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Fun Factory Miss Bi vibrator

Fun Factory Miss BiYou might remember I mentioned meeting Annika from Fun Factory at the ETO Show. I got to handle some of their toys in person. My only previous experience was with their Smartballs which I love.  So I was very excited to receive the Miss Bi to test.

The Fun Factory Miss Bi is a dual stimulation, two motor vibrator, designed with a shape that will stimulate the G-spot, vagina, and the clitoris. Each motor can be controlled independently. Meaning you can use just one or the other, or use them together. There are three vibration rhythms and intensities per motor, giving you a total of 50 different combinations. And if you find a combo that is perfect for you you can save the pattern for next play time.

I really like the Fun Factory packaging. It looks stylish but fun, and includes basic user information on the outer sleeve. The gold colouring with the red interior is really nice. I know it’s weird geeking out over the packaging but it’s nice to see a high quality brand using something that isn’t plain white or black.

Fun Factory Miss Bi

The Miss Bi is rechargeable and comes with Fun Factory‘s Click’N’Charge magnetic charger, it charges much more quickly than I expected, and you can tell it is fully charged when all three buttons are lit up. It is fully waterproof and made from medical grade silicone. It also has a travel lock, which I find is invaluable for travelling with rechargeable toys. It’s available in three great colours; turquoise, pink, and grape (the colour I got).

At first look the Fun Factory Miss Bi is a pretty strange shape. It’s quite short, and very chubby near the base with a tapered head that makes insertion a bit easier. The clitoral stimulation extension is quite chunky and very flexible, and I found (unlike many other ‘rabbit-style’ vibes) it managed to hit my clit perfectly when the rest of the vibrator was inserted. I also found the vibrations were strong in both sections.  When inserted the body gave me a nice full feeling without stretching me, and because of the tapered head I found this was great for ‘building up’ to a bigger toy.

Another great feature of the Fun Factory Miss Bi is the ‘loop’ handle. This gives you a great point to hold when thrusting and unlike a straight handle your hand is much less likely to slip when things get wet. The power and control buttons are placed on the top of the loop, so they are easy to access while it’s in use.

Fun Factory Miss Bi

However, the button placement is also one of the down sides of this. The power button requires a single press to turn off, and I managed to catch it during use a few times. But that’s more frustrating than anything. My only real complaint about the Miss Bi, is that it’s a bit too short, and it didn’t really hit my G-spot. However, for me that’s not a deal-breaker.


Overall I really liked the Fun Factory Miss Bi. It hit the spot, it got me off, and it did it well. Plus I loved it as a warm-up for bigger toys.


*I was sent this by Fun Factory in return for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Product Review – Fun Factory Miss Bi

  1. I truly liked Miss Bi, too and for me the length of the clitoral arm is just right but indeed the shaft should be tiny bit longer 🙂 A little bird told me that Fun Factory is releasing Lady Bi soon – which will be just like Miss Bi but longer. Maybe that one will solve the problem with not hitting your G-spot that well.

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