Here Comes the Sun

story contest

There was a Wicked Wednesday prompt that was lists, and putting her own special spin on it Oleander over at PoisonPenDirtyMind decided to use it as an opportunity to share part of her list of writing prompts. And taking it one step further she invited her readers to use one of the prompts to inspire them to write an entry for her contest.

I decided to use the spontaneous office sex prompt. This is an excerpt of the full story.

Here Comes the Sun

I stare through the window, the rain was so heavy it was like a waterfall running down the glass. It had been pouring for weeks now. Occasionally it stopped but with no break in the clouds it stayed gloomy and grey. It was starting to get to me, everything seemed to be taking me twice as long…which is why I was sitting at my desk after hours on a Friday night. I’d switched the radio on to some golden oldie station when everyone else had left, and slipped my shoes off. Not that being here was doing me any good, I just couldn’t focus. I’d had a crappy few weeks, and the relentless rain wasn’t helping.

“You’re so fucking miserable.” Adam’s parting shot still burnt, mostly because I knew it was true. I’d been so unhappy for so long, I’d known something was going on but he’d told me I was crazy. So I’d kept it to myself, and things went steadily downhill. Three weeks ago I came home to find him waiting for me, his stuff gone from the shelves and cupboards, He’d told me it was over, I hadn’t even managed to get mad I just sighed and told him I knew that. Which was when he’d stormed out, yelling his parting shot at me as he slammed the door.  It was true though, I’d known it was over for months. The great sex turned bad, and then became non-existent. I’d not had a decent fucking in forever. It’s no wonder I was miserable.

I shake myself out of the memory and look back at the papers on my desk. Sighing I pick up my pen and start editing. I’m ten pages in when I pick up my drink swallowing the last of the now cold coffee, I put the mug back down wishing I kept something stronger in my office.
“You look like you need a beer”. I jump up knocking my coffee mug onto the floor. My palms on my desk I look over to the doorway, trying to control my breathing.
“You nearly gave me a heart-attack. I thought everyone had left…and yeah, I’ll take that beer.” I smile and hold out a hand. Kevin walks over, handing me a bottle of beer from the pack he’s carrying before sitting in the chair opposite my desk.


If you’d like to read what happens after they share a beer, watch this space. ;D



*Special mention to CharlieInThe for the title idea from her summer playlist contest.

Product Review – Lelo Gigi 2

Please read this post about LELO before continuing.

Today I am reviewing the Lelo Gigi 2. This is my first item from luxury Swedish brand Lelo.


When I took it out of the sleeve it was in a sturdy black box that (with the foam packing removed) would make a great storage box. Included in the box was a storage pouch, charger, and even a little sachet of lube. I like it when companies include a storage bag for toys.



I was impressed by the soft touch, almost silky feel of the silicone, and I loved the colour; a nice pale grey. The Lelo Gigi 2 is fully waterproof, I admit to rechecking this information when I saw the charging ‘hole’ in the bottom of the toy, and I think you would need to be very careful to allow this to dry out befre charging it. The Lelo Gigi 2 is 6.5 inches long, with an insertable length of just 4 inches before you get to the silver band. At its widest part it measures 4 inches in circumference, and the insertable end is almost tapered making insertion a bit easier if you’re not used to anything bigger.

The controls are a small click-wheel which I found easy to operate while using, although they would be better positioned to the side, the plastic base can also get very slippery while the toy is being used. Another nice feature is that the controls can be locked, which would make it great for travelling. To lock/unlock you just hold down the centre of the click-wheel for 5 seconds. The outer edge of the click-wheel also flashes while the Lelo Gigi 2 is charging, and glows solid when it is fully charged. You should get about 2 hours play from one charge, I found with it on the highest setting it was closer to 90 minutes.


My first impressions were that it was smaller than I expected. It actually looked quite…delicate feels like the wrong word maybe petite is better. I thought the flat shaping on the head might be good for external stimulation because I like a more diffuse vibration on my clit. And while I thought it was quite slender I thought the shape would hit my g-spot nicely.  It has 8 vibration patterns, and the power can be adjusted in each setting. It was also very quiet, not at all audible from the next room, or even from under a duvet.


It turned out I was right about the shape. For external use the flattened head rested nicely against my clit and the vibrations were quite deep and rumbly. For internal use it thrusted easily, the fact that it was so slender actually gave me more space to wiggle it. I found the best way for me was to keep it inside and use a sort of rocking motion to hit my g-spot.

However, it failed to get me off. Even on the highest power setting it just kept building without ever getting me to the finish, and once it was inside me I could barely feel the vibrations at all. Yes, it was good for ‘massaging’ my g-spot but the vibrations added nothing to that for me. I do have to say I am a bit of a power-queen though. I like good strong, deep, rumbly vibrations, and this was so close to managing it.

I think this would be good for;

  • people who want a shorter insertable length
  • people who want a more slender g-spot vibrator
  • people who don’t want a really strong vibrator

Overall, this was a perfectly adequate vibrator. It is a good quality, well-made vibrator. It was almost slient, insertable, had g-spot friendly shape, lots of patterns, and deep vibrations. But it wasn’t for me, I need stronger vibrations. It’s not a toy I will reach for again. I have other vibrators that do the job better.


*I was sent this item in return for an honest review.

Oleander’s Prompt Contest #1

story contest


The last Wicked Wednesday prompt was lists, and putting her own special spin on it Oleander over at PoisonPenDirtyMind decided to use it as an opportunity to share part of her list of writing prompts. And taking it one step further she invited her readers to use one of the prompts to inspire them to write an entry for her contest.

I decided to use the backstage pass prompt. This is an excerpt of the full story.

Backstage Pass

I watched from around the corner as the band came out of the dressing room corridor. The security guy, a man who looked like he could audition to be a pro-wrestler, greeted each one with a nod as they passed him, and then followed them into the meet and greet. I took my chance and hurried down the hallway, checking names until I found the right one. I slipped inside and closed the door behind me, looking around. I needed something to prove I’d been here but I didn’t feel right taking anything, not even one of the t-shirts hanging on the rail across the room. I was looking at the sofa against the back wall when I had an idea. It was definitely risky but it would fulfil two spots on the hunt and there should be more than enough time, with photos to take and autographs to sign they were sure to be a while. I grabbed the guitar stool and put it near the sofa, then placed my camera on top angling it so it was pointing at the sofa. Then I quickly shimmied out of my jeans, dropping them on the floor before pulling off my vest and bra. I grabbed the shirt hanging on the back of a chair and slipped my arms into it. I set my camera to self-timer multiple shots, and angled the screen so I would see it from my chosen position. I laid down, my legs draped over the arm of the sofa and faced the lens, smiling into the camera as it flashed. I shifted position sitting up and crossing my legs looking to the side, then kneeling on the sofa looking over my shoulder. Trying all the different ‘faux sexy’ poses I’d ever seen in magazines.

I was just taking the shirt off to do a few nudes when I heard voices, they must have finished already. I dropped the shirt on the sofa, grabbing my clothes and moving to the door but the voices were so close I daren’t open it. I looked around for a hiding place, there was a small bathroom but if they decided to use it I was screwed. I had a moment of blind panic before I dashed for the clothes rail. Pushing the clothes aside I climbed behind it, hugging my clothes, just in time as the door handle turned. As the door pushed open I realised my camera was still sitting on the stool in full view. I hid my face against my clothes too panicked to be able to think straight. Steve walked in, and for a second I thought maybe I could brazen it out but he was followed by Dave and I knew I would have to stay hidden and hope no-one noticed. I just couldn’t explain about the Scavenger hunt to them both.

If you’d like to read what happens after they share a beer, watch this space. ;D

Get Me To Eroticon

Hey all,

As you may know there is a conference at the beginning of August for sex bloggers and erotica authors called Eroticon, organised and run by the fabulous Ruby of WriteSexRight.

I would love to attend this great networking event but at present there is no way I can afford to do so. So I decided to start a GoFundMe campaign. Anything you could donate would be greatly appreciated.

The Myth of Happy Ever After

As children we read fairy stories that give us a very specific idea of what constitutes happily ever after. You overcome your difficulties, find your one true love, who loves you back, you get married and the story ends so they lived happily ever after. As if they never had another problem.

Well I am calling BULLSHIT on the whole thing.

There is no happy ever after. Even if you do find the love of your life, and they happen to actually love you back, it’s not going to be perfect forever more. You will fight, you will argue, you will occasionally hate each other, and chances are one of you will die leaving the other alone. There is no happily every after. Relationships take work.

I want to believe that there’s someone for everyone, that we all get to find that person (or persons) who completes us, who makes us feel we can deal with anything the universe throws at us because we have them standing beside us. Bit I don’t know why I try to believe it so much because nothing in my life has shown me that is what happens. In fact my life has shown me the complete opposite. My parents were soul mates who found each other when they were both in the mid-thirties, my mum was divorced and my dad had never been married. They managed to find each other against all odds, and they loved each other very much but they didn’t get their happy ever after. They got twelve years and then he got to watch her die slowly from cancer, and he had to raise their daughter by himself.

Even if they hadn’t had me I think my dad would have said he would rather have had those twelve years with her, and lost her than to have never known her. But no matter how great those twelve years were, they weren’t a happy ever after.

I’ve not dated loads of guys but I’ve noticed something about my dating history. I seem to find two types of guys. There are the ones who are great fun but it’s just about sex, and even if you get on it’s not really a recipe for happy ever after. Then there are the other guys, the ones I think are actually good guys, they’re nice, and funny, and smart, and lovely, and I could totally fall for them. Then they turn out to not at all be what they said they were, you know the ones, after a few months they accidentally say we went to xx last week and you look confused as you ask them “who’s we?” And they casually explain they have a wife/girlfriend/etc.

By now you’d think I’d have developed some sort of radar that picks up on the bullshit but I don’t seem to have managed it. Even if I do start thinking a guy might be stringing me along, or feeding me a line it is completely over-ridden by the hopeful part of me, the part who wants to believe that not only do nice guys exist but that there is someone out there who could love me as much as I could love them.  I really want to believe but I think it is all just bullshit. Nice guys who want relationships just don’t exist, or if they do they don’t have any interest in me, other than for sex, sexy messaging, etc.

So I’ve decided I am calling BULLSHIT on the happily ever after. And I’ll take the happy right now……..where I can get it.