Shaving Table – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #21

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Shaving Table. The inspiration was:

Shaving Table

Masturbation Month may be nearly over but just as any day can be Masturbation Monday, every month can be Masturbation Month – with or without a special toy or partner to help you out!

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

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Shaving Table

I couldn’t have held my legs in position any better if he’d actually tied them to the table legs. He hadn’t, he’d just told me to stay there, and I did. I didn’t know how long or what the plan was, I was just following orders.

He’d already been back once, he’d knelt under the table and removed my knickers. I’d wiggled slightly in anticipation but what I was hoping for didn’t happen, instead he’d placed a hot cloth over my cunt. He waited a minute, then removed it smoothing something cold and thick (I knew from before that it was conditioner) over me, then pulling the skin tight he’d shaved me. Using his body and hands to move me so he could get everywhere. He’d wiped me down with the, now cool, cloth before replacing my knickers.

I sat waiting now. The warm heat that had started when he’d sat me down, had just been exacerbated by the shaving, and I knew my knickers were now wet. I’d always loved it when he shaved me, there was something so erotic and sensual about it. The way he held my skin, the scrape of the razor, the soft touch of his fingertips as they skimmed over me checking the finish, and after he was satisfied he’d carefully wipe the conditioner off me, before gently kissing me.  His lips feeling like a brand on the freshly shaved skin.

I glanced at the clock, he’d been gone for quite a while. I shifted in the seat, not really moving just wiggling from side to side. My thoughts drifted back to the last time he’d shaved me. Just the feel of his fingers spreading the conditioner had me so horny I was dripping, so much so he commented on it. I’d just laughed and confessed that I hadn’t come in a week. Which might not have been the best idea, as he then decided to torture me with the Doxy a little. Holding it against me and making me count down then taking it away as I was about to come. It felt like he’d teased me for hours but in reality is was probably only a few minutes.

Remembering the whole scenario had my hand sliding down my pants, I slowly stroked and circled my clit as I thought about that day. The shaving, the teasing, the orgasms, the pain. When I came my knees shook, knocking the table. And I realised what I’d done. I quickly put my hand back on the desk but the scent of my arousal drifted around me and I knew he would know. Determined to prove myself, to make up for my mistake I sat back, holding my legs straight against the table, my arms and palms flat across the top.

It was only when I noticed the darkness outside that I realised he wasn’t coming back. I’d been abandoned, left behind.



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Shaving Table

Rocks-Off Ignition Bullet Vibrator

Bullet Vibrator Review

Rocks-Off Ignition

“We have another new bullet, again USB rechargeable, called Rocks-Off Ignition which is a ten-speed designed to be used on its own, but also to be used with the existing RO-80 bulleted products, both male and female, therefore turning all of your ‘favourites’ instantly into rechargeable toys. Ignition is powerful, streamlined, but also beautifully elegant to give orgasmic stimulation to every intimate trigger point.

Rocks-Off Ignition

I was sent the Rocks-Off Ignition in a parcel with the Ruby Glow, and I was quite excited to try it. I’d not had any experience with rechargeable items from Rocks-Off so I was interested to see what the power would be like.

I have to admit for me this type of bullet doesn’t really do a lot for me on its own, I’m the same with the We-Vibe Tango too. But they are great for using in dildos.

rocks-off ignition

The Rocks-Off Ignition comes in a printed black display box. It is made from rigid plastic, and is gold coloured. It is completely waterproof, and USB rechargeable. The socket for the charging cable is one of those push through ports that seals when you remove the cable. It has three speeds and seven patterns of vibration so you’re sure to find something you like.  Its petite size is ideal for putting in your handbag or overnight luggage, and it has a tapered tip for pinpoint stimulation.

rocks-off ignition

The pinpoint stimulation doesn’t really work for me, I prefer broader stimulation. But I do like to have this type of bullet in for use in dildos, and other toys, or for teasing other areas. I liked the Rocks-Off Ignition. It had a good strong vibration, that although a little more buzzy than rumbly still travelled well through a dildo.

The only bad thing I have to say about it is the noise level. It sounds like a swarm of angry wasps, and after a while I found it a bit distracting.


I liked the Rocks-Off Ignition. It is a good solid rechargeable bullet vibe, and a total bargain at less than £30. If you like bullet vibes and don’t want to break the bank it is a great investment.


*I was sent the Ignition by Rocks-Off in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Audience – A Wicked Wednesday Entry

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 23rd post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Audience. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:


This weekend we are at Eroticon Live in Bristol and this afternoon there will be some kink demos and discussions. That made me wonder – is there anything you would like to do in front of an audience, or not? Why? Why not? What would you like to do? Would you want interaction, or only onlookers? Or maybe you’ve been there, done that…

Share your sexy thoughts and/or experiences.


Turns out there’s a big difference between being nude and being naked. When I suggested to my Mistress that I would like to be the only nude man in a room full of people I didn’t realise quite how naked I would feel.  All I thought about was how exciting it would be, all those people able to see everything I had to show. I’d left the details to my Mistress and she had happily arranged it for me, deciding to make it a reading event. There would be drinks and nibbles, and I would read aloud as entertainment. She’d gathered a crowd of around 20 people, that I expected to be all female, friends who would be receptive to the situation, but when I arrived I was surprised to see a few men dotted around.

When my Mistress handed me the book I was to read from, my heart dropped, and an ache began low in my stomach. I should have known there would be a catch to all this. I gripped the book for a minute, staring at it’s shiny ‘chocolate’ cover. I couldn’t read this, if I read this… I looked up, my Mistress was smiling, she raised an eyebrow waiting for my response. I couldn’t think, I needed a way to stop the inevitable.
“Please Mistress, please, my cock cage, please?” The words tumbled out, a mess of pleading.
She laughed, “Oh no. Nowhere for you to hide. You wanted this. All those people seeing how excited a few little words make you, an audience. This is what you were really asking for.” My cheeks burnt with emotion, I didn’t realise that’s what I’d wanted not until right then but as she said it I knew she’d understood my request much better than I had.

I was about halfway through the first story in the book when it started. I knew I couldn’t stop reading, and I tried hard not to react to my body’s betrayal. The tugging in my stomach intensified, and slowly I felt my cock start to stiffen. I focussed on the book in front of me trying to speak the words without hearing the story, and I thought I was winning until I heard a giggle from the audience. I’d never thought of a giggle as a sexy sound until that moment but that once laugh had reached inside me and turned the tap on full. My cock swelled, until it was hard and standing out from my body in a way that was almost painful. I longed to touch it, to ease the ache but I knew better. I tried to keep reading but the sounds of laughter and murmurs were drowning my words. I stuttered to a halt, my eyes fixed on the book in front of me, as I felt a blush crawl over my body until I was sure the top of my head was about to burst into flames.

I didn’t know what to do, so I stood there waiting for my Mistress to release me. I tried not to think of the people now staring at me but I couldn’t help it, and my cock jerked upwards. A small moan escaped my lips, and the laughter in the room seemed to heighten. I finally managed to look up, trying to find my Mistress, to catch her eye. I found her walking towards me, and the look of reassurance on her face helped calm me, right up until the moment I saw the cane in her hand.


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Pegging Order – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #20

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Pegging Order. The inspiration was:

Pegging order

The couple that plays together comes together. This week’s giveaway is from Couples Chemistry, a company dedicated to increasing communication, intimacy, and oh yes, kinky fuckery between you and your partner. Masturbation can definitely be a part of your play time together as a couple!

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.

Pegging Order

I knelt naked at his feet, staring at the long hard purple cock I was now sporting. It seems odd to me, this pegging order but he is the boss. The straps of the harness are pressing into my hips and thighs, not digging but sitting firm. It feels strange, I want to stroke it but I’m not sure I’m allowed. My fingers flex towards it and I glance up at him. His own cock is standing at attention, and I want to feel him too. To stroke his cock while I stroke mine.
“You are to fuck me, slowly, steadily, until I tell you to stop.”
“Yes sir. May…” I swallow hard around the knot in my throat. “May…May I stroke your cock, please sir?”
“Yes you may.” He hands me some lube, “and you may stroke yours, to get it ready for me.”

I squirt lube into my palm then place the bottle on the floor before rubbing my hands together. I was generous with the lube, it’s the first time I’ve been told to do this and I’m nervous. I reach out wrapping one hand around his cock and the other around mine. I stroke slowly spreading the lube along both shafts. Letting the hand on his cock slip down to slick his crack. He lays back on the mattress, a heavy pillow supporting his lower back as he pulls his knees up to present his arse to me. I go back to stroking his cock moving my other hand from my cock, to slide along his crack. When I press a finger to his puckered spot he opens for me, as I slip in first one finger then another I feel his cock twitch in my hand.

I thrust in and out with two fingers for a few minutes, pushing in and curling them slightly before pulling out. I see the drops of cum glistening on the tip of his cock, and I pull my fingers out again. Shifting position so my knees are against his buttocks, as I carefully guide my cock in. It’s harder to control than I expected and I have to adjust position, angling myself so I can slide in more easily. I slip in and out a few times slowly, letting him get used to the size and length. I catch a rhythm and find myself starting to thrust faster. His moans encouraging me, as his cock throbs and twitches in my hand. I thrust harder the tops of my thighs  slapping against his butt cheeks. I see his nuts pull up and when he says “Stop”, I do but it’s too late and a ribbon of come shoots from his cock, some landing on my tits, some on his stomach.

I pull back slowly, an sit on my heels, head down, waiting for his judgement. I hadn’t stopped quickly enough. I’d tried but I was too slow. Did I completely fail in this pegging order? I sense him move and stay in position, listening as he moves around the room, waiting. I feel his hand on my chin, tipping my head up so I can look him in the eye.
“That wasn’t bad for the first attempt. Next time be quicker. ” I realise he’s holding the cane, and my cunt throbs in hope for this punishment. “Assume the position…and leave the cock on.”


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Nudes by Email – No I Won’t Send Them


A few days ago I received an email from a gentleman (I’m using that word in the loosest sense possible) who wanted me to send him some nudes. Usually when I receive this type of email I will politely decline or I will just ignore it. Today I was feeling a bit crazy so I decided to have a little fun. First I did explain there are nude pics of me already on the website, then I offered to send him a nude of his own……for a price.


He did not appreciate this offer. But then I didn’t expect him to. There is a certain level of male privilege showing here where not only will this guy NOT accept that it is up to ME who I share nudes with (and for what reason) but also that just because I am a self-confessed HORNY girl, I couldn’t possibly say no to sending this complete stranger nude pics. Not only did he not appreciate request of being paid for the service he was requesting but he then felt the need to abuse me, insult me, and wish me dead.

The ego on this type of male is a very fragile thing, they have the nerve to say women are overly emotional but you’ve never seen me throwing a tantrum, and wishing someone dead because a complete stranger, living halfway around the world wouldn’t send me a nude photo. I have made it clear previously that I am not here for anyone but myself. I post the stories and articles that I choose to post, I share photos when I want to share photos. I have made it very clear I am not here for the benefit of strange men halfway around the world. If they like my website that is great, but I don’t owe them anything.

You can see the exchange in full below but first a message for my…….friend.


Nudes by Email

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah  – 17:24 (3 hours ago)

hi there want to share some pictures?

Hornygeekgirl – 17:38 (3 hours ago)

I share what I want on my blog. If you want anything else, I can let you know my prices.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 18:29 (2 hours ago)

why cant you send some pictures here?

Hornygeekgirl – 18:36 (2 hours ago)

Want my prices?

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:02 (2 hours ago)

yes pls

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:08 (2 hours ago)

say your price pls

hornygeekgirl – 19:09 (1 hour ago)

Prices start at £50 per pic.  All pics are anonymous (don’t include face), and payment is due in full in advance.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:11 (1 hour ago)

you want money?

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:12 (1 hour ago)

wow all the other girls i’ve met is nice and wants to chat with me and sometimes the send a hot picture of them

hornygeekgirl – 19:19 (1 hour ago)

The price is £50 per pic. If you don’t like that I suggest you go ‘chat’ to one of those other girls.

I’m not here purely for your sexual gratification. This is my business. If you don’t like it go away.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:20 (1 hour ago)

so you cant just once send atleast 1 nude pic to me pls

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:21 (1 hour ago)

i would be so happy i you would do that. i respect your job and i think you are a really nice lady but pls only this time send me a nude pic

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:25 (1 hour ago)

are you there?

hornygeekgirl  – 19:26 (1 hour ago)

I will be happy to send you just one pic, once you pay the £50. That is the only way you will get a nude from me.

I am finished discussing it now. If you don’t want to pay stop messaging me.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:27 (1 hour ago)

do you know anyone else that wil send me nudes without the paying part?

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:28 (1 hour ago)

pls answer me girl

hornygeekgirl – 19:30 (1 hour ago)

I have been really polite up to this point. Now I am telling you to fuck off. Do not email me again. I will be blocking you.

Elias Hederström Abou Abdallah – 19:32 (1 hour ago)

then fuck you horny lier!! fake little bitch!!

you fucking cunt only care of money

i hope you die in a car crash!

Hornygeekgirl – 19:36 (1 hour ago)

Well you’re just delightful. Aren’t you.

I haven’t lied, and I’m not a fake. I am a smart savvy WOMAN. Who knows her value.

YOU contacted me not the other way around.


Wasn’t he a delightful charmer?