Anywhere but here…..

Did you ever play that game anywhere but here? You think of a place you’d rather be than where you are, my version has become rather more grown up. 😉

I’d be somewhere hot and sunny, I’m thinking the kind of place where the sand is white and the sea is that impossible shade of aqua blue. It’s siesta time and I’m in my room, the windows are open with shutters closed, and the fan on the ceiling keeping it comfortable. I’m lying face down on a huge bed with white cotton sheets, there’s a thick fluffy towel under me, and a sexy bloke is drizzling some kind of oil over my back and legs. He puts the oil down and starts to work all the tension out of my neck, shoulders, back, arse, and legs. And just when I am so relaxed I feel like I’m going to melt into a puddle he turns me over and starts work on my front; shoulders, chest, down my torso, stopping just as he gets to the interesting part  and moving down to my feet, then up my legs smoothing the oil all over my thighs.

I wiggle slightly, adjusting position and allow air to cool the throbbing in my cunt. Then he parts my legs and gently strokes along the inside of my thighs, moving up to my stomach and back down, grazing his hand over my pussy, smoothing downwards as his thumb teases my clit. The stepping backwards to lean down, softly kissing my breasts, flicking his tongue over my nipples before placing butterfly kisses down my body, pausing at my pussy to kiss my lips, sliding his tongue between them, tasting me. Then flicking at my clit with the tip of his tongue. Moving his mouth around it, sucking and nibbling, as he pushes a finger inside me, quickly adding a second, curling them to hit my g-spot. Sucking hard on my clit until I come, clenching around his fingers. He keeps his fingers working inside me, bringing me back to orgasm so I come again, squirting over his hand.

He laps it up, flattening his tongue to rub against my pussy as he swallows my juices. He works his mouth back up my body, pausing to tease my nipples, until I am arching my back pushing my breasts into his face, then he moves up kissing me so deeply I can taste myself. I slip my hand down to feel him hard and ready, and still kissing I guide him into me. He meets my eye and starts rocking slowly letting my orgasm build again, and I come hard, legs tightening around him holding him inside me, as my cunt grips him, and I feel him come inside me, filling me.

One thought on “Anywhere but here…..

  1. he musta been good .. “He keeps his fingers working inside me, bringing me back to orgasm so I come again, squirting over his hand.”

    i have the most intense squirting orgs when i am taken anally .. i have an anal g spot and omg how i can squirt when a man hots it just right .. usually a farily thick cock with a curve in it will trigger my squirting .. i usually hit the mirror under my table .. splat .. i keep the mirror there to excite me when i m’bate ♥ Karlie (

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