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Hebe Body Wand“If you’re attracted to the discretion of wand massagers or would like a massager that also doubles as a sex toy but have been put off by their socks-off power, then this is the massager for you. Its innocuous design also makes it a great travel companion.”

From Sh! Women Store

Hebe Body Wand

The first thing I have to mention in this review is the amazing care that is taken in the packaging of items. The massager arrived in a parcel and when I opened it I was greeted by this..

Hebe Body WandIsn’t it pretty? It was like getting a present. Made me smile quite a lot. And when I opened it the inner box even had a Sh! Women seal sticker on to show it hadn’t been opened. It was a nice sturdy box, with a sort of faux snake-skin print, and a plastic window. It folded open and close, and has a little magnet to hold it shut, and it has a little black rope handle. The Hebe Body Wand was nestled in a sponge covered with velvet feel fabric.

Hebe Body WandWhen I lifted it out the charging lead and instructions (I’ll come back to these) were stored underneath. The charging cable is one of those USB ones with the pin at the other end that you slide into a port on the vibrator. Nice and easy to use, and it closes itself up afterwards. And now I’m re-reading it those last two sentences sound much dirtier than I meant.

Hebe Body Wand

The Hebe Body Wand Massager is made from a bright blue silicone, and black ABS plastic. It is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and non-porous. It is much smaller and lighter than the body wand massagers you may have seen before, and depending on what you want it for this may or may not be a plus point. I looked how this felt in my hand, the shape and weight meant it was nice to hold, and felt comfortable holding it for a long time…..which is good because I held this for ages.

hebe body wand

The Hebe Body Wand has three constant power settings, and four patterns, and the light on the front changes colour so you know if you’re on a power or pattern setting. I found the vibrations fell somewhere between buzzy and rumbly, and the noise it made sounded like a jet plane building up to take-off. I wanted to love this but I only liked it. The vibrations weren’t quite rumbly enough to actually get me off but they were quite nice on my achy muscles.

hebe body wand

I also found the mix of materials a bit distracting, it meant there were so many edges to worry about. It also meant it was harder to clean, lube and body fluids would get caught in the grooves, and unfortunately (according to the instructions) the Hebe Body Wand is not waterproof so you can’t clean it in a bowl. You just have to wipe it well, then spray with toy cleaner, and hope for the best.

Hebe Body Wand

Which leads me to the instructions (I did say I would come back to these). They are written in English but it’s not the same English I’ve been taught. They make very little sense. I find it extra entertaining because there is a warning on them to “Please read this manual carefully before using”, it’s almost the only sentence that makes sense in them. Some of the gems I found were:

  • Open the vibrator: Press the buton 3 seconds open vibrator. Then seven kinds of mode switching!
  • Cleaning – Please rinse body part with warm water and antibacterial soap, then rinse clean.
  • Service – Please use this product properly, to secretly dismantling improper use.

It’s very interesting to read.



I did like the Hebe Body Wand but it didn’t blow me away…..or get me off. However, at less than £40 this would be great for someone who wants to try a wand but finds the full size ones intimidating, or someone who doesn’t need as strong or deep vibrations.


*I was sent the Hebe Body Wand Massager by Sh! Women Store in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. The links in this post are not affiliate based.

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