Book Review – Feel the Need

Feel the Need


Feel the Need by M.L. Smith is a the first book in the Millionaire Lover’s of Dublin series. You can find the author on twitter.

Flame haired Katrina Walker possesses a quick temper and a smart mouth that has got her into trouble far too many times.
When she meets Dublin’s most eligible bachelor, charismatic millionaire Alexander Callaghan, the chemistry between them is explosive from the start.
Alexander may have the devastating good looks, the power and the money, but he also has a dark secret from his past that he is desperate to hide.
Has Katrina met her match in the captivating Mr Callaghan?
Is she willing to accept his past, or is it in danger of tearing their world apart?

While in the end I really enjoyed this book, I did find the first few chapters a bit confusing, and there was also some repetition of phrases. However, it was only in the first few chapters and after that the author seems to have found her stride. The characters are believable, I found I empathised with Katrina especially and Cal is pretty much my ideal man; tall, sexy, with an Irish accent. There was a good ratio of sexy stuff to story and enough ‘bumps in the road’ to keep you guessing.

Overall I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend it; it was well-written, sexy, and full of tension. My only real complaint… was over too soon. 😉


*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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