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Recently, at the urging of a friend, I decided to give online dating a try. I had used Plenty of Fish before with no success so I decided to give OkCupid a try.  I’ve had more interest but I’m not sure that it’s really any better. Quite a few guys opened conversation with “would love to fuck you”, also had a “would you consider a threesome” (from a guy with no picture), and lots of “hi, kik me”.  I don’t have kik…..I had to ask someone what it was. When I received a message I would go check out the profile to see if we had anything in common, or if anything in their profile caught my attention. Often realising they hadn’t even bothered to read my profile at all.  Now to start with I tried to reply to everyone, even if I wasn’t interested, because I thought replying was the polite thing to do. I learned quickly that a simple “thanks for your message but I’m not interested”, would be met with a list of reasons I was wrong and that actually I really was interested I was just shy, and when I still said “no thanks”, I got a barrage of insults.

I did meet a few nice guys on there……or so I thought.

One I’d been chatting to and getting on really well for about a few weeks when he suddenly asked me how I felt about married men. Alarm bells started ringing and so I just asked him straight out, “are you married?” His reply yes, and he had kids. I was pretty annoyed and not sure what I wanted to do, I liked him and we got on, so I talked it over with a friend, and decided that if he wanted to cheat on his wife then that was up to him, and I thought I was ok with that…..until he turned up wearing his wedding ring, and I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to, I was horny as hell and really fancied him but all I could think about was his wife. He messaged me a few times trying to change my mind but in the end he realised I meant it.

And the other guy I thought was nice also turned out to be married. We were on a date when he let it slip, he mentioned a woman’s name while telling a story, and I just said “oh who’s xx?” And without missing a beat he says “My wife.” Then this look of horror slipped over his face, and he starts trying to back track, at which point I necked what was left of my drink and said goodnight.

I am still on there and am trying to meet people but I’m not really holding out much hope.


Have you had ‘fun’ online dating?

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  1. Good luck with it! I too am navigating OKC. It is fun so far but you do have to wade through a lot. I’ve had more fun since I started emailing people I found interesting first, rather than waiting to see who would message me. My trick is to not get too excited about anyone until you actually meet (easier said than done).

  2. This will only be a problem for you until this blog starts getting decent traffic. Then you’ll be deluged in messages from guys wanting to sleep with you. Some of them will even be single and capable of communicating normally.

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