Fun Factory Moody Flexible Vibrator

Fun Factory Moody

Whatever your gender, whether alone or with a partner or looking for G-spot or prostate stimulation – the innovative Fun Factory MOODY  vibrator has it all to suit your every mood and desire. The flexible shaft with FlexiFUN Technology, the textured toy base, perfect curves and powerful vibrations combine to give you whatever you’re in the mood for, whenever you want it.

Fun Factory Moody

I may have mentioned before but I absolutely love Fun Factory sex toys; they’re designed and made to be fun as well as functional, and they do both so well. The Fun Factory Moody is no exception, their branding is so spot on you can look at a toy and know it’s one of their designs. It came in Fun Factory’s signature ‘gold’ box, included with it was the magnetic charger and a sachet of Toy Fluid. I still wish Fun Factory would supply storage pouches but it is my only real gripe with them.

Fun Factory Moody

Fun Factory Moody has a flexible shaft that moves with your body, and a rippled texture to provide intense stimulation, no matter what your position or movement. The curved tip hits the spot really well (whether it’s the G-spot or P-spot you’re looking for). The base keeps it place, and is even textured so that the nerve endings at the vaginal opening or butthole get some extra love. It has a loop handle, so even when your hands are slippery with lube and juices, you won’t lose your grip, and the control buttons are raised to make them easy to use.  This vibrator is 100% waterproof, so you can use it for bath time fun, and it makes cleaning it really simple. It’s also made with medical grade silicone so it is completely body safe. It is the same matte finish as the Bi Stronic Fusion, which isn’t rough as such but definitely has a bit more drag than some finishes, so you may want to use some extra lube.

Fun Factory Moody

Fun Factory Moody is available in three colours: Anthracite (a deep slate grey), Candy Violet (pale purple) and Candy Orange (the one I have). It has six different vibration speeds and patterns. It charges via Fun Factory’s magnetic charger which is really easy to use, you just put it to the ‘pins’ at the bottom of the handle, and if it is correctly connected the buttons will light up. When you first plug it all three buttons flash, and slowly they will turn solid as it charges. When all three button are lit up the toy is fully charged. It took a few hours to fully charge, and that gave me a couple of hours play time but obviously this will depend on which patterns and strengths you like.

Fun Factory Moody

The Fun Factory Moody has three control buttons. The ‘Fun’ button turns it off and on with a quick press. The plus button is used to scroll through the vibration patterns, while the minus button controls the constant vibration strength.  Fun Factory also include a travel lock on their vibrators; press and hold the fun button with the small (top) button for 5 seconds to turn it on, and the fun and big (bottom) button to turn it off. The travel lock is a great feature is you do travel a lot, because you don’t have to worry it will accidentally get turned on in your case.

One of the things I loved about the Fun Factory Moody is the feel, it is quite soft and squishy. Not so much so that it is difficult to use but just enough that is feels really good. At its widest point (right about the ‘fringe’ it is 5.5” circumference, and tapers towards the tip, which is just 4”. Insertable length is just over 3.5” which means this hit my g-spot perfectly, and because it is flexible it is easier to rock. The texturing on the shaft feels great when you are sliding this in and out. The vibrations are lovely and strong, and they are quite rumbly which is great. You can feel them all along the shaft, even into the tip.

Fun factory Moody

Overall I LOVED the Fun Factory Moody. It worked for me on so many levels; the tapered tip with its upward curve, the ridges, the fringe, the lovely squishy feel of the silicone. I think this is a fantastic budget friendly vibrator. With the current exchange rate it is coming in at around £70, which for a rechargeable vibrator of this quality I think is a real bargain.



*I was sent the Moody by Fun Factory in return for an honest and unbiased review.

One thought on “Fun Factory Moody Flexible Vibrator

  1. Hey,

    thanks for your good review. I like, how you describe this incredible toy. I’m from Germany like Fun Factory is (so please excuse my terrible english) and i love what they are doing. 🙂

    I think, that Moody is a little and compact allround-toy, that fits for almost every men and woman. It can be use to stimulate clit, g point and prostata. All in one – thats incredible.

    AND: Although it’s an Fun Factory product, you can get it with an small budget too.

    If u wanna read what i’ve written about Moody, you can do it here:

    Best greetings from germany.


    P.S.: I’ve added your link to my post. 🙂

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