I’ve never really thought of myself as an exhibitionist; I don’t get off on the idea of people watching me have sex, in fact it fills me with a kind of dread. That many people seeing me naked and writhing. Urgh. But then I post naked photos of myself on here and on twitter.

Or maybe a little bit of me is an exhibitionist, because I enjoy it when people like my photos, or when they comment, even if it’s just “nice tits” or “so sexy”. I get a little thrill. I also seem to have a thing for getting semi-naked and doing ‘naughty’ things in cars, which I think is definitely a little bit exhibitionist. I get caught up in the moment; enjoying the fact that I’m sucking a lovely hard cock, and completely forgetting that I’m in a car, in view of anyone who walks past. Maybe it’s more uninhibited than exhibitionist. Either way I have fun, and should the opportunity arise in the future I don’t see things being any different, same goes for picnic blankets, and standing against trees, alley walls, etc. The only outdoor place I don’t have sex is the beach…..I did it once it was not a pleasant experience; sand chafes and you are washing it out for weeks.

I’ve explained before that sharing naked photos isn’t to do with other people, it’s all about me. Sharing those photos is about building my confidence, it’s about how I feel about me. And while I still have moments of not liking how I look, overall I am much better at accepting that I can be considered attractive and sexy. I still want to make changes to my body, but that’s because I want to be a healthier me; I want to be able to run for a bus without having to take my inhaler, I want to be able to improve my stamina and flexibility so I feel more confident about doing the sexy things I enjoy. And I want to give myself the best possible chances of NOT dying of a heart attack in my early sixties that I can (my dad died at 65 and my gran at 64 both of cardiac failure).

3 thoughts on “Exhibitionist?

  1. Since it appears we both enjoy it, I wish you would share more of your sexy pics! I find you to be very sexy and extremely attractive, in fact it was your sexy pic that lead me to your blog, but it has been you writing ability that keeps me coming back to read your posts! Thanks! I really enjoy your work!

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