Best Sex Writing of the Year Vol. 1 by Jon Pressick


Best Sex Writing of the Year Vol. 1 by Jon Pressick

In Best Sex Writing of the Year, no topic is too small or too taboo for writer, radio personality, and sexual pundit Jon Pressick, who has compiled a compelling collection of nonfiction writings on sex. With a forward by pornography actress and feminist activist, Belle Knox, as well as writings from well known authors like Joan Price, Jiz Lee, Charlie Nox, and Cory Silverberg, this anthology open the doors wide to reveal the secretive and hidden side of sex. From heart-wrenching tales of sexual exploit to musings on sex toys and race relations, this book covers the sexual gamut. 

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This is a fascinating collection of essays, featuring some significant bloggers among the writers collected here. The anthology covers many different topics, however I felt it leant heavily towards race and LGBT issues. Not saying this was a bad thing because I enjoyed the essays, and I found they really gave me an insight into those issues. Also I think it’s rare to find an essay collection that covers those topics as heavily, so it was refreshing to have a collection which does cover the difficult stuff. The one thing that bothered me is that some of the essays were obviously written very much before publication and contained out of date information, would have been nice to have this checked and updated but it is a minor issue.

The White Kind of Body by Alok Vaid- Menon was an eye-opener in the way it looks at race and white privilege from an angle I hadn’t considered.

Crazy Trans Woman Syndrome by Morgan M. Page showed just how far we still have to go in the fight for equality, and how even in a part of society where you think you are accepted and welcomed there can be a definite separation and ‘in crowd’ type clique.

In Let’s Talk About Interracial Porn by Jarrett Neal the topic is how black men tend to be portrayed in porn. Now I have to admit I haven’t really ever watched porn so it isn’t something I have looked at but this essay was so engaging I wanted to go look and see what it was the author was talking about.

The collection also covered sex work, BDSM, and disability.  The Gates by Tina Horn was a truly insightful piece on working as a domme in a BDSM establishment. Looking at making it a safe and respectful environment for the workers and their clients. This was a fantastic essay that really made me want to know more about the work involved and the people who do it.

And possibly my favourite essay in the collection which was about love and loss, was Sharing Body Heat by Joan Price. I admit to having shed a few tears over this one. Beautifully written and moving.

Overall this was a great collection of essays and I would be very interested in reading more volumes.

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