ETO 2016 – Erotic Trade Only Show

Post Event Round-Up

In May I wrote a post about the upcoming ETO 2016. It happened a few weeks ago, and I am finally recovered. I arrived on the Saturday, and with Mel (of Voluptasse) got started getting the Blogspot stand set up for Sunday. Finishing off the blogger goody bags, putting up a few posters, and setting out the leaflet table. We also laid out everything for the grand prize draw so we could get some photos for social media before packing it safely away until Sunday.

eto 2016    eto 2016

Once we were all set up, we went off to check into our hotel, and prepare ourselves for an evening of watching Football with some of the lovely ETO 2016 team, and Miles from Amazing O. Afterwards, we ended up in the hotel bar chatting to the lovely teams from Kink Craft and Sheets of San Francisco. It was great to finally meet some people in person properly, and to reconnect with people I hadn’t seen since last year.

ETO 2016

On Sunday we went over early to finish getting the blogspot stand ready to welcome people.

eto 2016 eto 2016

We were laying out snacks and drinks, putting all the Prize Draw goodies back on display, and pulling up the advertising banners. We had ten minutes before the doors opened, so I had a quick wander round, to snap some photos and say hi to a few company reps. Managed to have a few words with Lulu from Rocks-Off, Randy from Swiss Navy (who kindly donated some of their new Arousal Lubricant for the blogger bags), William from Doxy, and said a quick hello to the lovely people from The Bondage Man.

For the next two days I barely left the Blogspot stand. I talked to so many people over the two days I actually lost my voice by Monday evening. It was great to see and chat to so many bloggers, writers, and industry friends:

Also managed to speak to a few company reps who stopped by to chat to us:

  • First was Miles from AmazingO who I had met the previous evening.
  • Adam and Monika from Godemiche they make the most amazing crazy-coloured silicone dildos
  • Emma from The Alternative Choice Boutique who I met when she was a manager at another sex toy store.
  • Lizzi from HypnOgasm who I’d met the previous evening.
  • Alison from Fornicari, a soon to be opened luxury sex shopping experience
  • Eva from Persian Palm, who make stunning ceramic glazed dildos
  • Max from The Raunchier Side who writes sensual love poems for greeting cards, bookmarks, etc

By the end of the day all I wanted to do was collapse into a warm bath and bed but I was lucky enough to have been invited to the awards show, so after a shower to wake me up I put on my finest dress, and off I went to enjoy the show.

The Awards Show

AmazingO had sponsored a bloggers table, and the evening promised to be lots of fun. With Miles on the table were myself, Mel, and her husband Kris, Dom StrapOn, Girl on the Net, Justin DeCerous, Dave from The Big Gay Review, Lola Sparkles, and Rebecca Dakin. We were quite a lively table especially when Girl on the Net won the award for Best Erotic Journalist. We were all so pleased for her. After the awards a band came on, and there was dancing, drinking, and mingling. Someone at our table decided Sambuca shots were needed and proceeded to buy multiple rounds. Conscious of the fact that I needed to be back on the Blogspot the next day I declined my share, passing them on to whoever would drink them.

ETO 2016

It was a fantastic night, and lots of fun.


I thought Monday might end up being a quieter day but I was wrong. It was another day where every time I decided to sit down for two minutes, someone came to chat. I must have looked like a demented jack-in-the-box, I was constantly up and down. It felt like both myself and Mel were talking to people non-stop.  I did manage to grab ten minutes towards the end of the day to have a quick wander round, I wanted to see a few people, and chat to some reps I was hoping to work with.

Monday also saw the drawing of the Blogspot Grand Prize, this selection of sex toys and treats was donated by retailers and distributors within the adult industry. The total value of the prize was over £2,200. The name was drawn from a jar on Monday afternoon, and the winner had to be present to collect the prize.

The lucky winner was new blogger, ScrewTaboo wasn’t planning to attend on Monday but because she’d enjoyed Sunday so much she changed her mind. She was thrilled with her prize which included a few items that she said she had been coveting for a while. She even had to visit the shopping outlet over the road to buy a suitcase that was big enough to get it all home.


I realised when I came to write this that I didn’t get as much chance to wander around the ETO 2016 show as I would have liked, so I missed seeing lots of things. I was really hoping to speak to Andy and the team at the ElectraStim stand but just didn’t get chance. I was also hoping to see the bath tub of Slube that I heard so much about, this sounded fascinating and I really wish I’d managed to stop by. However, I did stop by the Doxy stand to take a look at their new range of Bullet vibes; mains powered and a rechargeable. They look so beautiful, and as you would expect from a Doxy they have a lot of power. I also came away with a Satisfyer Pro 2 thanks to Bradley at Creative Conceptions (review coming very soon), and Mark at SheetsofSanFrancisco very kindly gave me one of their printed sheets to review, I’m really looking forward to doing some wax play on it.

ETO 2016


Special Mentions

I want to take a moment to thank Cara. Despite not being in attendance she was a vital part of the Blogspot ETO 2016 stand, and did much of the background work; arranging sponsorship and advertising, getting prizes for the draw and items for the goody bags, marketing the blogspot, and designing the banners that were up on the stand. Without her the Blogspot would not have been the success it was, and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to participate.

I’d also like to (again) say a big thank you to Miles at AmazingO for sponsoring the Blogger table for the Awards. It really made my weekend, and I had a brilliant time.

And a HUGE thank you to everyone who visited and joined in with the Blogspot this year. You helped make it memorable.