LELO Lily 2 Clitoral Vibrator Product Review

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Review of the LELO Lily 2 Vibrator.

lelo lily 2

I have to say when LELO announced their new scented range my first thought was that it was a hoax, no way would any company do that. How would it be possible without affecting the safety of the materials used? When I realised it wasn’t a joke I admit I was really curious as to how it was going to be done, and how well it would work.  LELO published a great blog post on the science behind the making of the Lily 2, which answered my questions on the materials used, and how they got the scent in it. Plus I kind of love having the technical information (yes, I know I’m a geek).

LELO Lily 2

The Lily 2 is an aphrodisiac scented sex toy. LELO has combined their knowledge of arousal from scent (the most evocative sense) to create a range of fragrances. The combination of ultra powerful vibrations and signature aphrodisiac scents results in Lily 2 providing a unique pleasure experience. It is available in three scents: Lavender & Manuka Honey (pale purple), Rose & Wisteria (pale pink), and Bordeaux & Chocolate (deep purple). These scents were chosen for their aphrodisiac properties.

lelo lily 2

The LELO Lily 2 came well packaged in a plain brown box. The vibrator packaging was plain black with a clear window, and I have to admit it is pretty sexy looking. The Lily 2 sits nestled in a foam insert and the charging cable, storage pouch, etc were in a section to the side. When I opened the box the scent was gorgeous; light and gentle not at all over-powering, or artificial smelling. I was pleasantly surprised that I could smell it when I opened the box, and it made me hopeful about it keeping the scent. I received the pale purple Lavender and Manuka honey one, and it was a lovely sweet scent, not too heavy on the lavender.

The LELO Lily 2 has a lovely soft-touch feel, it does feel like a good quality silicone, even though it’s actually body safe ABS plastic. It is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable. I have to say I was worried that the charging port might mean this wasn’t really completely waterproof but I haven’t had a problem so far, and I wash it thoroughly after each use. It took around two hours to charge it fully, and the charge lasted about the same (I use it on the strongest setting). The Lily 2 has 8 vibration settings, however I found the 2-button interface so complicated to use I didn’t really try them all. It took ages for the press and hold to actually switch to patterns and not just increase the intensity.

To turn on and increase vibration intensity, press the + button (button on the right for Lily / Nea).
To change modes, press and hold the + button for 2 seconds. To return to continuous vibration,
press the – button once, and hold this button to reduce intensity until your LELO is switched off.

Many of the reviews I’ve read of the Lily 2 compare its vibration strength to the original Lily, I’ve never had tried the Lily so I can’t say if all those comparisons (apparently the 2 is much stronger) are correct but for me the vibrations just weren’t strong enough. They got me close to the edge but just couldn’t get me over it. That being said I did enjoy using it to tease myself, it felt especially nice around my nipples. I also really loved the shape, it fitted against my body perfectly, and just sat really nicely wherever I positioned it.

I have found that after a handful of uses (and washes) the scent is now so faded I can only smell it if the vibe is pressed to my nose, and it is only a very faint lingering aroma. This is quite disappointing but not completely unexpected.

Things I liked:

  • The original scent when I first opened it
  • The shape fitted comfortably in my hand and against my body
  • The soft-touch feel it makes you want to stroke it all over your body
  • The gentleness of vibrations was good for teasing
  • Rechargeable

Things I didn’t:

  • The scent didn’t last very long at all
  • The vibrations couldn’t get me off
  • The two-button operation is clunky


Overall this would be a great vibe if you don’t need a really strong vibration. I also think although the scent doesn’t last it would make it a fun gift for someone because of the scent when you first open it.


You can purchase the LELO Lily 2 vibrator directly from LELO who provided me this item in return for an honest review.

Two of Me — Wicked Wednesday #14

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 14th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Two of Me. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

two of meTwo can mean so many things… two people, two weeks, two years, two books, two movies. It can also mean that something happened twice or two can refer to twins. Let your imagination run free and share your stories – fictional or not – about ‘two’ with for Wicked Wednesday.

(Please make your stories no longer than 1200 words.)


Two of Me

I often feel like I’m two people. There’s Cheryl; she’s confident, smart, funny, and sexy. She writes smut, and reviews sex toys, and has sexy fun with hot guys. She has lots of friends who are always happy to see her. She has her moments of doubt but they are few, and she shakes them off easily. She sees new things as an exciting adventure. She loves a challenge, something that pushes her boundaries. She’s willing to try (almost) anything. She trusts people but she’s not a pushover. She’s ambitious; so many things she wants to see and do, places she wants to go, people she wants to meet in person. She lives in the moment, and isn’t hampered by the past. When things go wrong, she laughs it off, and turns it into a positive.

I love being Cheryl, she’s fun……and she has fun.

Then there’s the other me, the one I don’t want to be. She’s always fighting to stay afloat, fighting just to survive. She has few real friends, and constantly worries about losing them because people she cares about have a tendency to leave her. She’s not as smart as she wishes she was, even when she works hard she barely scrapes by. She tries to be funny but often says the wrong thing, and just embarrasses people. She wants to be sexy but never feels like she’s pulling it off. She’s awkward, uncomfortable in her own skin, and it shows. New things and changes fill her with dread and anxiety. She’s scared to go for the things she wants because she’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop. She can never enjoy the good times because part of her is waiting for it to all go wrong. She is shackled by a wealth of past experience, the things that all add up to tell her the bad stuff is what will always happen, it is what she deserves, she doesn’t get to be happy.

I don’t want to be her, I hate being her.

But I have to accept the two of me because if it wasn’t for the other me, Cheryl wouldn’t be doing half the things she does. The other me keeps surviving, keeps us alive, so that Cheryl can have her fun. I just need to work out how to mix the two sides. To start living instead of just surviving. To accept both parts of me.



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Two of Me

Product Review – Fun Factory Miss Bi

Fun Factory Miss Bi vibrator

Fun Factory Miss BiYou might remember I mentioned meeting Annika from Fun Factory at the ETO Show. I got to handle some of their toys in person. My only previous experience was with their Smartballs which I love.  So I was very excited to receive the Miss Bi to test.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi is a dual stimulation, two motor vibrator, designed with a shape that will stimulate the G-spot, vagina, and the clitoris. Each motor can be controlled independently. Meaning you can use just one or the other, or use them together. There are three vibration rhythms and intensities per motor, giving you a total of 50 different combinations. And if you find a combo that is perfect for you you can save the pattern for next play time.

I really like the Fun Factory packaging. It looks stylish but fun, and includes basic user information on the outer sleeve. The gold colouring with the red interior is really nice. I know it’s weird geeking out over the packaging but it’s nice to see a high quality brand using something that isn’t plain white or black.

Fun Factory Miss Bi

The Miss Bi is rechargeable and comes with Fun Factory‘s Click’N’Charge magnetic charger, it charges much more quickly than I expected, and you can tell it is fully charged when all three buttons are lit up. It is fully waterproof and made from medical grade silicone. It also has a travel lock, which I find is invaluable for travelling with rechargeable toys. It’s available in three great colours; turquoise, pink, and grape (the colour I got).

At first look the Fun Factory Miss Bi is a pretty strange shape. It’s quite short, and very chubby near the base with a tapered head that makes insertion a bit easier. The clitoral stimulation extension is quite chunky and very flexible, and I found (unlike many other ‘rabbit-style’ vibes) it managed to hit my clit perfectly when the rest of the vibrator was inserted. I also found the vibrations were strong in both sections.  When inserted the body gave me a nice full feeling without stretching me, and because of the tapered head I found this was great for ‘building up’ to a bigger toy.

Another great feature of the Fun Factory Miss Bi is the ‘loop’ handle. This gives you a great point to hold when thrusting and unlike a straight handle your hand is much less likely to slip when things get wet. The power and control buttons are placed on the top of the loop, so they are easy to access while it’s in use.

Fun Factory Miss Bi

However, the button placement is also one of the down sides of this. The power button requires a single press to turn off, and I managed to catch it during use a few times. But that’s more frustrating than anything. My only real complaint about the Miss Bi, is that it’s a bit too short, and it didn’t really hit my G-spot. However, for me that’s not a deal-breaker.


Overall I really liked the Fun Factory Miss Bi. It hit the spot, it got me off, and it did it well. Plus I loved it as a warm-up for bigger toys.


*I was sent this by Fun Factory in return for an honest review.

Smut Manchester 2015 Pre-Event Post

Pre-Event Post

I’m very excited about an event next week. I will be attending Smut Manchester for the first time. This will be my first time at a Smut run event (not counting the Smut stand at Sexhibition).

smut manchester 2015

Smut Manchester 2015

Smut UK & JW Creative Networker have teamed up to bring you Smut Manchester, an awesome event sponsored by AmazingO.co.uk.

Smut Manchester is taking place on Saturday, 24th Oct 2015 at Bangkok Bar & Restaurant (40 Princess St, M1 6DD) from 11am to 6pm. There is also A Dr Sketchy Manchester After Party at Chapter One Books (19 Lever Street, M1 1BY) from 6:30pm.

Smut Manchester is a safe, inclusive, and fun day bringing together Erotica Writers, Sex Bloggers, Talented Performers, Consensual Sluts, Geeks & Those that love them to socialize, exchange ideas and inspire one another. There’s going to be; Interactive Workshops, Reading Slams, Kink Craft (who’ll be teaching folks how to make a “Mini Flogger”), A BDSM Dungeon from Roissy Workshops – RWN, and the World Famous Smut.UK Erotic Tombola with some sensational prizes for you to win.  Club Lash will be there to tell you about their monthly alternative & fetish club night, plus an Erotic Market with naughty treats on sale. At the Dr Sketchy Manchester After Party there’ll be Wild Performances that are sure to entertain.

The first 50 guests to arrive on the day will receive a fabulous goodie bag.

There’ll be delicious food, snacks, and drinks offers available at the bar throughout the day.


Tickets cost £12 for the day and you can purchase them here.

Magic Motion Smart Kegel Product Review Kegel Toner

Kegel Toner Product Review

Our Magic Motion Smart Kegel Master is a smart Kegel ball designed to assist you to recover and strengthen the Pelvic floor muscles

Over 76% of women experience incontinence issues at some point in their life – The pelvic floor is woman first line defense against problems with incontinence.

The unique squeeze mode helps to assist ladies strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and enhances the intimacy of couples.

The Magic Kegel App makes your training sessions fun, providing visible feedback through your Smartphone through a unique game like training system, winning badges and rewards as you advance from beginner to Master.

From the MagicMotion site


Magic Motion Smart Kegel

Magic Motion Smart Kegel

I first came across the Magic Motion Smart Kegel Master at the ETO Show. Tim had a small display and was showing this and the Flamingo. I had a feel of both and had a chat with Tim about their range, and what else the company was hoping to do. I came away very excited about their products.

I was lucky enough to be offered the Magic Motion Smart Kegel Master to test, and once it arrived I was eager to get started. The packaging is simple and stylish with basic product information on the outside. Supplied in the box you get a user guide, USB cable, and a storage pouch. It’s great when companies include storage as part of the package.

The first thing to do when you get a Magic Motion product is to download the app. This is available on both the App Store and Google Play, and is free. There are clear instructions in the supplied user guide telling you how to connect your kegel balls to your phone and how to make them work together.

The first time you use it, there is a set up exercise, which checks the strength of your kegel muscles, and that you can feel the kegel ball vibrate. Now we come to the app. When you are ‘exercising your phone has a little bird on the screen, and the idea is you need to make the bird fly. The way you do this is to squeeze your pelvic muscles around the kegel ball. There is a vibration pattern and you squeeze when you feel it vibrate.

When I set this up I made the bird fly to the top of my screen very easily but when it started me on a program I found I really struggled to get the bird to fly even halfway up. I wondered if I was doing something wrong but I couldn’t work out how to get the test screen up again to try it, and after a few weeks I had the bird flying high again, so I think the program for the exercises is set so it really does test you.

The Magic Motion smart kegel master is made from body safe medical silicone, with ABS plastic. It is fully waterproof, travel ready, and USB rechargeable (and you all know how much I LOVE my products to be rechargeable). The kegel balls are quite small with a good weight, which I would usually recommend more for advanced users. However, in this instance because of the program and the vibration I would say they would be okay for beginners as well.

Magic Motion Smart Kegel

I did have an issue with the connection between the kegel and my phone dropping a few times, it didn’t happen every time I used it but it did happen occasionally. It wasn’t really a problem though, as it was easy to reset the connection on my phone and continue the exercise. The app suggests you do the program four times a day, and I found it easiest to do it all at once. Took me 6 minutes each morning to do the recommended program.


I loved the Smart Kegel Master from Magic Motion. And I can’t wait to see what else the company comes up with.