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Earlier this week I reviewed Rachel Kramer Bussels’ Come Again. I now have an excerpt to share with you, and thanks to Cleis Press I have a giveaway in which you can win a copy of your own.

Come Again

Come Again

Excerpt from Sex Kitten by Erica Liekos, part of the anthology Come Again edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel:

At home, Allegra gazed with reverence at her new purchase. The tail itself was sixteen inches long, brown struck through with black accents and a white tip. It swished. There had been thicker and fluffier tails, longer ones, and ones with more dramatic coloring, but this one moved exactly the way she thought a tail should move: languorous, flirtatious, playful. The small clasp that had once held the tail on a display wire was now clipped into the loop set in the base of the tail’s accompanying glass plug. It was beautiful enough to leave out, Allegra thought…if it could ever be appropriate to have a fox-tail butt plug as home decor.

She checked the time—James was supposed to get out of his last meeting of the day in only twenty minutes. She emailed to tell him she had a surprise for him when he got home, then spent the next hour furiously working her way through her closet and dresser for the perfect accompaniments to her tail. Push-up bra, no panties. High heels. Her basic black leather collar. (Why, she wondered, had she never before thought of getting a bell to hang from the front? So obvious.) Choosing a dress took longer, as she insisted on precisely the right hem length to show off as

much tail as possible and have it appear as though it were an utterly natural part of her body. By the time James’s key clicked into the lock of their front door, Allegra was quite sure that she could hold her own against any of the sexy cat-girls she’d seen in Japanese animation.

She walked toward her Sir, the sway of her hips deliberately calculated for maximum tail action. The tip of her tail wrapped around the outside of one leg with each step before flicking across to the other side. She twirled for her owner, did a full-on wag for his benefit, then faced forward to take in his reaction.

“I thought,” James said slowly, putting down his briefcase, “that we agreed you wouldn’t buy any more toys without discussing them with me first.”

Allegra froze. She had, in fact, agreed to this rule after an unannounced shopping spree two months earlier. (“Pet, you cannot possibly need the same bullet vibrator in five different colors.”

“They’re not the same; look, each one has a different tip.”

“Oh, please. You bought the whole set just because you thought they were pretty.”

“…and that’s bad?”)

James hadn’t actually said no to any of her proposed purchases since then, but of course the probability of him approving the purchase didn’t change the penalty for failing to ask. The problem was that Allegra hadn’t thought the tail was a toy.

She realized a case could be made that the tail was part of a costume and therefore fell into the unrestricted purchasing category of clothing. But the tail didn’t seem like a costume to her any more than it felt like a toy. It didn’t feel so inconsequential. It felt real. From the moment she realized that a fur tail plug was something she could have, not just a plush clip-on but something she could have inside her, a part of her body to swish and stroke and curl around her feet…it didn’t feel optional.

She briefly considered apologizing, then decided against it. She wasn’t a puppy, after all. She liked curling up at James’s feet, but she was also the type to stretch a limb across his newspaper or keyboard, casually encroaching on whatever space was most central to his needs. She liked biting and scratching instead of talking to get his attention. Some owners have submissives, shethought, and some have slaves. You, Sir, have yourself a cat. Iwant to rub up against you, pretending your focus isn’t somewhereelse. I want to demand you keep a hand free to strokeme, oblivious to your other obligations. I want to sleep in asunbeam and stretch half the day, wander the house insolently,then settle in to find you’ve made me dinner. I have opinions.I’m the pet who owns you back.

“My tail,” she said pleasantly, “is not a toy.”

James raised an eyebrow. “Really.”

Allegra pivoted slightly to give him her profile once again. “Fur,” she said. “Like hair. You don’t make me ask permission before getting my hair cut, do you?”

“Not currently,” James replied. “But now I’m thinking about it.”

Allegra smiled, baring her teeth, and hissed at him. Then she wiggled her butt.

He sighed. “Oh, dear. What are we going to do with you?”

She batted her eyes, faux innocently.

“And after the day I’ve had…” James crooked his finger at Allegra, and she followed him to the couch, where he told her to kneel. He unbuttoned his suit jacket, sat, wrapped his hand carefully in her hair, then hauled her over his lap. With his other hand he flipped up her dress. The cool air swept over her ass, and she shivered. His free hand traced her jawline, then scratched her gently behind her right ear.

“What a dirty little kitten you are,” James murmured. His right hand now ran up and down the length of her body. She arched gently under his touch. Cats, she thought, always comewhen you call them…as long as they were planning to come toyou anyway.


The giveaway for a copy of Come Again is now closed and the winner was Marie Rebelle from Rebel Notes. Please note competition only accounts and people who are ‘taking advantage’ will be disqualified.

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