Horny Hour #9 – Thank Fuck It’s Friday – Erotica Meme Erotic Prompt

Welcome to the 9th Horny Hour.

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horny hour

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This week I decided to provide you with three random things; two objects, and a tree. You can use any of them, all of them or any mix of them. The choice is yours. Hope you enjoy them. They are:

  • Fig Tree
  • Book
  • Bike

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horny hour

Sensual Glass Textured Dildo from Lovehoney

Textured Glass Dildo

While I’ve always like the idea of the texture and finish of glass sex toys, I’d been hesitant about trying them. However, having read the fabulous Glass Sex Toys: A primer blog post from Dangerous Lilly I felt much more confident about giving them a go. I was browsing Lovehoney and noticed they had some of their glass toys on at half price so I dropped the Sensual Glass Textured Dildo into my basket with some other sale items.

sensual glass

Sensual Glass

Lovehoney states their glass dildos are made from toughened borosilicate glass. Which is hypo-allergenic, non-porous and easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, making it super easy to sterilise.

One of the things I loved about this was the fact that Lovehoney include a ‘velvet’ storage pouch, with this being a glass item it would have been nice for the pouch to be slightly padded but it is still a nice touch considering the price range.

I loved the shape and texture on this. I’m not much of a size queen and I found this was a perfect size for making me feel filled without being stretched. It was also slender enough that I didn’t need much ‘warming up’ before I could use it. The raised ‘swirl’ pattern felt really good when I was sliding it in and out. I also found because of the smooth finish of the glass a little lube went a long way. The only downside was that the bulbous handle is the same smooth finish, and after I’d been playing for a while I did find my hand slipped off a few times, spoiling my rhythm slightly.


I also found the raised swirl was great for rubbing over my clit and nipples; the ridges catching in just the right way. I haven’t purposely tried it for temperature play, because I prefer to do that with a partner but I did use it when it was accidentally cold. I’d left it on my window sill and because it was a cold day the glass of the dildo had become cold. I wasn’t really paying attention when I lubed it up but I definitely felt the coolness as I slid it inside. Wasn’t quite as much of a sensation as say an ice cube but I could still feel it.

Overall I really liked this dildo. It will stay in my bedside drawer, and be used regularly. I’d definitely consider getting more glass dildos, in different textures and sizes.

Riding Bareback – Wicked Wednesday #18

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 18th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Riding Bareback. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

riding bareback

PROMPT – Condoms

I cant believe I never had the prompt ‘condoms’ on here before!

Well, I don’t have to say anything introductory about condoms, right… so: GO!


Riding Bareback

I’ve always been a condom girl. As a kid I had older step-sisters, two of whom had kids fairly young. I also lived in a house where sex was discussed, and seeing someone naked was no big deal.  When we had sex education at school (we were 14ish) I was one of the few people who managed to roll the condom onto the fake cock without a problem, despite the fact that there were kids in my year group who were already having sex (two of the girls were pregnant so obviously didn’t know how to use them).

This combined with the fact that I had big plans for my future, meant I was safety girl. After a few years it just became habit, you want to have sex with me? Put this on. If he said no, I said no. I figured when I was in a serious relationship (where I 100% trusted the guy) and we’d been together a while then I’d stop using them, I’d try out riding bareback. It just never happened.

I’d always heard that sex without a condom felt different but I wasn’t convinced enough to be willing to try it. Then somewhere along the way I decided maybe I was missing out. Maybe I should try it at least once, so I’d know if riding bareback really was different or not.  The next time the opportunity arose, I decided to go for it….

Had a brief and pointed conversation with the guy about our mutual sexual health status, and off we went. I really didn’t expect it to feel so different, not the actual sex anyway but it was. I could feel him so much more than I ever felt I could with condoms, maybe it was because I was always an ‘Extra Safe’ sort of girl, and they’re quite thick. I could feel the heat, the hardness, even the veins seems to pulse. Maybe it was all just psychosomatic but I don’t think so. I definitely preferred no condom.

The part that sealed the deal for me on no condoms was the first time he came in me. Now that was a new sensation. I had already come (more than once), and the waves of my orgasm were slowing when I felt him cum in me, and my orgasm sky-rocketed again. I came again, biting his shoulder, and I could feel myself, contracting around him, milking every last drop of cum from him. I lay giggling as he pulled out of me, I could feel our juices dripping from me. I must have looked strange because he asked me what was wrong. I carefully admitted that it was the first time a guy had ever cum in me. Awkward moment but his surprise passed. And an hour later when I told him I could almost still feel him in me, he smiled, this smug half grin, and said “well technically I probably still am.”

Hi, my name’s Cheryl. I was 35 the first time I had sex without a condom, the first time a guy actually came inside me…….and I loved it. I’ll probably still use condoms most of the time but not every time, not now I know what I was missing.


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The Morning After – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #11

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, The Morning After. The inspiration was:

The Morning after

I think it’s clear everyone here is having a good time. 

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt.

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.


The Morning After

I woke slowly, my hands reaching out to either side. When I didn’t find anyone, I opened my eyes turning my head to look around the room. I was alone on the bed, if it wasn’t for the clothes folded neatly on the chairs I might have thought it had all been a dream. We’d been dancing around the attraction for weeks, and finally it had happened, and now it’s the morning after.

I sigh, and snuggle back against the pillows. Closing my eyes as I remember the moment I’d kissed Matt, and felt Nick tuck in behind me. His hands going round both of us and cupping Matt’s arse, as he kissed my neck. The way he and Matt had moved in front of me, kissing each other as they pulled my tee over my head, before each taking a nipple in their mouth.

As I remember the feel of their lips on me, my hands drift down my body. Playing with my tits; cupping and squeezing them, circling and teasing the nipples, then pinching and pulling them. The sharp sting reminding me of how thoroughly they were dealt with last night.I move one hand lower, stroking over my cunt, feeling the softness of my outer lips, the wetness leaking out of the bottom making it easy to slip a finger between them. Sliding it in and out, then running it up to circle my clit.

I feel the first waves of my orgasm building, and as my breathing gets ragged I become aware that I can hear other’s breaths. I open my eyes to see Matt and Nick standing either side of the bed. They’re both watching me, stroking their cocks. I smile at Matt, as his hand slowly strokes his cock. When I turn to Nick his hand is pumping his cock, and my own hand speeds up. I come quickly my gasps becoming moans.

I want more and an idea creeps into my head. I turn over and crawl towards Nick, wrapping my hand round his cock, I drop my mouth, and slide my tongue the head, tasting his salty tang. He moans as I move back but I only look over my shoulder, giving Matt a nod, as I push my arse up in invitation. I dip my head back down, and as I slide my lips over Nick’s cock, I feel Matt pushing into me. He slides in slowly until I can feel his abdomen against my ass. My mouth has taken as much of nick’s cock as I can, my nose still an inch from his stomach. My tongue is flattened under Nick’s shaft, and I give it a wiggle, feeling him twitch.

I hold still for a moment enjoying the feeling of having a guy in both my cunt and my mouth.  Matt pulls back before pushing in again, he starts slowly, building up a rhythm. Until he is thrusting into me each thrust forcing Nick’s cock further into my mouth. My cunt is throbbing, tightening round Matt’s cock, as the waves of my orgasm keep coming. I moan around Nick’s cock, and the vibration causes him to grunt, his cock twitching, I cup his balls squeezing gently as I feel  them tighten and draw up. He groans and I feel him cum, splashing down my throat as I try to swallow, while my own orgasm crashes through me. The sounds of Nick and I coming push Matt over the edge and I feel him cum inside me, my cunt contracting around him, milking every last drop from him.

As Matt pulls out of me, I let Nick’s cock slip from my mouth, rolling back onto the bed, and reaching a hand out to them both. I tug them down and cuddle between them, smiling as I feel Nick’s arm moving against my hip, as he reaches to stroke Matt. Turns out the morning after is just as good as the night before.


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Countess Collar – Bondage Jewellery from Scarlet in Chains

Bondage Jewellery

I attended the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar before Christmas, and I found a stand called Scarlet in Chains that I had managed to completely miss before. I’m not normally one for things around my neck, especially not close fitting ones but these were just so gorgeous I couldn’t walk past without stopping. It was the Countess Collar that caught my eye, and I ended up trying it on.

countess collar

Scarlet in Chains make what they call ‘bondage jewellery’, and a quick browse though their online shop will show you why. Everything is hand made and can be adjusted, or made to measure, and customised to your requirements. They can also have standard fasteners or rings to attach locks. As soon as I saw their display I was struck by the endless possibilities of their items. Plus, they’re just so pretty. They’re all load tested for the main chains and you can have clasps or padlocks to fasten them with.

It was a pleasure to meet the team at the pre-Xmas BBB, Sophie and Drew. Then when I attended the January event, I got to have a longer chat to them. We talked about the design process, and new ideas they’re currently working on. I’m pretty excited to see what else they come up with.

Countess Collar

I ended up buying myself the Countess Collar in purple and black.

countess collar

You may notice mine looks slightly different to  the ones on the shop, that’s because the one I have is nickel. All their current stock is stainless steel, due to them discontinuing its use at the beginning of January. It is a very small superficial difference in the finish but their overall products are still outstanding in quality and design.

Overall I really love this collar. As soon as I have the funds I will be getting myself some matching bracelets, and maybe even a belt and some connecting chains.