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I’ve been sitting here all day with the ‘new post’ page open in front of me trying desperately to think of something, anything to write about. I thought I might write about how much I am struggling with my anxiety and depression at the moment but the wonderful Charlie at SexBlog(ofSorts) beat me to it with her wonderful post, For Me.

Then I thought maybe I could write about squirting but I’m relatively new to it and I just read a great post from Exhibit A about girls who squirt. Not really sure what I could add to the subject at this point.

Speaking of amazing posts I’ve read, you should all check out this phenomenal post from Malin James on owning her sexuality, and feminine relations. A wonderfully strong and empowering read that made me want to both hug and high five her. Stunningly done.

There was also a great post on hosiery from F Dot Leonora about her fascination with all different types of hosiery, accompanied by a fabulous photo of a stocking clad thigh and a chocolate cupcake…….not sure which made me drool more.


I am surrounded by some amazing writers and usually I find that very inspiring but at the moment the doubting voice in my head is very loud and is convincing me that I will never be that good, I will never write something that seems so……polished. So until I find my writing mojo, please do check out, not just the posts I’ve shared here but also the blogs and the wonderful bloggers behind them.

7 thoughts on “HGG Recommends

  1. you are unaware of your elegance and way with words. you write with an honestly and openness that always floors me…if your mojo is flighty, grab a wing! x

  2. All this means is that you’re on the right track and in good company. Which is a good place to be.

  3. I’d just like to say that I think Vida and F Dot Leonora are absolutely right. Your writing is honest and beautiful and incredibly compelling. I know the voices of doubt can be loud and nasty, (believe me, I *really* do), but from where I sit as one of your readers, I think that what you write and how you write it is important. Your accessibility and your honesty are two of your greatest strengths. Definitely take your time and take care of yourself, but don’t think for a second that what you write doesn’t have value, because it *absolutely* does. xoxo

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