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Masturbation Monday #23

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I woke up thinking about you today. I lay there naked, picturing the last time you were here; the way you’d woken me up. I was pressed back against you, and I could feel your cock. Already hard and pushed up against my arse, your upper hand slowly stroking down my side over my hip, and up again. Your other arm was under my body, your hand cupping a tit, as your fingertips played with the nipple. Gently rolling it between your fingers, occasionally pinching hard and tugging. The end of my plait was above my head, and you were kissing my neck. Little gentle pecks, interspersed with gentle sucking.

My body had noted all these things as I slowly came to consciousness. I’d smiled pushing my arse back to grind against your cock, and you’d bitten my shoulder sucking hard as you pulled my nipple. I’d sucked in my breath, as sparks of feeling rushed though my body. The pain mixing with arousal and creating pleasure in the pit of my stomach. You slid your hand over my hip, brushing across the sensitive spot on my abdomen, as you slipped it lower. Covering my cunt, and pressing the heel of your hand just below my pubic mound. I found myself arching, pushing into your hand. I felt the rumble in your chest as you laughed softly.

Using your other arm you pulled me back against you nestling my arse back against you cock again, as you rolled back slightly. Pushing my legs further apart, you started stroking over my lips, allowing a finger to slip between them. As you continued to nibble and suck my neck I felt myself getting wetter, your fingers slipping more easily between my lips. You spread my juices up, coating my clit, your fingers moved in a small circle, teasing at first. When I started pushing again you pressed harder, moving your fingers faster. Until I was gasping and shaking against you.

When you moved your fingers again I whimpered but when you put them to your mouth, tasting me, I bit back a smile. You moved sideways, rolling me onto my back before straddling my legs. You leant forwards sucking a nipple into your mouth, biting and nipping it. First one then the other. I wriggled under you, the throbbing in my cunt becoming insistent again, and you moved down my body until you were kneeling at the end of the bed. Your lips hovering over my cunt you looked at me. I could feel your breath tickling me, and I looked back at you, my lips silently asking please.

You pushed my thighs further apart, dropping your mouth, and sliding your tongue between my lips. You moved it up to flick over the swollen bud of my clit. Gently you close your mouth over it, sucking and nipping it, as my body shudders under you. You slide two fingers into my cunt, and I tighten around them, the waves of my orgasm threatening to push them back out. But you know my body well, and as you slide them further in you gently curl them upwards.

Your mouth still on my clit, you start rocking your hand, your fingers massaging that soft spot inside. My other senses switch off as the building orgasm heightens my sense of touch. My hands curl in your hair, my toes curl on the sheets, and all I can feel is you playing my cunt, like an instrument. I feel the pressure building, the intense feelings pushing out, and I come hard, I feel myself release, and my muscles go weak.

I come out of the memory to find my hand resting between my legs, a splash of wetness on the sheet below me. I do love the memory of those things you can do.


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