MEO Black Friday Sale Announcement


MEO have been sponsoring my website for around a year now. I’ve found them great to work with; they are open, receptive, and polite. My contact always responds to my emails promptly, and they are very quick to act on the occasions I have had a problem.

MEO have been going since 1997. Based in the heart of Europe, they have been successfully delivering their products all over the world. Every day, thousands of items leave their mail-order warehouse to bring pleasure to people everywhere. They began as a German special mail-order business for men, and although their focus is still men, they do sell plenty of products to please ladies too. Under the slogan “MEO makes you come” many interesting products from the bizarre erotic sector awaiting you. MEO is one of the leading providers in the erotic sector.


SERVICE, DISCRETION & PROFESSIONALISM are important for the team. So they can already assure you that your order will be handled discreetly and sent to you in neutral packaging. They deliver all over the world, no minimum order, within a short period. You would usually receive your shipment in Europe in a few days at reasonable shipping rates (beginning at € 6.90) (express shipments are possible of course, if you should require an article very quickly).

Trust in their many years of experience and enjoy hassle-free shopping at MEO.


This month I have just one announcement from MEO. They would like me to let all my fabulous readers know about their BLACK FRIDAY SALE. This is a discount that will be running all weekend from Black Friday (25th Nov) until Sunday 27th. On that weekend they will be offering a massive 33.33% off site wide. The discount code for this is BLACKFRIDAY2016 to be entered at the checkout. More details will be announced in their newsletter, so if you’re not already signed up, now is the time.


OllaLa History – The First Heated Dildo of its Type

ollala historyWho said women do not masturbate?

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Actually, let’s just say it: is there anything better, more intense, and more pleasurable? Whether we’re talking about sex with another person (or maybe more), or by ourselves in our bedroom, it is always fun and enjoyable.

There is a myth we need to debunk, perhaps one of humanity’s biggest and unfounded misconceptions: women do not masturbate. That is absolutely false; according to a survey, only 36% of women say they do not masturbate. The remaining 74% of women say they do – and who knows, maybe among that 36% there are some shy women who just are not willing to admit it.

Masturbation, especially for a woman, is extremely important. Getting to know your body, your vagina and what can better stimulate it will help tremendously when it’s time to share the bed with a real partner. Some women can feel pleasure only by stimulating the clitoris, while others are able to reach impressive orgasms, and maybe even squirt. Also, how do you learn how to love sex? By playing with yourself.

Dildo: a girl’s best friend?

A few women admit to masturbating, not to mention those who admit to owning a dildo. Many consider it as their vagina’s best friend, despite the presence of a partner. However, may girls complain about something that might go unnoticed: normal dildos, dongs and vibrators are cold, maybe too cold in order to let yourself relax and fell some well-deserved pleasure while immersed in your fantasies. Besides, many models, especially those on the cheaper side, are also quite stiff, and far from the realism they sometimes promise to provide. To some dildo manufacturers one might even ask, “Have you ever seen an actual penis?”

OllaLa a girl’s best friend?

Well, if a dildo’s low temperature is an obstacle to women’s ability to let themselves go for a moment of pleasure by themselves, OllaLa is the solution many were looking for. It is a breakthrough model, designed and patented by Helmuth Weiss, a man who managed to treasure his partners’ feedback, while trying to offer every woman what she wanted. As a lover of sex and women, he wanted to give them a precious present: OllaLa, the first actually warm dildo.

OllaLa History and Features

The problem with classic dildos is that no model currently on the market except for OllaLa is soft, with the right degree of stiffness but flexible. In particular, while resembling a real penis in shape, they are all extremely cold when they come in contact with a vagina. On the other hand, OllaLa can maintain a stable temperature between 37 and 38°C from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the model.

OllaLa is available in three different sizes and three colour options and its durability is virtually limitless, it can last a lifetime. In fact, with OllaLa you can have a warm dildo your whole life, thanks to the warm-generating liquid which is activated. This revolutionary and woman-friendly dildo is made of high quality silicone.

ollala history  ollala history  ollala history

It is an extremely realistic product which is also absolutely hygienic, since it can be easily and quickly sterilized: all you have to do is briefly dip OllaLa in boiling water and your heated dildo will be ready to use again. It doesn’t need any kind of power source, no batteries or cables, it doesn’t need refilling or recharging. OllaLa has been patented in 2004, and over ten years later, it still has no competition on the market. In fact, heated dildos are often low-quality, do not care for female needs and the heat they generate is not appropriate for intimate parts.

Here are the models you can choose from:

  • OllaLa normal: 20 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter, OllaLa Normal is ideal for every woman who wants a dildo capable of heating up to 37-38°C with a simple touch.
  • OllaLa midi: For those women who want to try the excitement of playing with 22 cm of length and 4.5 cm of diameter, Midi is the perfect model. It doesn’t just heat up, but can also keep the temperature from 30 to 60 minutes!
  • OllaLa maxi: let’s just say it, size matters. Why settle for less when you can play with a 24 cm heated dildo with a diameter of 5.5 cm? We are talking about generous dimensions, you must be really lucky to found the same in a partenr. But don’t worry: OllaLa Maxi comes to the rescue!

Why “OllaLa”?

Why did Helmuth choose to give its invention such a peculiar name? Because that’s the expression every woman use once they come in contact with the magic warm dildo. A brand that is called OllaLa.

Who is Helmuth?

Helmuth Weiss is the inventor of OllaLa who decided to listen to women, by exclusively pursuing the very best of quality. A surprising quality both in terms of materials used to manufacture the first warm dildo and for attention to details.

OllaLa’s creator loves sex and it shows, that is the reason he respects it so much. It is crucial to give your partner the attention she deserves when it comes to sex, because she deserves to live sex in the best possible way, deeply and without any limitations, just like Helmuth does. Playing with his partners allowed him to find out what they really wanted in a companion of intimate games such as their dildo. And what did he do? He designed, invented and patented it, that is how OllaLa was born, women’ dildo friend capable of providing them with authentic, warm pleasure.


*This post has been shared by sponsorship with the creator

ElectraStim Two July Announcements


This month I have two announcements from my awesome advertiser, ElectraStim. I have added the details of those below. The ElectraStim team have a specialist background in neuromuscular stimulation, which is the foundation of all their products. Their years of knowledge and experience enabled them to develop an innovative range that have made them a popular brand for beginners and experts alike. ElectraStim products are designed and manufactured in two Hertfordshire (UK) industrial units to high construction standards and incorporate built-in safety features. They are perfect for both beginners and experts to use in their electro play experimentation.

The ElectraStim Jack Socket Stroker picked up an award for the ‘Most Innovative New Product‘ at this year’s ETO show. An award voted for by those within the industry, you can’t get a better recommendation than that.



I have two exciting announcements from this sponsor this month:

  1. ElectraStim Summer Competition Survey –
    Win £100 (or multi-currency equivalent) to spend on the site. If you’d like the electro sex fairy to make your sexy dreams come true, all you have to do is enter your details and complete nine short questions to enter. So what are you waiting for?Competition link here.
  2. New toy bundles –
    They’ve launched a new selection of money-saving bundles including some with just toys/accessories, which are ideal for those wanting to grow their ElectraStim collection for less. Previously all their bundles and gift packs all included a stimulator, so there was no way for those who already had a power box to save money on multiple purchases.The new bundles are:
    – Cock and Balls
    – G-Spot toys
    – Lube and care
    – Rocker Bundle
    – Anal training
    – Urethra sound kit
    – Pads bundle
    They can be found here, along with their other money-saving bundles.


Submission Call – Under the Mistletoe

Charity Anthology

The lovely Delilah Night has asked me to share her submission call for her Charity Anthology, Coming Together: Under The Mistletoe.

The anthology is being published to raise money for Project Linus. A wonderful charity which provides home-made blankets and hats to children in crisis, like Delilah’s daughter Turtle (not her real name), below.

submission call

Submission Call

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow because we’ll be heating up this sexy December anthology.

I am looking for your best winter stories. Are your characters cuddled up inside while a blizzard rages, or are they snow birds spending Christmas Day on the beach in the tropics? Who belongs on Santa’s Naughty List? Is your billionaire a Scrooge? Is this the year they come out to their family? Do they have a special someone to kiss when the ball drops?

While the theme is winter, you may also add in your favourite December holiday, but this is not mandatory. I’m looking for compelling stories with compelling characters and a rich plot as well as beautiful poetry.

From Delilah Night

Full details for the submission call can be found here. Please do consider donating a story to this collection, you retain full rights. Previously published stories are also acceptable as long as you retain the rights to them.

Intimate Torment Fetlife Giveaway

Intimate Torment

My fabulous sponsor, Intimate Torment, are currently running an excellent Fetlife Giveaway. I’ll tell you more about that  a minute but first I’d like to tell you a little bit about them.

fetlife giveawayThey were founded in 2013 as a small stall at BDSM and Fetish events, their aim was to offer a range of products to suit everyone’s pocket.

Not much has changed, they still offer products to suit everyone’s budget but have grown quickly. They now have a shop in Swindon, an online store, and still do the events; regularly attending Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (BBB) and SWAMP in Bristol every month. They also do The Alternative and Burlesque Fairs in Bristol and Birmingham, plus Manchester and Portsmouth in 2016.

The mantra at Intimate Torment is to make products affordable, whether it’s behind closed doors or in a lifestyle club.  From Fifty Shades of Grey giving you an idea for a fun game with your partner or for those who are a part of the BDSM or Lifestyle community, we have products to suit everyone and their budget.

Fetlife Giveaway

fetlife giveawayAs Captain America Civil War is about to be released  Intimate Torment are giving away a (totally not Marvel) Super Hung Heros Captain Cock from the Super Hung Heros range.

All you have to do to win this very fun and rather unique dildo is love this post on Fetlife and be on their Fetlife friends list (yes you need to be logged in with an account to enter) by 8pm Saturday 7th May, and you will be entered into the draw.

As it says on the box….

“Proof that top secret research works! Captain Cock is a patriotic powerhouse able to free inhibitions and inspire star spangled orgasms. Liberate your sexuality”.


What are you waiting for? Go enter today. 😀