Here Comes the Sun

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There was a Wicked Wednesday prompt that was lists, and putting her own special spin on it Oleander over at PoisonPenDirtyMind decided to use it as an opportunity to share part of her list of writing prompts. And taking it one step further she invited her readers to use one of the prompts to inspire them to write an entry for her contest.

I decided to use the spontaneous office sex prompt. This is an excerpt of the full story.

Here Comes the Sun

I stare through the window, the rain was so heavy it was like a waterfall running down the glass. It had been pouring for weeks now. Occasionally it stopped but with no break in the clouds it stayed gloomy and grey. It was starting to get to me, everything seemed to be taking me twice as long…which is why I was sitting at my desk after hours on a Friday night. I’d switched the radio on to some golden oldie station when everyone else had left, and slipped my shoes off. Not that being here was doing me any good, I just couldn’t focus. I’d had a crappy few weeks, and the relentless rain wasn’t helping.

“You’re so fucking miserable.” Adam’s parting shot still burnt, mostly because I knew it was true. I’d been so unhappy for so long, I’d known something was going on but he’d told me I was crazy. So I’d kept it to myself, and things went steadily downhill. Three weeks ago I came home to find him waiting for me, his stuff gone from the shelves and cupboards, He’d told me it was over, I hadn’t even managed to get mad I just sighed and told him I knew that. Which was when he’d stormed out, yelling his parting shot at me as he slammed the door.  It was true though, I’d known it was over for months. The great sex turned bad, and then became non-existent. I’d not had a decent fucking in forever. It’s no wonder I was miserable.

I shake myself out of the memory and look back at the papers on my desk. Sighing I pick up my pen and start editing. I’m ten pages in when I pick up my drink swallowing the last of the now cold coffee, I put the mug back down wishing I kept something stronger in my office.
“You look like you need a beer”. I jump up knocking my coffee mug onto the floor. My palms on my desk I look over to the doorway, trying to control my breathing.
“You nearly gave me a heart-attack. I thought everyone had left…and yeah, I’ll take that beer.” I smile and hold out a hand. Kevin walks over, handing me a bottle of beer from the pack he’s carrying before sitting in the chair opposite my desk.


If you’d like to read what happens after they share a beer, watch this space. ;D



*Special mention to CharlieInThe for the title idea from her summer playlist contest.

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