Boom Miki Vibrator Product Review

Vibrator Product Review

Simple and elegant as nature intended. Providing you with immense pleasure that you definitely deserve! The Boom Miki 10 Speed Silicone Vibrator is beautifully designed – drawing inspiration from nature with simulated wooden features and dust free silicone. With 10 speeds and water resistant too. Come together and be at one with nature.

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Boom Miki

boom miki

I hadn’t heard of the Boom range of vibrators until I was asked if I’d like to try this by SexToysUK. I have to admit I was curious; the whole range looks very sleek and stylish.  I love the classic black and white colouring, with the ‘wood effect’ plastic. The vibrators are all silicone and ABS plastic, and are phthalate free.

I chose the Boom Miki vibrator because I wanted something smooth and tapered to use internally when I’m playing with my Doxy. And it was a great choice. The silicone has a beautiful soft feel finish, and looks really high quality. However, the look is slightly spoilt by the cheap looking ‘wood effect’ plastic used for the button and detailing. There is also quite a gap around the button so I was concerned that this wouldn’t be water resistant as claimed. I did try it in the shower and it held up really well with no problems. I also washed it under running water with anti-bac soap with no issues.

The vibrations didn’t really blow me away. They were adequate, and I could still feel them when thrusting with it. It was a nice size and when using it internally I felt nicely filled without being too stretched or uncomfortable, it also slid in easily with it being slightly tapered and rounded. For me this didn’t really do anything in the way of clit orgasms but that wasn’t what I wanted it for. Something to note, it does say it has ten different speeds but what it actually has are three speeds and seven patterns.

The Boom Miki vibrator is USB rechargeable. A full charge takes about 2 hours, and lasts about the same depending on what speed you choose. It has a red light that flashes while charging, and when the light is solid it is fully charged.


The Boom Miki is a basic and adequate internal vibrator. If you don’t need a strong vibration you will probably do okay with this as a clit vibe as well.



*I was sent this by SexToysUK in return for an honest review.

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