Feeling Relaxed

I’d intended my second post to be about some of my history with men and sex, why I decided to start writing a sex blog, what I hoped to achieve through the writing, and that sort of thing.

However, today I received a parcel from Lovehoney in the post, it contained a new vibrator (just a cheap one to replace one that broke), and while normally a vibe session for me is all about a quick release, I was chatting with someone by email last night and ended up feeling inspired to try a longer session this afternoon.

I got comfy, put on some background music so the neighbours wouldn’t overhear anything, and tried to think about something……stimulating. Luckily, I’ve been horny for days and have had no shortage of inspiration to pick from. Five orgasms later and I am feeling very chilled and relaxed, in fact I haven’t felt this…..satisfied in quite a while.



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