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Masturbation Monday #31

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Christmas Past. It’s been a few months since I managed to join in with this meme, and I have missed it. I decided to do this week’s post as the first of a three part piece on a basic Christmas theme, okay maybe I just watched Scrooged. I will still be using the photo Kayla provides as inspiration but will be running my little theme. The inspiration was:

christmas past

Mmmm, to sit back and perform, knowing you’re watched and wanted. Yes, please!

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

Readers – check out the different posts to find something that makes you want to get off.

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Christmas Past

She felt naked, exposed as she adjusted the suspender belt making sure the seams on the back of her stockings were straight. Normally she’d pull on her underwear over the top; last week it had been the red panties and bra. They’d looked perfect peeking out under her little black dress at the Christmas party, and she’d definitely managed to catch his attention again.

She smoothed out the bedding, putting the extra pillows on the bed, so they could prop themselves up. The lights on her Christmas Tree cast a rainbow of colours over the white bedding. She slipped her arms into her robe and picked up her shoes. She dropped them by the door, ready to put on when he arrived. His request had been specific, and she’d giggled at the nervous way he’d asked her.

She checked the slow cooker, giving it a wiggle so she could see inside. Then she lowered the heat on the pan of Mulled wine that had started to simmer on the stove top. She glanced at the clock before grabbing two glasses out of the cupboard and ladling wine into them. She’d just taken a sip when there was a knock on the door. Putting down her glass she walked over, her fingers fumbling to loosen the tie on her robe. She slid the heels on; supporting herself against the wall, as her height increased.

She turned the bolt, and stepped back as she pulled open the door. The ghost of Christmas Past smiled at her. His eyes on her face, drinking her in, barely even glancing at the outfit he’d requested. He moved inside, closing the door as he reached for her. She turned her face up to kiss him, her arms wrapping round his neck as his lips met hers. She stroked over the soft prickle of hair on the back of his head. He deepened the kiss, slipping his hands down to cup her arse, pulling her against him.

She staggered slightly in the heels and they bumped against the door.
He lifted his head, and gave a soft chuckle, “You taste like Christmas.”
With a smile she said, “I made mulled wine. Want some?” She pointed to the filled glasses sitting on the counter top. He shrugged out of his coat, hanging it up on the hooks she had next to the door. She watched as picked up a glass of wine, surprised when he sat in the chair she had by the end of the bed. She grabbed her own drink and sat down on the bed, shuffling back to lean against the pillows. She sipped her wine, peeking at him from under her lashes. She expected him to come and sit with her but instead he leaned back, cradling his wine and watching her.

There was a hungry look in his eyes, and it made her wiggle. A pulse of desire hit her cunt, and she felt her nipples pucker under her robe. Meeting his look she put her glass down and untied the belt on her robe. Letting the robe slide off her shoulders, puddling behind her and baring her chest. She cupped her breasts, weighing them in her hands, as she squeezed, and massaged them. Her fingers found her puckered nipples, and she tweaked them; twisting and pulling harder than he would have done.

When he shifted in his seat, adjusting his pants where she could see his erection growing, she smiled. Wiggling her butt forward, she leaned back, angling herself as she spread her legs. She braced on knee up, and let the other drop to the side. His eyes went straight to her cunt, and she grinned as his eyebrows shot up. She’d shaved very carefully just an hour before, and she knew it wasn’t something he’d expected. She slid her hand down stroking over her stomach, and onto her pubic mound. She was still slick from the moisturiser she’d used after shaving, and her fingers slid easily over it.

She drew patterns with her fingers, watching his eyes flicker as they followed the movement. She swiped a finger down between her lips, brushing over her clit, and feeling the moisture collecting at her entrance. Using her middle fingers she rubbed over her outer lips, curling her fingers inwards to slip between her lips. She could feel her cunt beginning to throb with the start of an orgasm, and she reached her other hand around her leg, holding her lips open. She rubbed at her slit, her thumb pressing against her clit.

He watched her closely, leaning forward in his chair. He breathing becoming heavier, as the tent in his trousers grew further. His obvious arousal made her confidence soar, and she knew she was close. She almost forgot he was there as she fell against the pillows, her head dropping back, as her hand worked more furiously. She moaned loudly, feeling her muscles contract, and as she came she groaned out an “oh fuck”. Quickly removing her hand from her clit, as everything got extra sensitive. She cupped her hand over her cunt for a moment, feeling the juices of her orgasm seeping between her lips.

Looking up at him she smiled, “Want a taste?”



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