Friendship Plus – Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday #24

Welcome to this week’s #MasturbationMonday, Friendship Plus. The inspiration was:

friendship plus

I don’t know who’s more fortunate – the one holding the cock, the one having his cock held, or us as we fantasize about what happens next. Maybe we’re all very lucky!

Bloggers and authors – share your hottest scenes and posts. Feel free to use this week’s picture as a prompt but don’t feel obligated. Write what turns you on!

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Friendship Plus

He’d showered first, and when I got in after I could smell his shower gel, and that slight musky scent that made me think about the extra five minutes he’d been in the shower. Which made my mind wander, and by the time I’d washed and got out my cock was standing halfway to attention without really being touched. I towelled off, trying to ignore my erection, hoping it would go away. When I stepped back into the bedroom I knew it was still visible under the towel but I didn’t care.

He was standing by the window naked, his towel in a heap on the floor. He was obviously watching something because he gave a chuckle and nodded. I went to stand next to him, and he pointed to the balcony opposite and one floor down. Someone was pushed against the door, their face tipped back with a look of bliss. Their legs braced, you could see them being pushed forward as the person behind thrust into them. That person was completely in shadow.

My cock twitched and I shifted but in doing so managed to drop my towel. He turned, taking in my erection, and letting his gaze travel slowly up my body. When he finally met my eyes I knew I was blushing, and I dropped my chin, stepping backwards away from him. He caught my arm stopping me, and then his fingers were on my chin, tipping it up to meet his eyes. Keeping eye contact he ran his thumb over my lips, and they parted. He smiled and leant in, when his lips touched mine I felt a jolt go through me, and when he sucked my lower lip my cock throbbed.

He pulled back from the kiss, and turned me so I was looking out the window. He reached round me, wrapping his fist around my cock and stroking it, slowly, teasingly. I moved my arm back gripping his arse and pulling him into me. I pressed back against him, angling my body so his arm could reach around me better. His stiffening cock nudging my buttock as he stroked my erection. I watched the couple opposite, and imagined him taking me. As I thought about how it would feel to have his cock buried inside me, my own cock twitched. He tightened his grip stroking faster, twisting the head slightly in a way that made my knees want to buckle.

I pressed my free hand to the window, supporting myself as my breathing grew ragged, and I gasped out his name. His mouth close to my ear, he grunted, “Come for me.” His words combined with the heat of his breath, and the tightening of his hand, pulled my climax from me, and I came hard, spattering white drops across the window. He turned me round, pulled me close, and kissed me hard.


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