Other Work

Below is my portfolio; a list of the other places you can find my work, both online and in print. It is not everything I’ve written but gives you an idea of what I can do for you and your website.


I am including links to my other website, and also to the pages for the Memes I take part in.

Other website:

  • Popcorn and Paperbacks – My book, film, game review blog. This is a work of love, and I am still developing the idea behind it. I also write articles on geeky things and literature on there.


  • Wicked Wednesday – This meme tends to inspire more real life articles than it does erotica. It’s where you’ll find out more about me.
  • Masturbation Monday – This is the place where you will find much of my erotica short stories, scenes, and snippets of sexiness.




  • April 2017 – ETO Magazine

Portfolio Portfolio portfolio


  • Lustery – I am a regular writer for the Lustery blog. For their website I write a mix of Sex101 informational posts, and journal articles on a variety of subjects.
  • Latex Leather and Lace – I am a ghost writer for the Latex Leather and Lace blog. I have written articles including: Fifty Shades Dirtier, Introducing Sex Toys to Foreplay, Beginners guide to BDSM, and Sploshing.
  • Dreams of Spanking – I blog for Pandora Blake on her Dreams of Spanking website. This is a really fun writing job. I watch spanking scenes (or look at photo sets, listen to audio porn) then do a short write up designed to make people curious enough to want to see it themselves.
  • Swingtowns – This is a great website. I have written for their website, as well as sponsored posts here on HornyGeekGirl.