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Electro Stimulation

Electrostimulation is a unique type of sexual stimulation as unlike normal sex toys that vibrate or rotate, ElectraStim directly stimulates your nerve endings using carefully produced electrical signals that generate a highly stimulating sensation.

When using ElectraStim stimulators and electrodes you’ll feel tingling and contractions that complement sexual contact, improve the pleasure you feel and can even bring you to orgasm with no additional stimulation required. On higher levels electrostimulation can feel uncomfortable and even tortuous, which is why e-stim has such a close association with BDSM. The sensations you experience are entirely dependent on you, increase power slowly for a more sensual and erotic electro-sex experience.

From ElectraStim

flick EM60

Flick EM60

At Sexhibition in 2015 I won the ElectraStim prize draw, which gave me a voucher to spend in their online store. It took me about eight months to pick what I wanted. I was hoping to get the Flick Duo but it had gotten to the point where I felt bad it was taking me so long to save up, so I ended up with a Flick EM60 Stimulation Pack, and the lovely team threw in a Nona G-Spot probe as well.

flick EM60  dsc01210

The pack contained the single-channel EM60 Flick unit, 4 ElectraPads, a connecting wire with 2x 2mm pin connectors, a USB charging cable, a storage pouch, instructions and a 1-year warranty. The printed outer sleeve shows a photo of the unit, and the inner box is plain black, and very solid. It would be great for storage if you needed it but you get a fab storage pouch in the pack, which perfectly fits the unit, wires and ElectraPads in.

flick em60

After charging the unit for a few hours I decided I would be best starting off slowly, so I opted for the ElectraPads. The unit I got is the single channel so I could only use two pads (or one probe) at a time. I first tried the pads on my inner thighs and found the sensations were quite intense, even on the lower settings. I struggled using the pads to get me off and decided to switch to the probe. I think for a situation where you want to ‘get off’ the pads would be best used with a partner, with each of you wearing one pad so when you touch you complete the circuit and get that extra tingle. *See below for my favourite solo use of the pads.

flick em60

I had to use a vibe to warm me up because the bulbous shape of the Nona probe meant I had a bit of trouble inserting it. However once it was in and I turned on the stimulator it was really good. The head sat against my G-spot perfectly, and the electrostimulation made my muscles contract. It’s a strange sensation. It doesn’t feel anything like when you use a vibrator, it’s a completely different feel. It took a while for me to stop mentally analysing it, and just concentrate on the feelings it produced. The instructions for use suggest that you always use conducting gel however I found my normal water-based lube worked just fine. I did have a slight issue with the wires getting caught but then I am a very wiggly person when I’m coming.

flick em60

The Flick EM60 unit has a somewhat unique selling point (and is presumably where it got it’s name), when it is turned on there is a setting you can use, where you flick the unit to get a burst of stimulation. I found if I stuck the ElectraPads to my butt, I could spank myself using the flick motion. And because the intensity can be controlled it is very easy to warm up; starting at a lower intensity and building to a sharp ‘slap’.  This was great fun, and would be great for people who like the sensation of spanking but don’t have the opportunity (or partner) to be spanked very often.


I really liked the Flick EM60, and I’m looking forward to playing with it more. However, if I was buying now, I would definitely go for the Duo version with the extra ‘channels’.

*The Flick EM60 and Nona were provided by ElectraStim as a prize for a draw. They did not request or expect a review. All views expressed are are my honest and unbiased opinion of the product.

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