Erotic Escort Story – A Special Request

An Erotic Escort Story

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A Special Request

The security buzzer rang through the apartment, and she checked her reflection one more time as she went to answer it. It felt funny not to be dressed to the nines but he’d been very specific about what he wanted when he contacted her through her profile on the Private Girls Perth website. At least the shorts looked good on her, and she loved being barefoot.

She pressed the release button as she spoke into the handset. “Come on up. The door’s open.”  Placing it back on the hook, she headed back into the kitchen. He was right on time, and she smiled as she slid the tray into the oven. She’d just finished washing her hands when she heard the door. She walked into the hall, and moved to hug him. Squeezing him tight before tugging off his jacket and hanging it up behind her.
“I’ve missed you so much, I’m really glad you could make it.” She hugged him again, and this time he pulled her closer, his hands cupping her butt just above the hem line of her shorts. She pushed her hips into him, and tilted her face up to his. He kissed her, his lips soft and warm. As he deepened the kiss, he pressed firmly against her, one hand moving up to tangle in her hair. When they broke apart, she took his hand leading him down the hall and into the living room.
He went to the shelves and pulled down a Blu-Ray, “Let’s watch this.”
She grinned, “You know me so well.”

They settled on the sofa, and he pulled her feet into his lap. As the film began he picked up the tub from the coffee table. He opened it, lifting it to his nose. As he caught the scent he smiled and she breathed a sigh of relief. He scooped some out and rubbed it between his hands, before lifting her left foot, and starting to massage it. His fingers were strong and she relaxed as he worked on her foot.When his thumbs pressed the arch of her sole, she sighed. She watched the film not really paying attention as he massaged first one foot then the other, and when his hand moved up her calves working the knots of tension she got from running, she closed her eyes, letting her head drop back as his hands relaxed her.

When he got to her thighs he was using his whole hand to massage her, the heel of his hand digging into the knots in her quads. He worked them slowly like kneading bread, to warm the muscles up before he pressed the knots harder. He did one thigh then the other, keeping outside her short, only occasionally letting his fingers slip under the hemline, never touching the spot that was radiating heat. When he shifted her left leg, nudging the knee back so he could pull her right leg closer she caught the scent of her arousal, and from the way he tensed she knew he had smelt it too. He paused, his hand on her thigh, before changing his mind and pushing her legs to the floor.
“You should take your shorts off, I don’t want to get anything on them.” Unfastening them, she stood up, letting them fall to her feet. She’d skipped the underwear as requested, and as she bent to pick the shorts up, she heard his breath catch. She folded them carefully, and put them on the coffee table before sitting back down.

He immediately pulled her legs back onto his lap, keeping her closest leg bent as he held it against his chest so he could reach to her other hip. He moved his hand in long strokes from the outside of her knee up to her hip. As he smoothed it across her abdomen, she shivered, and sucked in her breath. He moved onto her other hip, working his hand along the crease of her bent leg, before sliding it up the inside of her thigh, his fingers skimmed across her mound, caressing the soft down of hair that she’d left there. His thumb brushed lightly over her clit, not quite adding any pressure and she moaned softly. A moan that turned to a squeak as he yanked her further onto his knee and flipped her so she was laying face down across his lap. She saw him reach for the tub and scoop out some more. He rubbed his hands together before running them gently over her rear, moving from her waist down her buttocks, and onto her thighs. He used a gentle sweeping motion, before increasing the pressure so he was pressing her into his lap. She could feel his hard cock twitching against her stomach, as he worked her arse with his hands. He worked slowly, kneading her flesh, until she was so aroused she could feel her cunt throb, and she was sure she would leave a wet patch on his jeans.

When his hand skimmed over her wet lips, she wiggled, not sure if she was trying to get closer or further away. He stopped the massage lifting his hands away, and she froze, unsure what he wanted. When his palm connected with her arse she gasped, the impact causing the pulse in her cunt to throb. She rolled her hips slightly, lifting her arse for his next slap. He hit her again, this time striking the other cheek, and she moaned. He slipped his free hand around her hip, holding her in place as he continued to spank her, he managed to set up a pattern, hardly varying the strength of impact, but managing to hit the same spot on each cheek. Her cunt was throbbing, and she was gasping into a pillow, her need for release overwhelming her, by the time he slowed down. At some pint she’d felt him throb against her stomach, a sudden warmth indicating his orgasm but he hadn’t even paused in his punishment.

She could feel the last of his erection subsiding under her stomach as he moved her off his lap, and carefully turned her over, placing the cushion under her now tender arse. He slid off the edge of the sofa onto his knees, carefully arranging her legs over his shoulders as he dipped his head to lap at her dripping cunt.
“You’re so sweet.” she felt his breath, warm over her pussy as he spoke. The he kissed along her lips, over the mound of downy hair, along her abdomen, and back down again. He used two fingers to spread her lips, and sucked at her clit, catching the little nub between his teeth, and suckling it. Her hands found his head, twisting his hair in her fists, as she gasped and shuddered. He moved his mouth down, letting his tongue slide into her, as his thumb worked her swollen clit, and she found herself coming again. Her thighs clenching against his head as she cried out, her fists pulling at his hair. When the waves stopped her legs fell to the side, her hands dropping to the sofa beneath her.

He leaned up to kiss her, and she tasted herself on his tongue. He slid her shorts over her legs, and stood up, taking her with him, so he could pull her shorts up and fasten them. She saw the envelope on the table where her shorts had been, and she smiled. She walked him to the door, and handed him his jacket,
“See you next month?”
He smiled, “I’m looking forward to it.”
The door swung shut just as the oven timer went off. His timing always was perfect.




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