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Online dating started in the 90’s but in the last ten years it has blossomed with a variety of sites becoming available. I’ve tried it……on multiple occasions. Every so often I re-activate my accounts on dating sites, and see how things go. However, sometimes I’m just not looking for a relationship, sometimes I just really want sex, which is when a company like My Sex Hookups is invaluable.

my sex hookups

My Sex Hookups

My Sex Hookups are an online ‘dating’ company specialising in sex connections. Sex dating can really awaken your inner tiger and roll the years back. Sex dates force you out of your comfort zone and really tap into your inner animal. Thousands of years ago humans didn’t play the social dating games we play now? If there was mutual attraction, they simply had sex! Nowadays we insist on playing games and beating around the bush. Not at MySexHookups! Sex dates are fun because you know what you’re going to get at the end of it. There’s no confusion about why you are both there!

Your online dating profile, and why it should be your own

We all know Google can be our best friend, especially when it comes to finding things out. How to create a CV, how to write a covering letter… those are amongst the many things that we can look up when we don’t know what to write. It is great that we can get access to pre-made templates, letting us to fill the blanks, but that doesn’t always lead to creating something that is really personal. This is definitely the case with online dating profiles: sure you can pick up a template that everyone uses, but how exactly will this make you stand out of the crowd? Maybe it is time you do it all by yourself…

A profile is personal

The first thing, which might sound obvious, is that your dating profile should be about you, not someone else. It is not just the points that are being made but also how they are written. If you usually speak in a certain way, one can expect your writings to reflect you particular tone. So if you’re using something that someone else has written; it won’t sound like you no matter how you move the words around. Okay but a general profile means more mass appeal right? Well not exactly, those things don’t really work that way. Think about it, if everyone is writing the same thing, how to you get to distinguish between the different people. Surely not everyone is the same, and you actually want to find out who they really are. Also, a pre-made profile won’t really adapt to your needs; whether you are looking for a serious partner on Eharmony or you just want women seeking sex on My Sex Hookups or other adult dating sites.

Wrong expectations

Let’s say your language isn’t that good but your profile description is that of a scholar. People who read your profile will have certain expectations, only to be let down once they actually meet you. Consider it false advertising; it might not be intentional but people will feel like they’ve been deceived. This is not a good way to start a date; whether you’re looking for a relationship or even just a bit of adult fun. It’s not that you’re directly lying, but it can be interpreted that way. Using someone else’s pre-made template might not portray who you are and it could actually feel like you are trying to deceive people.

Templates are boring

If you’ve spent any time reading through people’s CV’s, you will appreciate that going through a whole bunch of similar sounding ones is just boring. Ultimately you’re more likely to pick up the one that stands out of the crowd. It is exactly the same thing with dating profiles. Sure the picture does play an important role in differentiating between people; but the description is ultimately the best indicator of potential compatibility. If people all sound the same, you’re only left with not much of a choice. If you want your profile to stand up, forget about how other people do it, just do it in your own way. Use your words, talk about what you think is relevant. If it really doesn’t work, you can always change and edit things until you get a good sense of what works for you.

The picture is important

As mentioned above, your profile picture will be your first distinctive feature. Of course you will want to use your best pic, but that is no good if that picture was taken ten years ago. The picture looks good okay, but your date will figure it out once they meet with you face-to-face. Your best bet if you can’t find a good recent picture of yourself is simply to get one done. Use your selfie camera, or better yet get a friend to take some pictures of you. Just dress how you usually dress, just make sure you’re happy with the photo. As long as it represents you well, then the only thing you can do is wait for people to get back to you if they find you attractive. Patience always works out in the end



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**Disclaimer – This article was written in conjunction with My Sex Hookups.

Casual Sex – Online Dating with SwingTowns

Personal Article

Second instalment of my Online Dating series, this time looking at Casual Sex. Online dating began in the 90’s, but it has blossomed in the last ten years with a variety of sites becoming available. I’ve tried it……on multiple occasions. Every so often I re-activate my accounts on dating sites, and see how things go. This has given me a store of tales in my library, so when I got chatting to Jay, who in 1999 founded SwingTowns, the Leading Open, Poly, Kink and Swingers Dating Social Network. I thought it was the perfect time to tell some of those stories I have been saving.

casual sex

Casual Sex

I’d never done it before; arranged to meet someone I didn’t know for the single purpose of sex. I’d met people for a date where I was fairly certain the end result might be sex of some description but never when it was just about the sex. This was new and I admit, it made me nervous. Even more so because I wasn’t at home. I was in London for some meetings and decided I might as well make the most of having a lovely hotel room. For me there was something very different about meeting someone just for sex, I’m not even going to pretend I considered anything beyond the physical for first contact, it was all about how they looked and whether I fancied them. Granted once I’d initiated contact, them being able to converse in a way that also made me hot, came into play. I decided against the really hot guy who unfortunately decided to tell me, “any girl who’s willing is good with me”. While he got points for them needing to be willing, I also wanted to feel like the person wanted ME as much as I wanted them, even if it was just for one night.

There were lots of things I worried about going into it, and not all of them (okay, hardly any) were really rational fears. A big part of me was assuming he wouldn’t even turn up, or that he would see me through the window and not come in. I also worried that he wouldn’t look like his photos, and I’d be stuck there trying to work out how to say no without causing a scene. Or on the flip side of that was the worry that he’d see me in person and decide I wasn’t whatever he was expecting from my photos, and he’d make his excuses and leave. Then there was the scariest thought of what if he looks just like his photos, and thinks I do too, and he stays. It may have been what I wanted but it was still nerve-wracking. I have a friend who does this all the time, she never gets nervous. She says it’s because I’m a product of society, she isn’t. But I can work on it, and it will get easier.

One of the things she advised was to make the person I’m meeting agree to an easy out clause. A way for either of us to walk away at any point without any explanation needed. I was really lucky, when I mentioned it to James during our initial conversation he not only agreed but was enthusiastic about it. The other thing my friend advised was meeting in a neutral location for one drink, so it gave us both a chance to make sure we wanted to continue. I figured a drink to calm my nerves would probably be a good idea, so arranged to meet him in the hotel bar.


I check the room one last time, making sure all my things are hidden away, and my bags stored in the wardrobe. Satisfied I glance at my reflection again, smoothing down my skirt and wishing I’d brought a different outfit.  I let the door click shut behind me, and head to the bar. I’m about halfway down my glass of prosecco when he walks in. I try not to stare, he looks just like his photos but I have a moment of doubt. He’s gorgeous…and very nicely put-together, I can’t help but wonder what he saw in me.  I’d picked the perfect seat to watch the door from, and when he pauses in the doorway, I raise my hand, and give a slightly self-conscious wave. He smiles and moves through the room, I stand as he reaches me, and we look at each other awkwardly for a second before we hug. The waiter comes over, and he orders a drink. He smiles at me, “You look just like your photo…except for the hair colour, the purple suits you.”
“Thanks, it took me a long time to do it but I really love it.” We make small talk while we finish our drinks, then he suggests getting a bottle of wine to take up to the room, and we head upstairs.

I shouldn’t be but when he kisses me I’m surprised. I know this was the whole point of meeting but it just seems so sudden. I can taste the brandy he drank in the bar, and while my brain is still trying to analyse my body is getting into the action. My hands are round his head, tangled in his hair and holding him close. His hands are cupping my butt, pulling me into him, and when I bite his lip I feel his cock twitch against my hip.

Three hours later we’re lounging naked on the bed, sipping wine. We’re just chatting about general things and I realise we never discussed this; is he going to leave? Or will he stay the night? I kind of hope he stays but not sure how to broach the subject, I make a mental note to check for future arrangements. The conversation is winding down, and we’re both starting to look sleepy. He puts down his wine glass, and turns to me, “Is it okay if I stay?” I’m too relieved to speak so I nod, putting down my empty glass, and sliding down into the bed. He pulls the duvet over us, sliding his arm around me. He barely moves all night, and while I feel comfortable with him there I don’t really sleep properly, just sort of snooze. When the room starts to lighten, I get up to use the bathroom and brush my teeth. Trying not to wake him, I fill the kettle and switch it on.

He looks like he’ll be out for a while longer so I decide to have a shower. I stand under the water admiring the bite marks on my chest and thighs. I’ve just finished washing my hair when he comes into the bathroom, “Need help washing your back?”
I laugh, “Well, it is hard to reach, you’d better climb in.” I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of shower sex, I get wobbly enough when I’m laid down, standing on a slippery surface isn’t a great plan. We take turns to wash each other, taking our time to soap up and rinse. I’m feeling more than a little aroused, when he reaches past me to turn off the shower. He puts a towel around his waist, then wraps a second one around me. Helping me out of the shower, he takes my hand to lead me back to the bedroom.

Later, fully dressed, he gives me a long kiss. “This was really fun. Thanks for letting me stay.”
“I’m glad you did. It’s been good.” I hug him and give him a quick kiss. “Maybe I’ll see you around.”
As he walks away I shut the door, and sit down on the bed. Hardly believing I managed to do it, and I had fun, and I feel good about it. When I leave to meet my friend, I am practically floating, and can’t stop the satisfied grin that is plastered across my face.


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**Disclaimer – This article was written in conjunction with SwingTowns, The Leading Open, Poly, Kink and Swingers Dating Social Network.

MEO Black Friday Sale Announcement


MEO have been sponsoring my website for around a year now. I’ve found them great to work with; they are open, receptive, and polite. My contact always responds to my emails promptly, and they are very quick to act on the occasions I have had a problem.

MEO have been going since 1997. Based in the heart of Europe, they have been successfully delivering their products all over the world. Every day, thousands of items leave their mail-order warehouse to bring pleasure to people everywhere. They began as a German special mail-order business for men, and although their focus is still men, they do sell plenty of products to please ladies too. Under the slogan “MEO makes you come” many interesting products from the bizarre erotic sector awaiting you. MEO is one of the leading providers in the erotic sector.


SERVICE, DISCRETION & PROFESSIONALISM are important for the team. So they can already assure you that your order will be handled discreetly and sent to you in neutral packaging. They deliver all over the world, no minimum order, within a short period. You would usually receive your shipment in Europe in a few days at reasonable shipping rates (beginning at € 6.90) (express shipments are possible of course, if you should require an article very quickly).

Trust in their many years of experience and enjoy hassle-free shopping at MEO.


This month I have just one announcement from MEO. They would like me to let all my fabulous readers know about their BLACK FRIDAY SALE. This is a discount that will be running all weekend from Black Friday (25th Nov) until Sunday 27th. On that weekend they will be offering a massive 33.33% off site wide. The discount code for this is BLACKFRIDAY2016 to be entered at the checkout. More details will be announced in their newsletter, so if you’re not already signed up, now is the time.


OllaLa History – The First Heated Dildo of its Type

ollala historyWho said women do not masturbate?

Sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Actually, let’s just say it: is there anything better, more intense, and more pleasurable? Whether we’re talking about sex with another person (or maybe more), or by ourselves in our bedroom, it is always fun and enjoyable.

There is a myth we need to debunk, perhaps one of humanity’s biggest and unfounded misconceptions: women do not masturbate. That is absolutely false; according to a survey, only 36% of women say they do not masturbate. The remaining 74% of women say they do – and who knows, maybe among that 36% there are some shy women who just are not willing to admit it.

Masturbation, especially for a woman, is extremely important. Getting to know your body, your vagina and what can better stimulate it will help tremendously when it’s time to share the bed with a real partner. Some women can feel pleasure only by stimulating the clitoris, while others are able to reach impressive orgasms, and maybe even squirt. Also, how do you learn how to love sex? By playing with yourself.

Dildo: a girl’s best friend?

A few women admit to masturbating, not to mention those who admit to owning a dildo. Many consider it as their vagina’s best friend, despite the presence of a partner. However, may girls complain about something that might go unnoticed: normal dildos, dongs and vibrators are cold, maybe too cold in order to let yourself relax and fell some well-deserved pleasure while immersed in your fantasies. Besides, many models, especially those on the cheaper side, are also quite stiff, and far from the realism they sometimes promise to provide. To some dildo manufacturers one might even ask, “Have you ever seen an actual penis?”

OllaLa a girl’s best friend?

Well, if a dildo’s low temperature is an obstacle to women’s ability to let themselves go for a moment of pleasure by themselves, OllaLa is the solution many were looking for. It is a breakthrough model, designed and patented by Helmuth Weiss, a man who managed to treasure his partners’ feedback, while trying to offer every woman what she wanted. As a lover of sex and women, he wanted to give them a precious present: OllaLa, the first actually warm dildo.

OllaLa History and Features

The problem with classic dildos is that no model currently on the market except for OllaLa is soft, with the right degree of stiffness but flexible. In particular, while resembling a real penis in shape, they are all extremely cold when they come in contact with a vagina. On the other hand, OllaLa can maintain a stable temperature between 37 and 38°C from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the model.

OllaLa is available in three different sizes and three colour options and its durability is virtually limitless, it can last a lifetime. In fact, with OllaLa you can have a warm dildo your whole life, thanks to the warm-generating liquid which is activated. This revolutionary and woman-friendly dildo is made of high quality silicone.

ollala history  ollala history  ollala history

It is an extremely realistic product which is also absolutely hygienic, since it can be easily and quickly sterilized: all you have to do is briefly dip OllaLa in boiling water and your heated dildo will be ready to use again. It doesn’t need any kind of power source, no batteries or cables, it doesn’t need refilling or recharging. OllaLa has been patented in 2004, and over ten years later, it still has no competition on the market. In fact, heated dildos are often low-quality, do not care for female needs and the heat they generate is not appropriate for intimate parts.

Here are the models you can choose from:

  • OllaLa normal: 20 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter, OllaLa Normal is ideal for every woman who wants a dildo capable of heating up to 37-38°C with a simple touch.
  • OllaLa midi: For those women who want to try the excitement of playing with 22 cm of length and 4.5 cm of diameter, Midi is the perfect model. It doesn’t just heat up, but can also keep the temperature from 30 to 60 minutes!
  • OllaLa maxi: let’s just say it, size matters. Why settle for less when you can play with a 24 cm heated dildo with a diameter of 5.5 cm? We are talking about generous dimensions, you must be really lucky to found the same in a partenr. But don’t worry: OllaLa Maxi comes to the rescue!

Why “OllaLa”?

Why did Helmuth choose to give its invention such a peculiar name? Because that’s the expression every woman use once they come in contact with the magic warm dildo. A brand that is called OllaLa.

Who is Helmuth?

Helmuth Weiss is the inventor of OllaLa who decided to listen to women, by exclusively pursuing the very best of quality. A surprising quality both in terms of materials used to manufacture the first warm dildo and for attention to details.

OllaLa’s creator loves sex and it shows, that is the reason he respects it so much. It is crucial to give your partner the attention she deserves when it comes to sex, because she deserves to live sex in the best possible way, deeply and without any limitations, just like Helmuth does. Playing with his partners allowed him to find out what they really wanted in a companion of intimate games such as their dildo. And what did he do? He designed, invented and patented it, that is how OllaLa was born, women’ dildo friend capable of providing them with authentic, warm pleasure.


*This post has been shared by sponsorship with the creator

ElectraStim Two July Announcements


This month I have two announcements from my awesome advertiser, ElectraStim. I have added the details of those below. The ElectraStim team have a specialist background in neuromuscular stimulation, which is the foundation of all their products. Their years of knowledge and experience enabled them to develop an innovative range that have made them a popular brand for beginners and experts alike. ElectraStim products are designed and manufactured in two Hertfordshire (UK) industrial units to high construction standards and incorporate built-in safety features. They are perfect for both beginners and experts to use in their electro play experimentation.

The ElectraStim Jack Socket Stroker picked up an award for the ‘Most Innovative New Product‘ at this year’s ETO show. An award voted for by those within the industry, you can’t get a better recommendation than that.



I have two exciting announcements from this sponsor this month:

  1. ElectraStim Summer Competition Survey –
    Win £100 (or multi-currency equivalent) to spend on the site. If you’d like the electro sex fairy to make your sexy dreams come true, all you have to do is enter your details and complete nine short questions to enter. So what are you waiting for?Competition link here.
  2. New toy bundles –
    They’ve launched a new selection of money-saving bundles including some with just toys/accessories, which are ideal for those wanting to grow their ElectraStim collection for less. Previously all their bundles and gift packs all included a stimulator, so there was no way for those who already had a power box to save money on multiple purchases.The new bundles are:
    – Cock and Balls
    – G-Spot toys
    – Lube and care
    – Rocker Bundle
    – Anal training
    – Urethra sound kit
    – Pads bundle
    They can be found here, along with their other money-saving bundles.