Product Review – JimmyJane Form 6

This was my first ‘luxury’ vibrator and I had quite high expectations. I was very prepared to love this item……and for the most part I really did.


The first thing you notice with any item is the packaging, this came in a fairly nondescript box; inside the box the Form 6 was supported by cheap moulded plastic, and the charging station and adapter were below it in a small cardboard box. I wasn’t blown away by the packaging and for an item of this level I would expect the box to be a bit nicer, something that could be used as storage, especially since Jimmyjane don’t provide any sort of storage pouch with this.

So what was in the box? The Form 6, a charging station, AC plug (with adapters for US, UK, EU and Aus), quick start guide. That’s it. It would have been nice, considering this is a luxury item, to get a storage pouch, but would have settled for a full instruction booklet. The quick start guide gives you a web address where you can download the user manual, however I would expect to have one included, especially as the quick start guide doesn’t even mention the travel lock, or explain how you know when the Form 6 is fully charged.

I loved that this came with adapters for charging in other countries, it’s a very nice touch. The quick start guide indicates it needs to charge for at least eight hours before first use, so I immediately plugged it in and waited impatiently for the allotted time. The light stays on throughout charging and doesn’t change so without lifting the Form 6 off it’s charging cradle you don’t know if it’s fully charged, apparently it blinks a certain number of times for different levels of charge (but the quick start guide doesn’t tell you this).


The Form 6 has six different modes and five vibration strengths. Which is where it really sings. You can use either end on constant, both ends on constant (although on the higher strength this could make your hand a bit numb), and varying patterns on both ends. The big chunky end (which is almost triangular in shape) has quite a diffuse deep rumbling vibration, which feels great rested against your labia. You can really build a slow strong orgasm. The smaller end has more concentrated vibrations; great for direct clitoral stimulation or for angling while thrusting to hit your G-spot, I found the ‘curve’ felt more pronounced and took a bit of manoeuvring to ‘insert’ but once it was positioned I used a sort of rocking motion and hell-o knee shaking orgasms. And if you like to feel full the Form 6 has that covered too, the bigger end gives a lovely full feeling and having that end inserted with the vibrations on ripple or pulse is nothing short of amazing.


One thing that surprised me was how loud this is. I expected a luxury vibrator to be much quieter, not silent but quiet. The vibrations are quite strong so I guess the noise is to be expected but even under a duvet it is audible, so if you live in shared accommodation you might want to put music on.

Another thing I loved about the Form 6 was the fact that it is fully waterproof, apart from all the bath and shower fun this opens the door for, it also means it is easy to keep clean. You can easily wash it with soap and water. It’s made of body safe silicone with a lovely soft, velvetty smooth finish; this feels great anywhere on your body, and only requires the smallest touch of lube to make it really slippery. Just make sure to use water based lube so you don’t damage the finish.

Overall: This is a great multi-function vibrator. Felt like I was getting three-for-one. Would love to try more products in the Jimmyjane line.


*I received this item in exchange for an honest review, and an edited version appears on the Lovehoney website. 

I love…

I love…

That little huff of breath before you kiss me.
The way you smell after the gym before you shower; warm, male and soooo sexy.
Your eyes shining when you smile at me.
When you have to adjust yourself because I wore ‘that’ dress out for dinner.
When we hug, and you grip my arse pulling me close enough to feel your hard-on pressing against me.
When you take my hand while we’re walking.
When you pull me onto the dance floor for a ‘slow number’.
When you buy me a book from my wishlist, just because.
The taste of you in my mouth after a quick pre-work blow job.
When you bring me flowers to make me smile.
When you kiss me for slow and soft, or hard and urgent.
The way you look in your suit, or those jeans that hug your arse.
The way you grab my hair when I’m giving you head.
When you look at me as if I’m the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
When my nipples are still sore the day after we’ve played.
When you turn up at my door with takeaway and booze.
When you say let’s play hooky and stay in bed all day.
When you take a day off so we can go to the beach.
When you tell me to get dressed up and take me out for a nice dinner.
When you spend hours devouring me without expecting anything in return.
The feel of you inside me, filling me.
The softness of your skin after you shave.
The little bruises you leave on my very personal places.
When you tell me I’m sexy.

What do you love?

The Blame Game

At first I wondered what I did wrong; did I say the wrong thing, did I do something, or not do something, did I show too much emotion, or not enough, maybe it’s because I love hugs, or because I’m ‘inexperienced’ in so many things, or because I want to try so many things.

I don’t know what happened, or how things got messed up, we talked so much and then suddenly it stopped. Suddenly there was nothing. Even when I message you, you don’t reply, you don’t even acknowledge my presence, and I wonder why I still bother. But at the same time I know I won’t stop, not yet, I’ll keep giving you one more chance because when it’s good it’s really good. You make me smile just by being you.

Part of me knows it isn’t anything I’ve done, it’s all you and your issues. But part of me is still hurt by your behaviour, it still makes me feel shit. I assume you don’t treat everyone like that, so I wonder what makes me so…..lucky. I’m not expecting anything from you, except to be treated like an actual person with feelings. Just a touch of compassion and respect. Just to stop treating me as if I’m invisible.

Book Review – Sudden Sex edited by @AlisonTyler



Sudden Sex from Cleis Press is a collection of erotic short stories brought together and edited by Alison Tyler. This collection has 69 stories each one different to the last, what they do have in common is that they are all super-steamy and max-out at 1500 words. In her introduction Tyler says:
“My favorite short stories brand new. Crisp and focused, taut and tight. The pieces in this collection are waiting for you to slide them on, button the fly, then turn and admire how well they fit your kink. Because—as everyone who knows me understands by now—I’m all about the kink. This collection features BDSM, spanking, toys, tools, girls gone bad and men who need it just as bad.”

Each of these is a quick read meant to excite and inspire the reader, and they do that; from Riding The 5:15 by Sophia Vlenti to TickTock by Rita Winchester to Dress Code by N. T. Morley. And all these sultry tales are perfectly sandwiched between Booked and BookEnded by Alison Tyler. This is a great book to keep on the bedside table and dip in and out of as the mood takes you. Not every story is going to work for everyone but there is definitely something for everyone. If I was the sort of person who ‘dog-eared’ favourite pages this book would be full of them, maybe it’s just because I love books and bookshops so much but my favourite stories were the two by Alison Tyler bookending the collection.


*I was sent this book in exchange for an honest and open review. 

Feminism and Lingerie by @CavaSupernova

Feminism and Lingerie

Monday’s post, Pretty Underwear, lead to a great comment discussion with the lovely CAVA Supernova. I was so excited and impressed by what she had to say that I decided to be brave and ask if she would be willing to do me a guest post on the subject of feminism and lingerie. Not only did she agree but the post arrived in my inbox yesterday! The link above is for her blog (which you should consider following if you don’t already), and you can also find her on Twitter. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did.

feminism and lingerie


Why feminism and lingerie are a match made in heaven

So-called feminists, please, a request: Calm the fuck down with that obsession you have with women’s underwear.

Yesterday, I had an online chat with Horny Geek Girl about, well, knickers actually. Specifically, pretty underwear.

We both agreed that pretty underwear is A Good Thing. It looks nice, and it makes you feel attractive and shaggable when you’re wearing it.

We also agreed that men should appreciate and savour you when you’re wearing your wonderful gift-wrapping – and be less hasty in trying to wrangle you out of it.

Aaaah. Men. Our sworn opponents in the equality war. Apparently.

HornyGeekGirl mentioned she’d been criticised by certain self-identified feminists for her predilection for fabulous frillies. This undies habit is holding back the cause, according to the lingerie police.

Pick an angle, any angle you want regarding lingerie undermining the cause of women’s empowerment and it’s pretty laughable really.

I speak from personal experience.

A million years ago, when I was about university age, it seemed to be a given that wearing nice undies – or liking any sort of ‘girly stuff’ – destroyed your credibility as a female who wanted to “do something” with your life.

I don’t know how that notion took hold, but it boiled down to something like this:

  • If you like pretty undies, you are a Barbie-esque air head. You have no ambition beyond that of ‘trophy wife’. Hot undies are part of your man-snaring master-plan.
  • Chicks with broader horizons and loftier ambitions must take another route.
  • Say no to cute lingerie (and other ‘superficial’ girlie stuff), unless you want to out yourself as a patriarchy-worshipping doormat.

At the time, lingerie-Prohibition suited me down to the ground.

I had a million zillion body image issues, and I could think of a hundred thousand ways to criticise every damn inch of my perfectly healthy physique.

By giving lingerie the swerve, I was sticking up two fingers to male dominance (yay! Sisterhood!), plus (more importantly) I was exempting myself from feeling like a self-conscious munter in front of my boyfriend.

I never let self-imposed munter-hood stand in the way of my filthy times, luckily. I concealed my body-shame by throwing myself at him and practically dragging him up the stairs like a cavewoman at every given opportunity.

It had a pretty great success rate. But God help him if he ever suggested a trip to the Designers at Debenhams lingerie section (the closest you get to ‘posh, like that Agent Provocateur’ in small-town Britain). It was like the sky had fallen down; he practically had to run for cover.

Then I got lucky. Two amazing, magical books released me from this ideological/body image abyss.

The Beauty Myth, by Naomi Wolf, and The Beauty Trap, by Nancy C Baker.

Talk about lightbulb moment. These sassy American chicks were totally switched on to the bullshit pressure that society imposes on girls and women.

The obsession with weight, body image. The pressure to look sexually attractive or consider yourself a non-person.

To obsess to the nth degree about tiny aspects of your appearance that other people don’t even notice.

To consider a pound in gained weight to be an unforgivable personal failure.

But their solution wasn’t to turn your back on all this. Just be realistic.

Jewellery, make-up, lingerie… enjoy them – there’s no sin in looking nice.

Eat properly, and exercise. Whatever shape your body stabilises at – learn to love it.

feminism and lingerie

Wear stuff that suits you and makes you feel good.

Forget about the rest of that tedious, happiness-draining, self critical crap and focus on the people you love, the folk you lust after, your friends, your family and living an exciting, amazing life.

Hardly rocket science, but it seemed so simple, so fresh, so new. And so guilt-free it was frightening.

How am I going to cope with not criticising my appearance? What am I gonna do with all that free time?

I assumed that by letting go of all my neuroses and ditching the ridiculous diets, I’d gain 10 stone over night.

Regardless, I devoured the books, walked around in a daze, devoured them a second time, read them again in case I’d missed something… and carried on like this for about a year.

It was like I had to hammer the information into my head, in order for the ideas to take root.

It took time, but they did. I got into exercise, ate like a ‘normal person’, and actually shed a few pounds. I bought lingerie – and it didn’t turn me into an airhead Barbie. I could have feminism and lingerie.

Years later, there’ve been loads of ups and downs but those two books are seared in my mind. They changed my life.

Things are good. I have a decent amount of nice, pervy sex, and a ton of disasters. I love them all.

I am educated, self employed, and I was empowered enough to walk out of a marriage with an abusive alcoholic. I answer to no one.

The ‘munter’ stuff is a thing of the past, so long ago it’s like a barely remembered bad dream.

And I still enjoy my nice undies. None of those scraps of chiffon and lace have let down ‘the cause’ in any way, shape or form.

Feminism contributed to loads of the things that are great about my life, every woman’s life. Deny it and you’re a headcase. I’ve no time for thoughtless idiots who slag it off.

And feminism is absolutely right to encourage girls and women to recognise their value beyond their appearance.

Part of a message I wrote to HGG said the following:

We’re so lucky, living in the West, and in the 21st century – women can enjoy pretty things and still gain the education and credibility to kick ass in the boardroom and on the sports fields etc.

Feminism is about girls and women having the freedom and education to make informed, empowered choices. It’s not up to other people to decide those choices for them.

Among her hundreds of educated, empowered life choices, Horny Geek Girl has made the decision to be a geek, a go-er and a lover of fabulous lingerie. More power to her.

I’ve no time for women – anyone for that matter – who thrive on taking offence at the inoffensive. There is plenty of space for both feminism and lingerie.

And I’ve no time for the petty dictators who demean the whole issue of women’s rights by reducing it down to a few pairs of knickers.

Get a grip – or even better, get down La Senza.

feminism and lingerie


Huge thank you to CAVA Supernova for this insightful and positive post on feminism and lingerie. Please leave comments below or on twitter, if you’d like to join in this discussion.