Pocket Rabbit


The Rabbit Company, pride themselves on being a female-friendly brand of toys. It was built around one goal – to offer a concise collection of the best rabbit vibrators on the market, including clitoral vibrator, the Pocket Rabbit, which I’m reviewing today.

Rabbit vibrators are their speciality, and pleasure is their promise. Their rabbit vibes are better made. They have combined the best materials, best functions and the best designs to make the most stimulating rabbits ever created. Compact yet powerful and easy-to-use, The Rabbit Company has multiple distinct models to choose from but we think you’ll want to collect them all!

From Eroticon

pocket rabbitPocket Rabbit

I was first introduced to The Rabbit Company at Eroticon2017. Sadly they didn’t have a representative there, but they did have a sponsor table, and I chatted to GirlontheNet about them. At the end of the weekend, I was asked if I’d be willing to take one of the sample items and review it. I love a nice clit vibe, so I offered to take the Pocket Rabbit.

pocket rabbitYou all know me by now, and you know I have a bit of an aversion to pink things, and although this one is pink the Pocket Rabbit does come in two other colours (purple and black). But this clit vibe is a real powerhouse, so I totally forgive it for being pink. It is made from silky soft silicone. It’s waterproof, USB rechargeable, whisper quiet and has 6 patterns of vibration.

pocket rabbitThe Pocket Rabbit comes in simple no-nonsense packaging. I was surprised on opening it to realise just how heavy this vibe actually is. For its size it has a really good heft to it. It isn’t so heavy that you will get tired of holding it but has enough weight that it feels good in your hand. Charging it is really simple; it just pulls apart and you can plug it into any USB port. I love this because it also means that if you want to travel with it, you can separate the two halves and not worry about it accidentally turning on in your suitcase….and there are no extra wires to lose.

pocket rabbitI have to admit the Pocket Rabbit managed to surprise me, that doesn’t happen often. I wasn’t expecting much in the way of strong rumbly vibrations from this cute little vibrator but when I switched it on I had a very pleasant revelation. A long press of the ‘+’ button switches the pocket rabbit on, while a long press of the ‘-‘ button turns it off. You also have The Rabbit Company logo button which allows you to scroll through the patterns. This is great because it means you don’t end up accidentally switching to a pattern halfway through a session when you were trying to adjust the intensity.

pocket rabbitI wasn’t sure what the advantage of the ‘ears’ was on the Pocket Rabbit, if there was actually was one, or if it was just in keeping with the rabbit theme. I found in use they were longer than many others of this type, and because of that they seemed to fit my body better. Sitting nicely down my outer labia and giving a much more diffuse stimulation. However, they are also firm enough that if you like more pinpoint clitoral stimulation you can easily use the tips of the ‘ears’ to stimulate yourself. The deep vibrations travelled really well down the full length of them, not losing any intensity as it reached the tips.

pocket rabbit


The Pocket Rabbit is a great little powerhouse clit vibrator. It really is whisper quiet, and I found the vibrations strong and rumbly.


*I was given the Pocket Rabbit on behalf of TheRabbitCompany in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. This review does NOT contain affiliate links.

Twist Dildo from Ceramic Pleasure

Ceramic Dildo

Today I am reviewing The Twist Dildo from Ceramic Pleasure.

twist dildo

Ceramic Pleasure is the venture of John. He has a background in community-based craft projects, working as an artist with clients from disadvantaged backgrounds and life styles, running art based workshops. He was made redundant in 2015. When a friend off-handedly joked about him making them friend a dildo, he asked “what size and colour”, and that started the ball rolling. He soon found himself with one very happy friend and a new career.

Since then John has been keeping himself busy making dildos; exploring a variety of textures and decorative applications as well as testing suitable glazes. Testing glazes takes a lot of hours and tedious experimentation in order to get pleasing results. He is still very much in the creative stages of his dildo-making efforts, and as such each toy is a unique labour of love, with no two dildos being the same. His shop has a ready-made selection available but he is also open to requests, and is willing to work with new customers to create the dildo of their dreams.

Twist Dildo

My gorgeous dildo came very well protected in a storage tube. It even had it’s own certificate of authenticity.

twist dildo  twist dildo

The Twist Dildo grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. I love anything with an unusual shape or texture, and this just looked like it would be fun.  The colour and finish are exquisite and the little smiling face on the base made me chuckle, it’s a great little touch. It is made from “stone-ware clay” that has been fired in a kiln using a protective glaze. This special glaze makes it hypoallergenic, non-porous, safe with all lubricants. It is also easy to clean, you can just wash it with anti-bacterial soap and warm water.

twist dildo  twist dildo

The colour and pattern of the glaze is a sort of speckled blue grey, which doesn’t sound exciting but trust me it is gorgeous, and the photos don’t do it justice. The finish is flawlessly smooth, with no drag whatsoever. You could definitely get away without using lube, if you prefer not to.

I liked the shape, the tapered tip meant it was easy to insert, and the ‘twist’ meant I didn’t really notice the girth. The great thing with something like this is that is is very hard, so you can feel every ridge when it’s in use. I found it felt great if I inserted it and then rotated it, the ridges would push against my g-spot in a very pleasant way. I also found that vibration travels through the Twist Dildo really nicely, I held my doxy to the base while it was inserted and I could feel the vibrations right along the shaft. I’ve not really tried doing this before but it worked very well.

I also found that the ceramic and glaze used on this dildo actually give it quite a warm, and natural feel. It might sound silly but it felt closer to nature than say a silicone dildo does. It felt comfortable, and never seemed too cold. I’ve found with glass dildos they always feel very cool when I first insert them but I didn’t have that with this, it was obviously lower than my body temperature but not necessarily so.

twist dildo   twist dildo



This is a great dildo. I loved the hard feel, and the shape. It is also a very beautiful piece of art. Something you could have out, and it wouldn’t be immediately obvious what it is.


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*I was given the Twist Dildo by Ceramic Pleasure in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

Big Johnny Prostate Stimulator from MEO

Double Ended Dildo

1.3 kilos of pure ecstasy and 1.3 kilos of luxury. Made from highly polished surgical steel, “Big Johnny” fits comfortably in your hand (thanks to its built-in handle recess) and allows for intense, deep thrusts! Additionally, “Big Johnny” can be used on both sides for double the fun.

From MEO

big johnny

Big Johnny

The first thing I noticed on receiving the Big Johnny is the weight. This dildo is super heavy, there is some real heft to it.  I mean I know it says it’s solid stainless steel but somehow that just didn’t convert to the reality in my head. It is REALLY heavy.

It comes in at 10″ in length and  1.33″ in diameter. It features two distinct heads (40 and 50 mm diameter). The Big Johnny really is big. In fact much as I love the gorgeous mirror smooth polished surface it is too big for me to use……or at least for me to use on me. However, it is a lovely ‘punishment’ size for some slutty subby men I know.

The finish is clean with no dints, scratches, or seams. It is a truly beautiful dildo. Although, MEO market it as a prostate stimulator, if you are a lady who loves a good size dildo that also feels great I think you’re going to enjoy this too.

Having the two heads gives you options. There is a handgrip moulded into the shaft to make it easier to keep a hold of while you are thrusting.


A great addition to your collection if you like something substantial.



*I was sent the Big Johnny by MEO in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Sex Wooden Toys Dildo

Wood Dildos

The Sex Wooden Toys Dildo makers monitor the creation of each toy from the very beginning; starting by choosing the best raw material and checking all manufacturing stages in order to achieve a flawless finished product.

A key selling point of SWT items is their handcrafted production, this means both high quality and absolute uniqueness. The different colours and veining of the wood are easily distinguished in every single product. They also use multiple varieties of wood in their production; including oak, olive, cherry, padouk, mahogany and wenge. All of which have their own unique features in colour and appearance. Behind any product there is plentiful research, as well as experimental activities which affect both the shape and effectiveness to create the best product. This is done in order to obtain the maximum pleasure as well as fully satisfy consumer demand and taste.

All Sex Wooden Toys Dildo are created with the use of a wood lathe. Through using this tool, the wood manufacturing is entirely handmade. In fact, the item is fixed to the lathe, which makes it rotate at a regular speed. Skilled artisans then shape the object with specific hand tools so as to obtain the required shape; giving new life to the plain wood, as well as creating a well-refined product.

Sex Wooden Toys Dildo

Why Wood?

Wood is a unique material in nature, traditionally used as raw material in building houses and furniture, as well as everyday items; such as bowls, cups, utensils, etc.

With its consistency, colour and scent, wood allows us to give life to a large variety of sex toys, any of which can be endowed with specific features. Sex toys you may have experienced up until now were made out of latex and silicone, as well as ceramic, borosilicate glass, steel, ABC and CyberSkin.Wood is something different.

SWT is the first Italian company to produce sex toys made out of a natural (as well as entirely biodegradable material) which is toxic-free, non-polluting and easy to find in nature: wood.

Sex Wooden Toys Dildo

sex wooden toys dildo

The Sex Wooden Toys Dildo arrived in plain packaging with no indication of the contents. The main product container was a simple grey and white thin card box printed with the SWT logo. Inside this the Dildo was held by some folded card; this had ripped on both my parcels so the dildos were rolling free but luckily they were undamaged.

sex wooden toys dildo    sex wooden toys dildo

When SWT contacted me asking if I’d be willing to review one of their items I was happy to agree. I have a small wooden dildo from a local company that I love so I was eager to try some different styles and shapes, not to mention something a bit bigger. I gave them a list of a few items of theirs that I would like to try, asking them to send something in the medium size first.

however, there was a slight mix-up and the first item I was sent was the Demetra…in large. I opened it and I knew it just wasn’t going to work. I am not a size queen and there was just no way I was going to be able to use this dildo. I contacted SWT, explaining the situation and they very kindly agreed to send me one of the smaller items from my list.  The second item they sent was the EOS in Medium. I’ll be really honest, even this size surprised me. I checked the measurements on both and found they actually come up slightly larger than stated in both sizes. So please make sure you keep that in mind when buying.

sex wooden toys dildo

The quality of both pieces is outstanding. They are silky smooth but not soft and slippery like silicone; they have a slight drag which works really well in use. Giving a nice amount of friction when used to thrust. I have only tested the EOS internally, and I will be honest I have to use a warm up toy, I can’t go straight in with it. And I can’t get anywhere near on the Demetra.

sex wooden toys dildo sex wooden toys dildo

I have a play friend who likes anal pegging, and I can’t help but think what a shape it is that the Demetra doesn’t have a flared base, because it would be perfect for using on him. All it would have needed is for the last inward curve before the base to be a bit deeper, creating a shelf/stopper. This seems to be a problem with all of SWT’s dildo range unfortunately. Which is a shame as they are cutting out half of their market by just missing out on a small detail.

The EOS is great for thrusting, and because of the bulb shape of the head it also feels great if I insert it so the head rests against my g-spot. When I do this I can let go of the shaft, and the weight tilts it perfectly so the head presses it perfectly. When thrusting with the EOS you can feel each bulb as it slips in and out. Some people may struggle to take the full length of this dildo because of the straightness of the shaft, and how solid the material is.  I can only just take the third bulb.

The wood is specially treated so it is waterproof, and very easy to clean with soap and warm water. You just need to make sure you dry it thoroughly after washing. And don’t leave it submerged. SWT advise only using water-based lubes with their dildos which I think is a pretty good rule of thumb anyway.



I really liked the quality, and design of the Sex Wooden Toys Dildo. Both items have the look and feel of a real luxury sex toy, and the attention to design and style is very impressive. With a few tweaks they would be perfect.

Eva Ceramic Dildo – From Persian Palm Ceramic Sex Toys

Ceramic Dildo

Today I am reviewing the Eva Ceramic Dildo from Persian Palm.

eva ceramic dildoPersian Palm combines the pleasure and sophistication of the Italian artistic beauty and safety in their luxury sex toys. Persian Palm sex toys are ceramic products, a material known for thousands of years and used in everyday life since the dawn of civilization and therefore a key element in the Tuscan artistic tradition of Italy.

Persian Palm sex toys in ceramics are a synthesis of forms designed to give pleasure and decorations that are inspired by the long tradition of Italian art. Glazes and colours give beauty and light to their sex toys along with an extremely smooth and comfortable surface for use.

From Persian Palm

Eva Ceramic Dildo

eva ceramic dildoI met Eva from Persian Palm at the ETO show this year; they were still in the design stage but I was excited to hear about their products. They were planning dildos and butt plugs in a number of designs, and the painting was completely customisable.

Each Persian Palm plug or dildo is hand painted, one by one. Each piece is unique and it is yours alone. This means that as well as being excellent to use, their products are beautiful to look at.

The colours and glazes used to create the gorgeous design on these fabulous dildos and plugs are all completely free of nickel, lead, cadmium and phthalates. Making them non-toxic and suitable for intimate use. They also comply with all food and medical safety regulations, so they are completely safe in contact with skin and mucous membranes. The enamel also makes them non-porous so they are easily cleaned and sterilised. To wash them you just need some soap and hot water, and a spritz of toy cleaner.

The ‘box’ the Eva Ceramic Dildo came in was reminiscent of a big old hard back book, which sounds weird but that’s what it reminds me of. It really fits with the traditional style of the the company. The layers are thick cardboard stuck together, with a hole for the dildo and storage bag cut out. The dildo is wrapped in very thin foam to protect it from being scratched by the card. I just thought it looked really cool, and made a nice change from the usual moulded plastic. Plus it means the packaging is completely recyclable. Always a good thing in my books.

eva ceramic dildo eva ceramic dildo eva ceramic dildo

The Eva Ceramic Dildo I received is gorgeous. I’d been asked what colours and design I would like on my dildo, and I’d asked for something to match the purple, black and white of my website. What I ended up with was a gorgeous white dildo with purple olive leaf pattern running over the shaft, and my website name and logo on the base. I could not have been happier with it. Persian Palm also include a very nice velvet touch, satin lined storage bag.

eva ceramic dildo eva ceramic dildo eva ceramic dildo

As soon as you hold it the quality of the dildo is clear. It isn’t just a sex toy it’s a piece of art. I think this is one of those toys you could have on display and no-one would be any the wiser. The finish that Persian Palm uses for their ceramic dildos and plugs makes them really smooth and shiny. I found this meant I needed less lube, as the surface was shiny enough to spread a small amount a long way.

I picked the Eva Ceramic Dildo because I thought the shape would be interesting. Persian Palm offer four styles of dildo, and two plugs. I liked the way the Eva has a bit of a curve to it. The length is 20 cm, with 15cm insertable length, the narrowest bulb is 2.4cm in diameter, the widest bulb is 3.4cm, and the base diameter is 6.4cm. The wide base does also mean that it is safe to be used anally as well.

I was really impressed with the Eva Ceramic Dildo from Persian Palm. The quality is outstanding, and the dildo feels really solid. I definitely think I will have to add more of their styles to my dildo collection.

eva ceramic dildo eva ceramic dildo


I really liked the Eva Ceramic Dildo. The increasing size made it easy to insert, and the curve meant I could rock it against my g-spot once it was inserted. I found the base felt good in my hand, and not too bulky to grip.

*I was sent the Eva Ceramic Dildo by Persian Palm in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.