess.

When I think of a loss of innocence I don’t just think of it in sexual terms I also think of beliefs and truth. I think believing in something ‘fantastical’; fairies, elves, Santa, the Easter Bunny requires a certain amount of innocence. And for me that list now includes true love, I know not all men are the same but it’s hard to truly believe that somewhere out there is a guy who’s not going to lie to me, or just want me for secret sex, or treat me like shit, or turn out to be a cheat. A guy who will love me as much as I love him, who when I’m  in the depths of depression will hold me tight and tell me it’ll be ok, who will understand when I can’t leave the house or even get out of bed, who will have my back no matter what. The trouble is that seems to be a lot to ask, and I’m starting to think that like Santa, that guy just doesn’t exist.

So what do I do? Do I just focus on just having sexy fun with as many guys I fancy as possible? Do I try to find a friend with benefits? Or how about a fuck buddy? I want to be one of those girls who can just have sex, who can just enjoy it for what it is without getting emotional, without wanting there to be more. I want to feel satisfied…..but I also want a guy who cares how I am, who wants to look out for me, who’ll go out of his way to make me smile.

Book Review – Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy

The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, 2nd Edition

How to Have Incredible Sex with Role Play, Sex Games,

Erotic Massage, BDSM Play and Much, Much More

By Violet Blue

Foreword by Dr. Carol Queen, Ph.D.

288 pages

Violet Blue is the best-selling author of numerous sex-instruction books, including The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus and The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio. She also writes about erotica, pornography, and sexual pleasure and health for magazines such as O: The Oprah Magazine, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Glamour, Maxim, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Penthouse, Redbook, and more. She lives in San Francisco. Find her online at:
Violet’s Twitter: @violetblue
Dr. Carol Queen is a writer, speaker, educator and activist with a doctorate in sexology. Her books include Pomosexuals, Real Live Nude Girl, and Switch Hitters. She lives in San Francisco, where she is the Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist. Find her online at
There were quite a few things about The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy that I really loved. From the start it is very sex positive and inclusive. Violet Blue goes to great lengths to make sure the reader knows that whatever your sexual fantasy it is ok. She talks about how fantasies can be a way to go to extremes without any real-life risks, about using fantasies to enhance your sex life (both playing solo or with a partner), and using them as a way to change habits and learn new tricks. This was a section I found fascinating and would have liked it to be a much larger section, the idea of teaching yourself a new technique (such as deep-throating) when masturbating alone, and using the fantasy as a stepping stone so you are relaxed, comfortable and turned on by it before trying it with a partner. Another touch I enjoyed were the little stories at the end of each chapter; a dirty little scene emphasising whatever has just been said in the chapter.
I did find some sections a little repetitive, especially the lists of different types of fantasies, which seemed to be repeated as filler on a few occasions, with only a small amount of alteration. It also keeps the advice very general, with little in the way of specific how-to’s, with the exception of don’t do this you will get arrested.
 Overall The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy was a great book full of ideas for an imaginative sex life, it was written in a fun and engaging way, while still ensuring readers remember safety first. I would have liked to see Violet Blue go into more depth and less generalisations on some things but generally I think it was very good……and the resources chapter is packed full of useful further reading.  I think if you’re unsure, lacking confidence, trying to find what turns you on, or just want some inspiration this book would be the perfect jumping off point.
Publisher Social Media:
Cleis Twitter: @cleispress
Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy buy link on Cleis Press:

I was thinking….

I was thinking about waking up next to you in a tangle of limbs, a sheet covering us, fan keeping things cool. The sex smell from last night lingering. Just laying there listening to you breathe and remembering the feel of your mouth on mine, your hands on my body, the taste of you when I took your cock in my mouth, you filling me. I start to wriggle a bit as I remember and my movement causes you to stir, still mostly-asleep you reach for me, pulling me against you as your hand strokes over my hip, along my stomach and up to cup a breast, gently squeezing as you thumb rubs over my nipple. Knowing the moment you’re fully awake by the hardness against my back and your mouth on my neck. I twist my head so my mouth can find yours, rolling onto my back as you kiss me.

A long slow good morning of a kiss, while your hand works each tit in turn, your thumb gently rubbing the nipples into hard peaks, before you slide it down, stroking over my stomach and along that line you know drives me wild, moving down until you’re cupping my pussy, and I’m pushing against your hand. Your mouth now on my neck, my shoulder, my chest, carefully sucking one nipple as I gasp, they’re still sore from last night but the stab of pain is buried in the pulse of pleasure, and I’m arching up to you. Moving to suck the other nipple, you move your hand stroking up and down my pussy, slipping a finger between the lips, sliding it up and down, using your thumb to circle my clit. I feel myself coming as you work my clit and I want more.

I need to feel you in me, I reach down to where your hard cock is pushed against me and slide my hand along the shaft, running my thumb over the tip, before turning my body towards you, and guiding you to what I want. You slide in and I wrap my legs around you, pulling you deeper into me and holding you there. Letting the end of my orgasm pulse around you before I start rocking against you, holding you inside me and slowly moving my hips in small rocking circles, taking it gently and slowly after the pounding of last night.  You take over the motion rocking your hips without withdrawing and soon I’m tightening around you again and as my orgasm ends you pull out, working your cock with your hand, pumping your come over my chest, before laying back down next to me. Pulling me against you and stroking your hand over my chest rubbing in your come.