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On Wednesday I shared a review of Violet Blue’s Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, today I am pleased to share an excerpt from Chapter 5: Threesomes, Foursomes, and Moresomes. I’m also giving one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of their own (this will require you giving me your name and address so I can forward the details on to the publisher who will send out your prize).


Your preferred arrangement may include a third person sharing the affection and sex within your established partnership as an equal participant. You and your partner may like to “take turns” with the newcomer. You might want to try something else, such as two men having sex with a woman and her strap-on, two women “using” a man as a sex toy, a couple having sex with an anonymous stranger, a woman watching her boyfriend and another man (or another woman), or any number of novel scenarios.

Foursomes are just what they sound like—a couple plus two more, often another couple. You can have opposite-sex couples, same-sex couples, or a mix of the two. Or a couple can invite two unrelated participants—though it helps if these newcomers have a desire to have sex with each other, as well. We usually think of a foursome as four people having sex together, but again, depending on limits and expectations, one or more may watch or assist rather than participate. Some people consider two couples simply having sex in the same room to be a foursome. (Remember prom night?) They can enjoy the added excitement of watching each other; even without sexual contact, it’s a hot slice of voyeurism.

Add a person and you’ve got a threesome, couple up and you’ve got a foursome, add more than two to your twosome, and you’ve got…quite a party.

From the Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy, 2nd Ed., by Violet Blue

Giveaway now finished. Book was won by Texas Girl. Congratulations.


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