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Today’s guest post is a wonderful piece on first time MFM Threesome from the lovely Geeky Temptress, you can find her on twitter. As always with my guest posts I haven’t edited this in any way. 🙂

MFM ThreesomeMmmmmF

MFM Threesome Story

This is something we’ve talked about, a MFM threesome; fantasied about for some time and now we can finally let it happen. There are three of us in the room; my Sir, myself and him.

I’m ordered to lay on the floor, facedown & naked. Sir puts a blindfold on me and kisses my neck before he binds my hands behind my back and gently eases my legs apart.

I’m left a little while to become chilly, but I know they are both here, or at least I hope so as I’ve just heard the door go again.

It’s not long before I feel the warmth of someone kneeling down next to me, and a large warm hand runs itself all over me.

A handful of my arse is grabbed and released, grabbed and released before… ‘Thwack!’

A delightful tingle burns away on my skin, the hand does this again, and again.

One of the male voices lets out a low moan of approval, the hand moves to my hip as does a second hand on the other side before a warm breath tickles between my legs. Gentle tongue flicks start and I giggle, immediately prompted the second set of hands to move to my face, making me suck on his fingers.

There’s one hand holding my chin, probing my lips with his fingers and I hear his other hand freeing him of his trousers. He takes his fingers out of my mouth but still firmly holds my chin. The second hand now harshly grabbing a fistful of my hair.

I can tell he’s waiting for something, a cue, as the tongue become more frenzied, easing a gentle orgasm from me. I gasp I find a hard cock forced into my mouth and slammed down the back of my throat. I’m held there and given enough time to adjust, I force myself to swallow the harsh but delicious feeling.

The tongue moves between my clit and arse, before three fingers find there way into my slick cunt. I start to push back on his tongue and the palm of his hand, bringing me off the cock in my mouth just enough to catch my breath. I control the rhythm here, and with the hand venturing further and further inside me I find it easy to come again.

As soon as the shock waves stop from my second orgasm, I find the space between my legs empty. The control shifts in my mouth to his will and he fucks my mouth and my throat without mercy. I can feel him getting close and he forces himself to hold onto the edge of his orgasm. I hear Sir’s voice “not yet” and it’s the first clue I’ve had to which cock was in my mouth. He slows himself and forces my face right into him and holds me there whilst he regains some control.

There’s a sudden and sharp strike across my arse and I know exactly what Sir is going to do. Two more sharp hits followed by the cold liquid into my arse. He fingers my hole roughly, I’ve almost made someone else come before he has, so this will be for him and only him.

The firm hand stays in place on my chin but the hand that was holding my hair is now on my back, holding me down steady. Cock still in my mouth pinning me in place.

Sir takes his cock and greets my clit with a gentle brush before moving up to my arse. There’s no warning before his entire cock is forced into me, and quickly back out and in again so I’m able to accommodate all of him.

He growls at the boy “now” and the cock in my mouth pushes back into my throat.

I have two of them inside me and I control the movement of neither.

I am being used solely for their pleasure now and I fucking love it.

I struggle against my tied hands and the boy obliging unties them. Sir passes me a small bullet toy I may use on myself.

I hold it to me and switch it on, almost immediately  begin coming again.

The boy is close too, he’s as slow and harsh me with as Sir is. Forcing their full lengths into either end of me slowly withdrawing before slamming into me…. Over and over.

I hear a strained “please?” from the boy and he must’ve been given a nod of approval. His hot thick come makes me gag for how fast it fills my throat. I struggle and splutter but he won’t take himself fully out of my mouth, not until he knows I’ve swallowed it all down.

Sir is close now too, and we’ve begun to move with each other. For every time he slams into me, I’m pushing back and forcing him deeper.

I push the vibrating bullet inside of me and I’m rubbing myself faster and faster. I need to come just once more before he does….

“Blindfold off” the instructions are given by Sir and immediately obeyed by the boy. The cock in my arsed now holding deep and grinding inside against me. I look up to see Sir and the boy watching me being used.

Exhilarated by this ,it’s enough to force me over the edge. I come again forcing the man inside me to do the same. We both shout and moan.

As I catch my breath Sir kneels down next to me and whispers “Good girl. You wanted two cocks and you made a splendid show for me, but now I’m going to show them both how you are mine”.


An MFM threesome story.


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