Dewci Box Subscription from April

Product Review

Dewci Box is a luxury high-end sophisticated Adult subscription box. It is aimed at everyone over the age of 18 but with busy couples in mind. Our team here at Dewci know how busy lifestyles, work commitments, & children all contribute towards less time being spent with your partner. So we have liaised with some of the biggest brands within the industry to offer a little time for you” each month.

Dewci Box will comprise of high-end luxury treats and accessories such as; Blindfolds, Lubricants, Stimulators, Bullets, Chocolates, Wine, Bubbles, Massage Oil, Bath Oil,  Candles, Lipstick, Nail Polish and Drinks. Just a few items to get you primed, pampered and ready for some well deserved intimacy.

From DewciBox

dewci box

April Dewci Box Subscription

I’d never tried any sort of subscription box before, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised by the Dewci Box. There are so many subscription boxes out there. You can get boxes for beauty, food, toys, geek things, and now for sexy fun. Rather than being sex toys the idea behind this box is to deliver items that will help you create a sexy atmosphere.

It is a sturdy but stylish black box with Dewci Box embossed in white and red on the top. It has a magnetic closure, and fastens with a ribbon. It’s the sort of box that would be great for storage. When I opened it the box was full to the brim; on top were two printed cards. One was a welcome card with a money off code for future boxes. The other was a list of the various items inside, and how to use them.

dewci box dewci box

dewci box


The items inside the Dewci Box were well packaged with a layer of black tissue paper, and lots of shredded paper inside to protect your treats. The goodies inside were:


  • Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men
  • Ayumi Sensual Massage, Bath & Body Oil
  • Play Boy Condoms x2
  • Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 function Vibrator
  • LICX Mix for Her
  • Funkin Mojito Mixer
  • Milk Chocolate Hearts x2

The total value of the contents is somewhere around £46. The monthly subscription box costs just £25  so you are getting a very good deal. I also love the little additions of the chocolate love hearts, and the mojito mix. They just added a little extra to the sexy contents.

Ayumi Sensual Massage, Bath & Body Oil

dewci box

I love this. It has a slightly musky smell, almost like incense but very light and gentle. The oil has a lovely consistency, and isn’t too runny. I found a little warmed in my cupped hand was plenty for a sexy back massage. It worked great in the bath, and I also used it as a moisturiser after a shower. Definitely my favourite item in the box.

Play Boy Condoms x2

dewci box

I have to admit I haven’t used these. I’m allergic to latex, so I couldn’t use them. Maybe in future it would be a good idea when including condoms (or other barrier contraceptives) to provide non-latex ones because they’re suitable for everyone.


Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 function Vibrator

dewci box

I’m not a huge fan of battery operated toys because I tend to find they don’t have much power. This was no exception. There was no way this was going to get me off however it was perfect for the kind of teasing I like to add in when I’m giving a sexy massage. The kind of slow build up meant to arouse and excite without causing them to cum.

LICX Mix for Her

dewci box

The LICX Mix contained 6 sachets; 2 intimate wipes, 2 female arousal gels, and a gel lube, and a cream lube. I liked this. I’d not used the brand before but I do like to have a few intimate wipes in for those occasions where it’s not convenient to go to the bathroom straight away. The had a nice clean fresh scent, and left skin feeling clean and slightly moisturised. The arousal gel was okay but just gave more of a tingling than really arousing me. Both the gel and cream lubes were adequate. Nice and soft with a good slippery consistency and no sticky residue.

Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men

dewci box

I left this for almost last because it’s the one item I really couldn’t understand being included.  I was especially confused as this was the most expensive thing in the box. I’m not even sure what to say about them. I read the warning on the packet and seems like they could only be used by younger men in perfect health who don’t take any other supplements. I just don’t understand this being in here. Everything else (even the LICX Mix for Her) is unisex, so I can’t see the logic in these.

Funkin Mojito Mixer and Chocolate Hearts

dewci boxThe cocktail mix is a great fun addition, you just need to add ice and rum, and you have a delicious cocktail. The chocolates were devoured by my partner as soon as he spotted them, and declared to be very nice. I loved these two additions, they really added something extra to the joys of the box.


I really liked the Dewci Box. It would make a lovely gift for a new couple, or as a little extra to take with you on a ‘naughty’ weekend. I think there were a few things that weren’t great additions to the box but I just loved the idea of having a nice mystery parcel to open.



*I was sent the Dewci Box in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The links in this post are not affiliate based.




LELO HEX’d – Have LELO Lost The Plot

A Decision

I’ve been agonising over writing about the LELO HEX for the last few weeks. I knew writing it would mean I could no longer accept new review items, or promotional items from LELO. I feel bad about this decision because the people I have worked with during my contact with LELO have been great. However, this is about LELO management, the people at the highest level. They continually disregard the people who buy and use their products, proving they just don’t care about the consumer.

The LELO HEX controversy is just the latest incident in LELO’s dive off the deep end. It has been addressed by people much more eloquent than myself but I still felt like I had something to say. I have endorsed their products on HornyGeekGirl in the past, and therefore feel I have a responsibility to say something. I will be leaving those reviews up but they will now include a link to this post.  The people I have seen writing about this are: Sarah at MarvelousDarling who was the first I saw responding on Tuesday. Lilly at DangerousLilly talked about it on Wednesday. FormidableFemme covered it from an abuse survivors’ perspective on Thursday. This issue has also been covered in blog posts by countless other people; CaraSutra, DailyBeast, Dizzygirl, Shawna at Sexsiopa, Molly, ShWomen store, NinjaSexology, . (I will add to this list as and when I see new posts). also wrote a review covering the ‘safety’ aspect of the HEX.

lelo hex

The Decline

When I first started reviewing sex toys LELO were one of the brands I really coveted. To me they were one of the top luxury brands. They cared about their customers, and about making innovative products that would speak to women. Unfortunately, over the last few years LELO seems to have become completely removed from that image. They use gimmicks to create a buzz but forget about creating an actual viable product.

The ‘Bankers only’ Pino Cock Ring, that came packaged with cuff-links and a money clip. What on earth were they thinking? HeyEpiphora did a great post about it. Then there was the scented Lily 2. A gimmick that seemed to have no place in reality. The vibrator itself was adequate but what was the point of the scent. I found I couldn’t smell it unless the Lily 2 was directly under my nose, and after a few washes even that had gone. I would rather have had more power than the pointless scent. Most recently there was the Penis Tuxedo. They created a (dry-clean only) Tux to fit a cock. No, I don’t know either. It’s like three or so years ago management at LELO all had brain transplants. Out went sex-positive, female driven design, and in came douche-bro marketing and design. Which leads us to the LELO HEX.

When LELO first announced the HEX it was unclear whether or not it was supposed to be an April Fool’s joke……I still think it’s unclear. It feels like the whole thing might be a prank that has just gotten out of hand, and no-one is prepared to yell stop.


First there was all the mystery marketing. Where they talked in very vague terms about their new condom. Saying it was revolutionary, and innovative. That it completely redesigned the condom from the ground up.  Then things got a bit more detailed, which is where confusion set in. Their ‘revolutionary and innovative’ LELO HEX condom was still made of latex. The only difference I could see was that it had a slightly different structure…..or rather a very pretty pattern.  They were touting it as ‘safer’ because the honeycomb structure was stronger. That it would hold together even when pricked by a pin. Which sounds good in theory but in practice I want to know if my condom has a hole in it. I want to know as soon as the hole forms. I want to be able to stop and replace the broken condom before I end up with any unwanted consequences.

A condom that holds together after being pricked by a pin isn’t going in my toy box. Cells are microscopic, millions of them could get through a pin prick hole. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe LELO had tested thoroughly, and would have reams of data on how their condom held up…….they didn’t. When ‘scientists’* at the launch were asked about this, they seemed confused. When the query was clarified and they were asked for specific data, “what is the transmission rate, if one of these fails?”. They had a small meeting and their response was “well we won’t know that until people have been using them for a while.” Yeah, you heard that correctly. They are selling a product on a benefit that they haven’t tested. Letting people believe it’s much safer, even though they don’t know.

I am desperately hoping this is just a case of the staff at the launch not being properly prepared for real questions. If not, this seems like a massive judgement lapse on the part of LELO. One which is sure to have an unhappy ending.

HEX Spokesman

They seem to be all about lapses in judgement at the moment. Not just in describing a fairly standard (if not potentially more dangerous) condom as revolutionary but in choosing their spokesman for the campaign. To some degree I do understand why his name may have first been suggested, however it should have been vetoed immediately. You do NOT want someone representing your (supposedly women friendly, sex positive) company who has a history of domestic violence. Who ‘allegedly’ had unprotected sex with sex workers without disclosing his HIV+ status. Nothing about Charlie Sheen says safe, responsible sex. It feels like they just found a celebrity who was willing to work with them, and grabbed with both hands.

At the launch Charlie Sheen gave a speech about being chosen as the LELO HEX spokesman. He actually said “I am here to make the condom cool”, and then talked about his influence on young people. I think (or rather hope) he was overstating his influence here. If most young people know him as anything more than a coke-addicted, actor with a history of abusing his domestic partners I will be very surprised. The idea that this man could have a positive influence on young people is truly laughable.


I just cannot continue to recommend or support a company who have shown such complete disregard for ethical practice. I believe there were much better qualified people who LELO could have chosen to work with. I believe they could have just sold their condom without all the hyperbolic advertising. Should people use condoms? Yes. Should it be the LELO HEX? No. Choose condoms with a proven track record, don’t buy into the hype and spin that LELO are spreading here.



*Strong suspicion the ‘Scientists’ at the launch were actually just PR people dressed in white coats.

Strawberry Massage Oil from Lovehoney

Product Review

“Strawberries and… cream? This deliciously scented (and flavoured) strawberry massage oil is perfect for a slow, sensual massage, either for rapturous foreplay, or simply for relaxation. And, for an added sensation, why not try slowly licking it off your lover’s bare skin?

To use, simply warm a few drops in your hands, and gently work into your lover’s skin. Why not give your lucky lover a rapturous massage as part of your weekend fun?”

From Lovehoney

strawberry massage oil

Strawberry Massage Oil from Lovehoney

When you open the bottle the strawberry scent rushes out and permeates the room. It’s a true sharp strawberry scent with just a hint of sweetness. I really liked it.

This massage product is full of lots of natural oils, it’s free from parabens, and glycerine. It is also vegan friendly. And a big one for me it contains NO artificial sweeteners.

The bottle comes with a special stopper to prevents leakages, and I’ve stored the bottle horizontally without any issues.

The oil goes on smoothly, and not much is needed for a back massage. Warming it slightly makes it go even further. Once on it is nice and light, not overly slippery. It leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised rather than greasy or sticky.

It was easy to wash out of bedding/towels too. And I found after showering it off my skin still felt softer.

My only downside to this was the taste. It didn’t have one. The gorgeous strawberry scent hadn’t transferred to taste at all. However, neither could I taste the oils making it up, so no strong vegetable oil taste, it was just a light neutral taste. Which is a definite improvement on some massage oils I have used.

Will definitely be adding this Strawberry Massage Oil to my box of lotions and potions.



Although I was disappointed the beautiful scent didn’t travel to the taste, it was still very pleasant to use. It is definitely one I would use again.


*This item was purchased by myself. This is an honest and unbiased review of it. There are no affiliate links in this review.

Identity – Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 26th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Identity. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:


In the (erotic) blogging community people frequently hide their real identities. This week we want to hear your thoughts on this…


Back in October I wrote a post for Wicked Wednesday about feeling like I was two people. Like I had two completely different personalities. I talked about how I wanted to combine those two aspects into one person. Part of that is all about identity but it’s not the reason my identity is secret.

When I first started this website I chose to be anonymous because I worried about what people would think, then things imploded with my “family” and I didn’t want to use my real name any more than I had to because I didn’t want them to be able to find me.

When my dad died, I felt like I’d lost all my family. My “sisters” stopped talking to me, they stopped visiting, stopped calling, stopped everything. I tried to stay in touch but after a while I figured if they weren’t interested why should I bother. I spent a lot of time talking to my counsellor about how I felt, and she told me I didn’t have to accept them in my life. That I could walk away, was something that hadn’t occurred to me before. They were technically my family, and even though they were treating me like shit they were still my family. But my counsellor explained that family is just an accident of birth or marriage, you don”t have to put up with the way people treat you, no matter who they are.

Armed with that knowledge I set about making changes, I put plans in place so I could leave, and when I did leave I didn’t tell them. I had the same phone number for six months after I left, and in that time I didn’t hear anything, from any of them; not a text, not a call, nothing. So when I changed my number I didn’t tell them. I doubt they’ve even noticed.

I do know I am happier now. I still use my legal name where I have to but most of the time I use Cheryl. All my friends know what I do, know what I write, most of them even know my url. And none of them care, they still love me… fact most of them think it’s kind of cool. Lol.

I kind of feel like my identity is still fluid but it’s getting there.


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The Show – Masturbation Monday Erotica

Masturbation Monday #22

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, The Show. The inspiration was:

the showShe looks inviting, doesn’t she? I wouldn’t mind joining her.

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.


The Show

She sits on her bed leaning back against the headrest and smiles at me. Patting the bed beside her she asks, “Why don’t you come sit here?”
“I’m okay here, really.” I know I should go over but nerves have gotten the best of me and I just don’t know what to do. I want to go over there, to kiss her, touch her, taste her but I just can’t make myself do it.
She looks at me, and I bite my lip. I’m sure she’ll tell me to leave but instead she smiles. “If you’re feeling shy maybe you’d just like to watch the show?”
I frown not sure what she means, until she stands up, pushing down her jeans, and kicking them off before she kneels on the bed.

Facing me, she positions her knees further apart, stroking a finger up her thigh from her knee, skimming over the outside of her pants, and down her other leg. I watch her, my gaze fixed on her finger. I imagined myself running my fingers where hers were, following the line with my lips, placing little kisses along her inner thighs. She moves her hand back to cover her cunt, pressing her palm against her pubic mound. She shifts her hand rocking the heel against herself, as she leans back.

Catching my eye she slides her hands upwards, pushing her shirt up to uncover her breasts, leaving it scrunched under her chin, while she grips her tits, squeezing them through her bra. She puts one hand to her mouth, sucking three fingers in, and covering them in saliva before slipping her hand back down to her cunt. She leans back further angling her hips so the entrance to her cunt is forward, and pressing her fingers to it. Over her pants she starts rubbing, slowly at first then faster, building up the speed and pressure.

Her head is tipped back but I can see her eyes are closed, as she focuses on what she is feeling. The smell of her arousal drifts across the room, and I lick my lips wanting to go and taste her. She gasps and shudders as an orgasm rolls over her. I wait to see what she will do now but the show isn’t over. She lifts herself, tugging off her pants, then with a grin she tosses them at me. I catch them, holding them in my hand, feeling the dampness. She settles back on the bed, and her hand goes back to her cunt. First she circles her clit with a finger before slipping two fingers into her cunt. Thrusting them in and out, she moves her other hand down her body, to work her clit.

I find myself moving closer until I’m standing between her feet. I lean towards her, running a finger up her thigh. I pause to check her response, and she looks up at me, nodding. I follow my finger with my lips, kissing my way towards her centre. When I reach it, she moves her hand so I can I kiss her cunt, pressing my mouth along her outer lips. When I slip my tongue between her lips she shudders, and moans. I feel a throb in my own cunt, and as I taste her fluids I feel my own knickers moisten.


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