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Masturbation Monday #15

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Denied Orgasm

Who’s he doing that for? Why? And when will he come? Inquiring minds want to know!!

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Denied Orgasm

He stumbles through the door, letting it slam shut behind him as he unbuttons the fly on his jeans. He eases the sides apart, and slips his cock out. It stands to attention, and he sighs in relief, the journey home had been torture. He’d never felt so grateful and at the same time so distressed by the way jeans had so little give in them. The pressure of the denim had rubbed against his cock every time he moved, causing his growing erection to throb and stiffen more.  But at the same time the tight fabric had mostly hidden the problem he was having.

A problem that had only gotten worse when his phone had buzzed as they came out of a tunnel, he’d pulled it out, checking the screen. His heart sank and his cock throbbed when he saw the message ‘Sarah sent you a photo’. He’d opened it carefully, angling his phone so only he could see it. She was still wearing the stocking and suspenders he’d left her in, and there was a dildo in her hand. Remembering how he’d made her come multiple times, then she’d made him leave. Denied orgasm, and sent on his way. His cock throbbed again, and he thought it must have twitched because the girl sitting opposite where he was standing had looked up at him catching his eye and grinning, before giving him a slow wink. Remembering her looking at him, assessing him, he reddened with humiliation and his cock jerked.

He pushes his jeans down, stepping on the hem to work them off without bending too far. Then straightening up he pulls his t-shirt over his head, letting it fall to the floor, crumpling on top of his jeans.  He leans back against the door as he wraps a hand around his shaft, stroking slowly, the pressure light. When his phones buzzes on the floor, he slides his back down the door until he is on the floor.
Reaching to his jeans he pulls out his phone, it’s another message from Sarah – ‘Are you home yet?’ He types a quick ‘yes’, and waits.
‘I hope you’re still dressed’, he stomach clenches and his cock twitches.
‘No.’ He reaches for his top ready to pull it back on.
‘Show me.’ It’s a command he daren’t disobey. Holding the phone above his head he angle it to show the length of his body. Then hits send.
‘Did you have permission to strip?’
‘No.’ He sends it then realises his mistake, ‘Miss.’ He waits for her to reply, his hand hovering over his cock, wanting to stroke it but not wanting to disappoint her any more.
When her reply arrives he stares for a moment, not quite believing the command, ‘Stroke yourself.’ He drops his hand and wraps it around his cock, sliding it up and down. As he settles into a steady rhythm he finds himself sliding lower until he is laid on the floor, one leg propped up, the other crooked against the floor.
His phone buzzes again, ‘Show me how you’re stroking it.’
Using his left hand he holds up his phone so his cock is framed, then switches to video, recording a few minutes of his stroking, letting his fingers slip over the head he moans, feeling himself getting close. His balls tighten and his cock jerks. He stops stroking and sends the video, adding a request…..a plea,  ‘Please, Miss. May I?’ His hand hovers again, wanting to finish but he waits. Her reply takes time as she watches the video he’s sent.

When it comes through he moans, ‘No, you may not. Put your clothes back on. You didn’t have permission to get naked. Orgasm denied.’


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