GPlug – Vibrating Anal Butt Plug by GVibe from Fun Toys

GVibe Vibrating Butt Plug

Gplug Small is one of the smallest rechargeable butt plugs on the market! It has a diameter of 3 cm (1.1 in) and this makes it a very attractive selling size for anal toys. Gplug also comes in Large size 3.9 cm (1.54 in), specially developed for extra pleasure seekers.

The rechargeable plug was presented by FunToys in 2013 at Erofame show and at the time there were no similar products on the market.

From Fun Toys



I was originally offered the GPlug to review at the beginning of the year but due to some mix-ups, staffing changes (at FunToys), and some miscommunication it didn’t arrive until the middle of the year. Unfortunately, it arrived right after ETO which meant it got added to the end of a very fair sized review queue…….a queue that doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.


I have to say I really love the packaging that Fun Toys use for the G-Vibes. It looks fun, protects the toys, and is easy to open. The ‘box’ is a tube shape with a rope handle and fitted soft plastic lid. Inside the tube the GPlug vibe is nestled in firm foam with all the extras packed underneath. You get the magnetic charging cable, a storage bag, and a very simple instruction booklet. By simple I mean easy to understand, in plain English with good illustrations. After a spate of either no instructions, or very confused instructions recently it was refreshing to have some that actually made sense, and helped me use the toy.

gpluggplug gplug

The GPlug vibrating butt plug is 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable, and whisper quiet. It charges using a USB magnetic  charger; it took around 90 mins to fully charge and that lasted around an hour on the full strength. It is made of silky smooth premium grade silicone. The silicone feels lovely to hold. The shape and soft touch material make it very tactile. In my hand the vibrations felt quite good, deep and rumbly rather than buzzy. My only concern was a slight wobble of the base on the stem of the body but I gave it a good tug and wiggled it, and it stayed firmly in place.


My GPlug was the small size, and it is very small. I think it would be a great size for those new to anal play, or wanting to give it a try. I also found it  was a good size to have in during sex because it wasn’t so big it clashed but it could still be felt. Having the vibrations felt really good. I was surprised by how much they added to the anal experience. It was interesting to have the vibrations from the butt plug while I used a dildo in my cunt. It was a new sensation for me and I really liked it.


The added extra fun came when I used the GPlug in conjunction with the GRing (which I reviewed last week). As I mentioned in my review of the GRing it could be used as a remote control for other GVibe toys. I had great fun playing with this, scrolling through the patterns, and strengths. The connection was really good, even from across the room, which means this could be used in some very fun games.

My only complaint about the GPlug is the round shape of the base. I just cannot get on with the round ones, they dig into the sides of my butt cheeks, and I can’t wear them for long. It would be great if GVibe could bring one out with a T-Bar instead. I’d love a T-Bar version.


I really liked the GPlug from Fun Toys G-Vibe range, especially when used in conjunction with the GRing. I only had the one tiny complaint and it wasn’t enough to stop me enjoying the butt plug.



*I was sent the GRing vibe by Fun Toys in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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