Watching Me Cum Part 5 – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #6

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Watching Me Cum. I’m continuing last week’s story. Hope you like it. You can find links to the previous instalments here.


watching me cumOMG, y’all! We did it! We made it to week 52. Our masturbation baby is a year old! (Wait, something about that doesn’t sound right…)

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Watching Me Cum Part 5

I feel like my entire body is vibrating, as he continues to circle my clit with his thumb, slowly sliding one finger in and out of my soaking cunt. His other hand is cupping a boob, and he pinches my nipple. Twisting and pulling it until I am whimpering. His breath is heavy on my ear, as he nuzzles my neck; nipping and sucking. I moan as his lips hit that sweet spot along my collar-bone.

“Are you gonna come for me, babe?” He slides a second finger in alongside the first, and finally allows his thumb to brush over my clit. A shock shoots through me and my breath hisses out, as I grab the sheet beneath me, scrunching it in my fist. The first wave of orgasm hits me, rolling over me as I gasp and wriggle. He moves his fingers in and out, teasing me some more, his thumb brushing over my swollen clit, and I feel the next wave building in me.

He slides back, letting me roll on to my back and dips his head to suck in a nipple while a hand keeps working my dripping cunt. He hooks his fingers slightly, and starts moving them in a rocking motion. He puts the fingers of his other hand against my clit and starts rubbing faster. He lifts his head, watching me cum. I can feel the waves of my orgasm building, and as one peaks I gasp out begging him not to stop. When he drops his head down again, my hand curves around the back of it, while my other clutches the sheet underneath me.

I moan, my breathing shallow, as his fingers move faster, and harder. His mouth is hot on my nipple, sucking it. When he bites it pulling up and tugging hard, the waves building in me crash down. My body spasms, muscles tightening before I come hard, squirting over his fingers. And my body relaxes, my arms dropping down, as I try to remember to breathe.


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I can feel your hand running down my waist, over my hip, slipping round to squeeze my arse. I smile without opening my eyes, as I wiggle closer to you. I stretch my arm across your chest, letting my fingers skim over your nipples, when I pinch one the hand on my butt squeezes in response. It’s only when I look up at your face I realise you’re still asleep. I feel a grin spreading across my face and I tip my head down, flicking my tongue over your nipple. I look down to where the sheet is draped over your waist. I suck your nipple, catching it with my teeth, and the sheet twitches.

I slide my hand down and wrap it around your cock, it’s still mostly soft as I start stroking it. It stiffens as I slowly stroke it, every so often I suck your nipple between my teeth biting lightly, and your cock throbs in my hand. You’re moaning, one hand tangled in my hair, the other still gripping my arse. I push the covers back and slowly kiss my way down your torso, over your stomach, and abdomen. I look up at your face, and as I kiss the tip of your cock your eyelids flutter, so I  slide my lips down your cock, sucking and licking. I know you’re awake when the hand on my arse slips around to cup my cunt, I’m already wet and you slide a finger between my lips, moving it up and down, letting the tip of it nudge my clit.

As your fingers work me, I keep sucking your cock, my head bobbing up and down until I feel my orgasm building. I let my hand take over stroking your shaft and rest my head against your stomach, my breathing ragged. As I come I bite your stomach, and my hand squeezes your cock harder. You gasp, and your cock twitches. I move my head, taking you back in my mouth, and sucking, as your balls tighten up and you come. I swallow until your cock stops jerking, then wiggle back up to kiss your shoulder.

Product Review – Iroha Mini

In my ETO Show round-up post I mentioned I had been able to meet Eddie from Tenga who was showcasing a selection of products, including the Iroha range. We talked for a while about the Iroha products, many of which I’d not had chance to handle before. I left him with my card, and told him I’d love the chance to work with them in the future.

Here’s my review of the Iroha Mini.


When I handled this at the ETO show I was impressed by how strong the vibrations were for such a tiny vibrator. We’re not talking Doxy strong, or even We-Vibe Touch strong but still much more power than you would expect from such a tiny battery operated vibrator. The battery compartment is in the base and the Iroha Mini just twists apart so you can replace the battery easily. It takes one AAA battery, and you should get five hours of play from one battery.


The Iroha Mini is waterproof, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, which means you can take it anywhere. The finish is soft to the touch, and has a anti-dust coating to keep it dust and lint free. It comes in three different colours; a two-tone pink, blue and orange, and the purple and yellow I received.


I’m not going to lie, on its own the Iroha Mini couldn’t get me off, I’m too much of a power queen but because of its tiny size it is great to use for clit stimulation while using another toy for penetration, or to use with a partner. If you don’t need a lot of power from a vibrator this might be a good one for you. It really is impressive for its size.


*I was sent the Iroha Mini by Tenga in return for an honest review. If you’d like to purchase this product you can purchase from SimplyPleasure in the UK.


Non-Monogamy – Wicked Wednesday #11

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 11th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Non-Monogamy. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

This week’s prompt might have the potential to be a bit explosive…

Monogamy is a form of relationship in which an individual has only one partner during his or her lifetime or at any one time (serial monogamy), as compared to polygyny, polyandry, or polyamory.

non-monogamyIt seems all of us have something to say about monogamy, and I would love to have some of those thoughts shared. What are your thoughts on this? Are you monogamous, or are you looking for a monogamous relationship? Do you have your own definition for monogamy or do you maybe have a new word to describe the relationship you are in. Share your thoughts…

(Source quote: Wikipedia)
(Source image:


I was intending to continue my story, and it would have fit quite well with this prompt but instead I am going to waffle on about monogamy (or rather non-monogamy), what it means to me, and how that is changing.

My parents (and every other couple I knew until very recently) were monogamous. This meant that for a long time I thought that was the only way to be. I’d see couples who seemed really happy fall apart because one or other of them had ‘cheated’. Then I started this blog, and met so many people who did things differently, and the more I found out about non-monogamy the more I wondered how many of those couples might still be together if society wasn’t telling them that monogamy is the only option.

I know I can be quite a jealous person but this is more to do with not knowing where I stand, and having self-esteem issues that mean I always assume someone is with me because they don’t have any other option. I know. I know.  I always thought non-monogamy wouldn’t work for me because of that tendency to jealousy but the more I hear about it, and read about it, and talk about it the more I think it could be an option. Or if not an option as such, then something I wouldn’t completely discount as a possibility.

I also think that while labels can be helpful, and have their place, you shouldn’t need to define your relationship for anyone else. If what you are doing is working for you, and no-one is getting hurt then I don’t see a problem. I’m sure there are people out there living like this without knowing the name for it. That doesn’t make it any less valid as a choice.

Am I looking for a monogamous relationship? I honestly don’t know. Would I like a committed relationship? Yes, I would. But I don’t know what form it will take until it actually happens.


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Watching Me Tease Part 4 – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #5

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Watching Me Tease. I’m continuing last week’s story. Hope you like it. You can find Part one here, Part two here, and part three here.


watching me tease

Mmmm, I could use some of this right about now.

Rawr! Okay, smutty writers, let the rest of us have your erotic hotness this week. Your stories and our hands, toys, and even other people’s hands are the reasons why Monday is the best day of the week.

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt.

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.


Watching Me Tease Part 4

Lowering my self I rub my wet cunt along his cock, pressing it between us so it lies against his stomach as I rub over it. He’s watching me tease us, waiting to see what I’ll do, his hands move to my hips and he attempts to lift me. I laugh as I wiggle, pushing down so I am grinding against his cock. Meeting his look I move my hand down, and start stroking my clit with two fingers. He moans, a low deep sound that I can feel roll through me.

He grabs my hips again, and this time he rolls onto his side. I’m giggling as he manoeuvres me, pushing my leg off his hip, and turning me. He cups my tit, pinching the nipple before sliding his hand to my waist. He pulls me back against him, I can feel his cock pressing against my back, and I’m still giggling. When he reaches over my waist and lets his hand slide down to cup my cunt, my giggles stop, as I gulp in air. He lets his thumb slide across my abdomen, and it sends shivers through me, as he dips a finger between my lips.

“Not laughing now, are you? He growls into my ear, his breath hot on my neck. I moan, reaching a hand back to his hip, pulling him closer. He nips my ear, kissing down my neck, as he slips a finger inside me, his thumb circling my clit.
“Please?” I gasp out, trying to push against his hand, feeling an orgasm building,  knowing if he catches my clit right I will come again. He just keeps circling it, watching me, teasing me. I try to wiggle but he has me trapped, payback for watching me tease before. When I moan a protest, he laughs in my ear; a deep throaty sound that buzzes along my nerves.



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