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This is the home of sex and relationship writer, and Erotica author Cheryl Kaye.

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About Me

I’m a (currently single) geeky girl, living in Mid-West England. I started this blog over two years ago, after developing an interest in sex blogging and erotica. I first started reading sex related blogs, and discovered the wide world of erotica a few months after that. While I had read books of erotic stories previously (the kind you found at Ann Summers shops) they were always something I felt I had to hide and not talk about. Finding all the amazing blogs there are out there really opened my eyes to the wonder and variety of sex blogging.

On this blog I write reviews of sex toys and erotic books, talk about my love life, my search for Mr (or ms) Right (while hopefully having fun with some Right-Nows), and share any blogs posts I’ve enjoyed or found stimulating from other bloggers. I also share my erotica writing, in the form of flash fiction, extracts of short stories, and if you’re very lucky some actual short stories.

You can also find me writing elsewhere on the internet. I have a portfolio page here.

I plan to keep this blog as anonymous as possible because while I know it’s ok to like what I like (as long as it’s not hurting anyone), I have to live in the real world where sometimes it isn’t ok. So if you think you know about me, about who I really am please respect my privacy and keep it to yourself.

Please feel free to leave comments. I will always do my best to reply.

Please note just because I have the word HORNY in my title it does NOT mean I am going to sext, flirt, or want to fuck every guy I see. It also does NOT mean I will send you nudes, no matter how much you email me begging. I may occasionally choose to supply anonymous nudes for a price but that is completely my choice.  If you send me an email containing requests, abuse, dick pics, etc you are agreeing that you do not object to me using them online in posts, tweets, etc. If you send them I can use them in any way I see fit. If you don’t like that, don’t message me.

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  2. Follow you on twitter and JUST discovered this blog. Signing up for email updates now. I’m so so sorry you’re having a rough time. (gives warm hug and kisses forehead)

  3. Just found you via Twitter and reading your story resonates so much with my own. I am just starting to explore the erotic world and my inner desires and am going to start my own writing.
    Love your openness and will be following you for inspiration and pointers as I start my own voyage of discovery.

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