Bravissimo Bras A Request for Help


From the comments I get I know most people (men) think I am pretty lucky in the chest department. Sometimes I agree, other times I find it much more problematic. I have to buy Bravissimo Bras because that is the only place I can get ones that fit. I have a small back and a very large cup, and most places just don’t cater for that. They expect that if you have a large cup you must also have a large back which also means people with a large back and small cup must have trouble as well.

bravissimo bras

Bravissimo Bras

I am lucky that Bravissimo bras are on the whole fairly pretty. They’re not something that looks like industrial scaffolding (even when they ARE industrial scaffolding). Even their basic bras are stylish and fun. However, they’re also £30 per bra. bravissimo bras

This is the same basic bra in black and turquoise. The blue was a special summer colour they did a few years ago, and I loved it a lot. I haven’t looked to see what this year’s summer colour is yet but keep hoping for a nice purple.

bravissimo bras

The next few are some of the pretty Bravissimo ones I liked and tried on. I only bought the middle one because they all cost more than £35, so I could only afford one. It was a hard decision though because they were all so pretty and reasonably comfy. The problem with basic everyday wear bras being so expensivve is they give out fairly quickly. I know I am expecting them to support a fair amount of weight but having to replace them every 6 months (I usually have three bras on the go at any time alternating wearing them) gets expensive very quickly. I’m spending over £50 a quarter just on bras.

bravissimo bras

bravissimo bras

bravissimo bras

The photos at the bottom of this post show my favourite Bravissimo bra. It’s a style they did for just one year, and I loved it so much I got through four of them in that time. They only offered it in this colour, and I jokingly called it my Iron Man bra because it was red and gold. 😀  I was gutted when my last one died. I keep hoping they will bring the style back because it was also really comfy, and it made my tits look really good. ;D

Bravissimo Bras Help

Now we come to the help portion of my title. If you follow me on twitter you will know that this week the underwire went on not just one but two of my bras, and they picked a terrible time to die. Money is really tight this month, and I can’t even afford one bra let alone two. I am also in need of a new sports bra because the elastic is giving in the one I have. And that will be another £30.

If you’ve ever enjoyed perving at my tits, please consider this as a really nice way to say thanks for sharing. Bravissimo offer e-giftcards from £5. You can find details on their website here. If you can spare even just £5 to help me out here it will help, anything you can give will be very much appreciated. You can email e-giftvouchers to

Thank you.

bravissimo brasbravissimo bras

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