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Intimate Torment

My fabulous sponsor, Intimate Torment, are currently running an excellent Fetlife Giveaway. I’ll tell you more about that  a minute but first I’d like to tell you a little bit about them.

fetlife giveawayThey were founded in 2013 as a small stall at BDSM and Fetish events, their aim was to offer a range of products to suit everyone’s pocket.

Not much has changed, they still offer products to suit everyone’s budget but have grown quickly. They now have a shop in Swindon, an online store, and still do the events; regularly attending Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (BBB) and SWAMP in Bristol every month. They also do The Alternative and Burlesque Fairs in Bristol and Birmingham, plus Manchester and Portsmouth in 2016.

The mantra at Intimate Torment is to make products affordable, whether it’s behind closed doors or in a lifestyle club.  From Fifty Shades of Grey giving you an idea for a fun game with your partner or for those who are a part of the BDSM or Lifestyle community, we have products to suit everyone and their budget.

Fetlife Giveaway

fetlife giveawayAs Captain America Civil War is about to be released  Intimate Torment are giving away a (totally not Marvel) Super Hung Heros Captain Cock from the Super Hung Heros range.

All you have to do to win this very fun and rather unique dildo is love this post on Fetlife and be on their Fetlife friends list (yes you need to be logged in with an account to enter) by 8pm Saturday 7th May, and you will be entered into the draw.

As it says on the box….

“Proof that top secret research works! Captain Cock is a patriotic powerhouse able to free inhibitions and inspire star spangled orgasms. Liberate your sexuality”.


What are you waiting for? Go enter today. 😀




The Feminist Sub – Empowered and Subservient

Guest Post by Laura

Today’s guest post is a fantastic article on “The Feminist Sub” by Laura from School of Squirt. As always with my guest posts, I have applied only minimal editing for SEO purposes.

The Feminist Sub –

Why It’s Possible to be Empowered AND Subservient

Women today can find empowerment in places where it simply didn’t exist a decade ago. Young girls are encouraged to explore their talents in maths and science more often. As they grow up opportunities in higher education and employment are more plentiful than ever before. The Suffragettes and Feminists of the 1960s would no doubt be proud of just how far women have come in terms of independence, confidence and autonomy.

But what would they think about women who choose to be submissive? Can you be a feminist sub? This is a question raised by women across the political and philosophical spectrum. Can a woman be a feminist and still be submissive to her sexual partner?

Some women know early on there’s an allure to being submissive while others discover it somewhat by accident. A woman who may be experienced in variations of vanilla sex may be happy with her sex life. Right up until the moment a partner switches things up, dominating her and causing her first squirting orgasm. Then suddenly, everything changes.

In her review of Cheris Kramarae and Paula Treichler’s A Feminist Dictionary, writer Marie Shear made history when she declared “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” Since then, this basic principle has become the foundation upon which modern feminism was born. Today’s feminists want equality, justice and to simply be seen as a person instead of a sexual object.

Until they get to the bedroom. For many women, the allure of submitting themselves to the wishes and desires of another person is their sexual ideal. For these women, balancing their daytime persona as independent, intelligent and confident women alongside their sexual desires to be submissive can be a bit tricky.

But at its core, feminism is about women taking control of their own lives. That includes pursuing higher education, careers that are driven by their passion and any other goal they’ve set for themselves. It also means taking control of their sex lives; knowing what they want and what they need to achieve earth shattering orgasms.

Taking control and determining what you want means embracing that submissive side. This can be a difficult process for women who have fought hard for their independence and respect from peers, but being a submissive doesn’t diminish a woman’s accomplishments outside her bedroom. They can, in fact, bolster those achievements. They can be a feminist sub.

Being a submissive is about more than simply agreeing to everything asked of you by a dominant partner. When a submissive gets together with a dominant partner they hash out what’s acceptable, what’s not, and how a submissive can signal to her dominant that she isn’t okay with something. This is most commonly done with a safe word but some couples include non-verbal signals or a mix of both which are used depending on how much the submissive objects. Ultimately, this places power in the submissive’s hands as she has the ability to bring the dominant (and submissive power exchange) to a screeching halt.

Being willing to give up your free will and submit to another person is no casual endeavour. The women who choose this life do so with the understanding that their trust will not be misplaced and that their partner will respect their boundaries. While the BDSM world is often linked to abuse, the fact is BDSM couples have more respect and better communication in couple hood than many of their so-called ‘mainstream’ peers.

In 2013, a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that people who engaged in BDSM shared a number of startling characteristics. BDSM fans were:

  • less neurotic
  • more outgoing and confident
  • more likely to try new things
  • more conscientious
  • better able to handle rejection

At the end of the day, engaging in a submissive role isn’t a declaration of how a woman sees herself in general. Instead, it’s like having any other sort of kink – it’s an expression of her own sexuality. That means she owns and controls it just like any other part of her life, even when that control presents as submission. This doesn’t make her any less of a feminist – it just makes her a person who is confident enough to know when she wants something different; a feminist sub.


Author Bio

feminist sub“When Laura isn’t writing about sex, she’s reading about it. Yes, the word obsessed springs to mind. She runs the blog School of Squirt with her partner, where they advocate squirting as part of a healthy sex life. The few times that sex isn’t on her mind each day will be during a yoga session or preparing/munching on some healthy food.”

PicoBong KIKI 2 Mini (Pocket) Vibrator

PicoBong KIKI 2

PicoBong KIKI 2 is the perfect discreet vibrator for packing in your pocket, purse or bag while on the go. Just 4 inches (10 cm) long, KIKI 2 may be a pocket-sized vibe, but it’s designed to pack a big punch. With a gentle curve and flattened tip, it’s perfect for precise clitoral stimulation and has strength to spare when delighting all other external erogenous zones. It’s the ideal teasing all-rounder; fantastic for foreplay or for anyone who wants quiet, powerful pleasure on the down-low.

PicoBong KIKI 2

When I was offered the PicoBong KIKI 2 to review, I have to admit I wasn’t sure it would be for me but it boasted double the power of the old range, and came in a fun selection of colours so I thought I’d give it a go. I was unfamiliar with the PicoBong brand so I went and had a look at their website. I loved the look and style of their site. They are clearly trying to make vibrators more mainstream, and friendly, which can only be a good thing.

PicoBong KIKI 2

From the packaging and website it is obvious that PicoBong is a quality budget brand. The printed plastic box did a good job of protecting the KIKI 2 in transit (it arrived in a padded envelope) but wouldn’t be great for regular storage.

PicoBong KIKI 2

The PicoBong KIKI 2 is made from body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. The silicone is lovely and smooth with a silky finish that has very little drag to it.  It is fully waterproof to 1 metre, meaning it’s very easy to clean, and great for use in the bath or shower. It is very quiet, almost silent when in use, and has twelve different vibration patterns.

The motor of the PicoBong KIKI 2 has double the power of the old PicoBong KIKI, and is powered by a single AAA battery. It has a simple two button interface, so you can scroll up or down through the patterns, and a long press will turn it on or off. It fit perfectly into my hand, and was very light to hold. The end is a broad flattened shape, so it can stimulate your clit better.

PicoBong KIKI 2

When this mini vibrator arrived I was surprised to find a battery included. I hadn’t realised it was battery powered, if I had realised (it isn’t clear from their website) I probably wouldn’t have chosen to review it. I find anything that runs on a single small battery just doesn’t have enough power for me. The PicoBong KIKI 2 wasn’t an exception, I found the vibrations were low and quite buzzy. When I held it to my clit with any kind pressure the vibrations almost disappeared.


While I liked the idea this just wasn’t powerful enough to do anything for me. However at the price if you’re not a power queen like me, the PicoBong KIKI 2 is a real bargain. A body-safe non-toxic clit vibrator for under £30.

*Disclaimer – I was sent the PicoBong KIKI 2 by PicoBong in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Horny Hour #19 – Thank Fuck It’s Friday

Welcome to the 19th Horny Hour.

Huge thank you to everyone who has joined in with Horny Hour so far. You have two weeks to write your entries, and add them to the list. Please do share and retweet the prompt, I would love to get more entries, and really build the HornyHour meme.

horny hour

Your prompt this week is:


On this day in 1692 Edward Bishop was jailed for proposing flogging as cure for witchcraft.

This was one of those happy coincidences that seemed to fit perfectly with Horny Hour. What a fascinating bit of trivia. Is anyone else wondering on the reasons behind him being jailed for the suggestion???

Hope you like the prompt, and can have some fun with it. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Remember this is Horny Hour, happy hour’s sexy cousin. So make your posts: HOT, HOT, HOT

  • Bloggers, writers, photographers, artists share your sexy posts inspired by the prompt.
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You can find the rules here. Please do read them before submitting.

horny hour

DOMINIX Cock Ring – Stainless Steel Doughnut


Deluxe 1.73 Inch Stainless Steel Doughnut

The first thing I noticed about this Dominix cock ring was the weight. It is surprisingly heavy. It is also beautiful; so shiny and very sleek looking.

Dominix cock ring

It feels like a really high quality item. There are no seams, or joins anywhere on the Dominix cock ring, and the finish is perfectly smooth. Despite the weight this would be comfortable to wear for a longer length of time because there is nothing to rub or cause friction.

Dominix cock ring

The shiny chrome finish of the metal meant that you only need a very small amount of lube. The instructions say to do the cock then the balls but we found it easier to slide the balls in first one at a time then the cock. Because this Dominix cock ring is solid metal it is very rigid so you definitely need to wait for an erection to fully subside before removing the ring.

I was impressed with how well this helped maintain my friend’s erection, as well as with the fact that he seemed to get harder than with silicone rings. We were lucky this seemed to be the perfect size but as this obviously has no give in it you should measure before buying and check the size. I also tried it with my FWB’s cock and it was nowhere near big enough, only just fit his cock there, there was no way it was fitting his balls as well.

My FB said it felt good on, the weight served to remind him it was there without being too much. He felt like he was harder than usual, and the fit was comfortably tight without being restrictive in any way.


The Dominix cock ring is a great quality, gorgeous looking and feeling cock ring.



*Disclaimer – I was sent the Dominix Stainless Steel Cock Ring by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.