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Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my 23rd post for Rebel’s Notes‘ Wicked Wednesday, Audience. You don’t have to use the prompt but I like the inspiration, and challenge. The prompt for this week was:


This weekend we are at Eroticon Live in Bristol and this afternoon there will be some kink demos and discussions. That made me wonder – is there anything you would like to do in front of an audience, or not? Why? Why not? What would you like to do? Would you want interaction, or only onlookers? Or maybe you’ve been there, done that…

Share your sexy thoughts and/or experiences.


Turns out there’s a big difference between being nude and being naked. When I suggested to my Mistress that I would like to be the only nude man in a room full of people I didn’t realise quite how naked I would feel.  All I thought about was how exciting it would be, all those people able to see everything I had to show. I’d left the details to my Mistress and she had happily arranged it for me, deciding to make it a reading event. There would be drinks and nibbles, and I would read aloud as entertainment. She’d gathered a crowd of around 20 people, that I expected to be all female, friends who would be receptive to the situation, but when I arrived I was surprised to see a few men dotted around.

When my Mistress handed me the book I was to read from, my heart dropped, and an ache began low in my stomach. I should have known there would be a catch to all this. I gripped the book for a minute, staring at it’s shiny ‘chocolate’ cover. I couldn’t read this, if I read this… I looked up, my Mistress was smiling, she raised an eyebrow waiting for my response. I couldn’t think, I needed a way to stop the inevitable.
“Please Mistress, please, my cock cage, please?” The words tumbled out, a mess of pleading.
She laughed, “Oh no. Nowhere for you to hide. You wanted this. All those people seeing how excited a few little words make you, an audience. This is what you were really asking for.” My cheeks burnt with emotion, I didn’t realise that’s what I’d wanted not until right then but as she said it I knew she’d understood my request much better than I had.

I was about halfway through the first story in the book when it started. I knew I couldn’t stop reading, and I tried hard not to react to my body’s betrayal. The tugging in my stomach intensified, and slowly I felt my cock start to stiffen. I focussed on the book in front of me trying to speak the words without hearing the story, and I thought I was winning until I heard a giggle from the audience. I’d never thought of a giggle as a sexy sound until that moment but that once laugh had reached inside me and turned the tap on full. My cock swelled, until it was hard and standing out from my body in a way that was almost painful. I longed to touch it, to ease the ache but I knew better. I tried to keep reading but the sounds of laughter and murmurs were drowning my words. I stuttered to a halt, my eyes fixed on the book in front of me, as I felt a blush crawl over my body until I was sure the top of my head was about to burst into flames.

I didn’t know what to do, so I stood there waiting for my Mistress to release me. I tried not to think of the people now staring at me but I couldn’t help it, and my cock jerked upwards. A small moan escaped my lips, and the laughter in the room seemed to heighten. I finally managed to look up, trying to find my Mistress, to catch her eye. I found her walking towards me, and the look of reassurance on her face helped calm me, right up until the moment I saw the cane in her hand.


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