GRing ‘G-Vibe’ Vibrator and Remote From Fun Toys

GVibe Vibrating Sex Toy

Gring is a unique combination of finger vibrator and remote control for your other Fun Toys. You may use it as a finger-vibe for your sensitive zones, as well as a remote control for various Fun Toys products.

From Fun Toys



I was originally offered the GRing to review at the beginning of the year but due to some mix-ups, staffing changes (at FunToys), and some miscommunication it didn’t arrive until the middle of the year. Unfortunately, it arrived right after ETO which meant it got added to the end of a very fair sized review queue.


The ‘box’ is a tube shape with a rope handle and fitted soft plastic lid. Inside the tube the GRing vibe is nestled in firm foam with all the extras packed underneath. You get the magnetic charging cable, a storage bag, and a very simple instruction booklet. By simple I mean easy to understand, in plain English with good illustrations. After a spate of either no instructions, or very confused instructions recently it was refreshing to have some that actually made sense, and helped me use the toy.

GRing GRing GRing

The GRing clit vibe is 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable, and whisper quiet. It charges via a magnetic USB charger; it took around 90 mins to fully charge and that lasted around an hour on the full strength. It is made of silky smooth premium grade silicone. This feels lovely to hold, the shape and soft touch material make it very tactile. In my hand the vibrations felt adequate but nothing too strong. For me this meant while it was great to use on my nipples, and to tease it was never going to get me off. It just didn’t have enough depth of vibration to really hit the spot for me. That being said I did find the vibration was more rumbly than buzzy, and reasonably strong given the very small size of the toy.

GRing GRing GRing


As a stand alone vibrator this is great if you only need gentle vibration. But for me where it really came into its own was as a remote to control the GPlug (review coming soon).



*I was sent the GRing vibe by Fun Toys in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Friend – A Wicked Wednesday Personal Post on Friendship

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 30th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Friend. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:


This prompt is another suggestion of the lovely Charlie Powell of Sex Blog of Sorts: Friend.

Do you have a special friend? One, more? How did you become friends? How do you classify friendship? Did you have friendships that ended? Why? How did the end of the friendship affect you? Or maybe you have a friend with benefits? Tell us more about that?

Come on, share your sexy stories, whether fiction or fact!

Image source

© Rebel’s Notes


This is a tough one. I have friends, I have friends with benefits, and I have acquaintances. I also have friends I no longer speak to.

The oldest friend I have is someone I met when I was around 24ish. We met online via a chat forum for Lush Cosmetics. I consider her one of my best friends, she knows all about this site and what I do. She knows who I am, and she still loves me for me. I have another really good friend I met through the same forum, we used to live in the same city and went to the cinema together. Now we live at opposite sides of the country, and don’t get to see each other very often. I went to her wedding last year, and am hoping to see her next time I’m in her city.

There was a person I thought of as my best friend who I had known since I was a kid but we fell out about five years ago. This was way before I started sex blogging but I realised she was embarrassed by me, by things I would do. Even though she told me she cared about me and that we were friends I slowly came to understand that true friends accept you for who you are, they’re not embarrassed by you, and if they are then maybe the friendship isn’t right. What was a friendship I cherished had become toxic, had turned into something that just worked to make me feel bad about myself. It took a long time for me to finally acknowledge that friendship for what it was and walk away.

I have a few friends who were acquaintances but who managed to build enough trust to become friends. I do tend to trust quite easily but have been burned a few times, and each time that happens it makes me more cautious next time. Unfortunately, this tends to impact people who don’t deserve to be mistrusted, people who wouldn’t lie to get what they want. My friend with benefits is one of those people; we transitioned from acquaintances to friends, and then there was a lot of discussion and negotiation before we added the ‘benefits’. I was so afraid of spoiling the friendship, and of getting hurt that he had to be really patient with me……and he was.

It’s nice when we find friends who are actually friends, the people who value our connection and want to keep that. It makes up for the ones who are only interested in what they can get out of it. I want to trust people more and the good ones restore my faith in people but the bad ones make me doubt myself. Make me doubt my instincts.  Sometimes my instincts are telling me one thing but instead of listening to them, I allow myself to be swayed and I let bad things run longer than I should. There are ‘relationships’ where I know I should have walked away months before I did but I wanted to believe in the person so I kept letting things go, I kept accepting their behaviour. I should not have done that I deserve better, and I will fight to have it.



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Dreamy Sex Memory – Masturbation Monday Erotica

Masturbation Monday #29

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Dreamy Sex Memory. The inspiration was:


I like to believe this is what some readers look like every Monday. I know when I used to spend more time on Tumblr, I did this…a lot.

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.

Dreamy Sex Memory

This story is a continuation of last week’s Sleepy Sex Memory.

He’s spanking upwards, and every contact sends a mixture of pain and pleasure shooting through me. I can feel myself getting wetter with impact. I’m sure he must be able to smell the scent of my heat, and I shift position, pressing my thighs together. This merely causes my knickers to chafe against me. The damp fabric rubbing my cunt, slipping between my lips and pressing on my clit.

He pauses, putting the paddle down and nudging my legs back apart before he leans over me, folding his body across mine. His trousers feel rough against my now flaming hot butt, and I feel his semi-hard cock pressing against me.
He whispers in my ear, “Don’t make me have to tie them to the bed.” His voice is almost a growl, and he punctuates it with a little nip to my neck.
“Yes, sir.” I shiver, goosebumps popping up all over my body, as my nipples harden and my cunt throbs.
“Good girl.”

He straightens up, and steps back. I immediately miss the weight of him but the air is cool on my burning cheeks. He strokes upwards over each cheek running his hands over my hips and up my back before coming back down. He does this a few times, and I start to relax so I don’t notice when he stops. It’s the impact of the cane that brings me back. The first strike causes me to squeak in surprise, he pauses and I mutter a quick “Green”. Then he starts in earnest, mingling soft strokes and hard ones with no pattern to follow. I focus on remembering to breathe, allowing the sensations flow over me.

My arse is burning but every new stripe he causes sends a flood of feeling to my cunt. My nipples are hard peaks, the cotton fabric of the pillows rubbing against them. My entire body feels like a bundle of nerve endings. The mix of pleasure and pain sending shockwaves through my cunt. My face presses into the pillow as I moan, a deep throaty sound that seems disconnected from me. I’ve gone past the pain to some strange floaty in between place. I barely notice when my legs give but the bar of the bed frame presses into my stomach, holding me in place.

I feel arms around me, pulling me up, and lifting me. Then he’s sinking onto the bed, holding me on his lap, so only my thighs are touching his legs. He strokes my hair, and down my back, whispering in my ear. Telling me what a good girl I am. I snuggle against his chest, slowly coming down. It’s comforting, and safe, and I feel relaxed. I slowly come back to my surroundings, and I quickly notice his cock. Mostly hard, and nudging against my leg. I wiggle, ignoring the burning of my butt, and I feel it twitch.  I wiggle again, and a mix of pain and floatiness shoots through me, causing me to start giggling. He pulls me close, holding me still against his, as he cock twitches.




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Elust #86 – The Community Round-Up

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Puzzle Pieces – Wicked Wednesday Personal Post

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 29th post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Puzzle Pieces. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:

Puzzle pieces

Life is like a bunch of puzzle pieces that we are constantly trying to fit together to make the perfect puzzle.

Come share your sexy stories…

Image source

Puzzle Pieces

I’ve suffered from clinical depression and anxiety since I was 15.  My first incident only really lasted a few weeks, I didn’t need medication, just had some time off school to help me ‘get better’. My next episode was when I was 26, it was a pretty bad one.  It was mostly caused by a highly stressful job where nothing you did was appreciated and the HR department were constantly changing the rules on hours, and trying to move you around teams and departments. I ended up having a nervous breakdown. My GP signed me off, prescribed me some medication, and sent me to see a counsellor.  The time between those episodes (15-26 years) I felt like I developed as a person; I knew who I was, my character, what I liked, etc. The depression and anxiety stole those things from me, it turned me into a person I didn’t recognize.

I felt like I had all these pieces of my personality but I didn’t know how they fit together any more. Quite often they didn’t feel like they did. They were random dots of me but spread out all over, like puzzle pieces scattered over a table. But before I could fix myself I needed to find the corners, to “look for the blue bits” (quote from Man Up film). Each time I thought I’d found one something would happen and it would drift away. Then a few months ago things came to a head in an unexpected way. Something I thought was good turned out to actually be toxic, after I got over the shock I found out a few new things about myself. And in finding those things I found the corners, I pieced together the edges. The puzzle pieces started slotting into place.

I found my way back to my spiritual beliefs. When my depression and anxiety got really bad I lost my way, drifted away from the path. Even though when asked I would still say I followed an earth based religion I’d stopped practising. I’d packed most of my stuff away, sold all my books. And now I’m coming out of the depression again, I feel more like the old me, the me I was when I was early 20s full of curiosity, and confidence, I knew who I was and what I believed. I’m starting to feel like that again.

Funnily enough as that feeling started returning I found the box with all my things in. I got out my tarot cards, rune stones, and altar totems, and they felt comfortable in my hands. Around the same time a few people came into my life who were also ‘involved’ in Earth based religions. It’s strange how the universe moves things together. 🙂
I’m feeling so good at the moment. I’m down to smallest dose of my antidepressants once every three days, hopefully should be off them completely soon. It’s taken a long time but I feel like I’m finally crawling out of a deep dark hole. I know I’ll still have bad days, and maybe in the future the black dog will come back but right now I feel like I’m ‘winning the battle’. ☺



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