First Fantasies

I don’t really remember ever masturbating when I was young (or a teen), I don’t know why it just wasn’t something I did, I still don’t masturbate manually, only ever with a vibrator. I must have been about 17 (and still a virgin) when I got my first vibrator and learnt to use it, I had a boyfriend at the time and he’d bought  me it when we were out shopping together. Now while I was technically still a virgin we were sexually active, I have fond memories of outdoor fun from that time. We were always going off to the country for walks and as soon as we were away from people we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Looking back I am amazed it took us six months to have full on sex because we we’re always getting…….hands-on with each other. His hands were the first to give me an orgasm, sort of awakened me to the possibilities of masturbation.

Now owing to being ‘hot and heavy’ with this guy and him buying me the vibrator, you would think that when I was using it I was thinking about him but nope.  There are two fantasies I really remember thinking about when getting off, and they both involve me giving head. It’s something that I still like to think about when wanking; no thought gets me wetter faster than thinking about sucking cock. One of the fantasies involved me basically jumping a delivery man; pushing him into a chair, unfastening his trouser, slipping out his cock, and sucking/rubbing/licking him to climax. The other one is a bit more dirty, and involves me, two guys, and a scenario that used to be referred to as spit-roast (maybe it still is but it’s not a phrase I’ve heard in years). Now I have a good imagination and managed to visualise it all so clearly including all the feelings that just thinking about them could bring me close to coming, and I just used the vibe to push me over the edge.  The threesome with two guys is still something I fantasise about……and would maybe like to try in the future.


What were your first Fantasies? Do you still have ones you go back to? Anything you fantasised about that you got to do? Was it as good as you imagined it being?

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  1. I’ve never really associated myself with “fantasies”, as such; I also have a vivid (and often overactive) imagination, but it’s mostly used to imagine either myself or (very often) other people having sex, sometimes fuelled by a description thereof – or otherwise constructing the situation in my head, which sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t.

    If I’m not masturbating to soft porn, or over my girlfriend’s back, then I have to rely upon my head, but all I do is consider sex and the situation in which it’s happening – who and why, rather than how – and that kind of works for me rather than any fantasy that’s outlandish or a desire that I have yet to fulfil. Even before I’d had sex for the first time, I was pretty sure that “my fetish [was] pleasure” (me, circa 2001) and I’ve never really changed from being just as vanilla in my headspace than I can be in the bedroom.


    For a while, a few years back, I had a period where I did have something which could loosely be labelled as “fantasies”. I won’t go into the details, but they were dark, brutal and very unlike me. They came into my head unbidden and unwanted and, although they got me off, I often felt sick afterwards. A few months later, they just vanished entirely, to my immense relief, and I went back to soft porn and cleaner thoughts of good old-fashioned sweaty, horny, frisky, passionate sex. And my orgasms were much more satisfying.

    They still are.

    • Thanks for reading……and for your huge reply. Nothing wrong with good old-fashioned sweaty, horny, frisky, passionate sex, or with any fantasies. >hugs<

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