Home for the Holidays – A Personal Post

A Personal Post

It’s that time of year when people ask are you going home for the holidays? My answer….

home for the holidays

Home for the Holidays

This morning I read a post from Girl on the Net about staying at your own place for the holidays. It also has an awesome poem.

I hate when people ask me about my holiday plans. Well not holiday plans exactly but when they ask if I’m going home for Christmas. Not because I mind answering but because my answer so often seems to upset them…

You see I don’t have ‘a home’ to go back to. Where I live now is my home. These conversations usually go along these lines:

Them: Are you going home for Christmas?
Me: Where I live is home.
T: Well, yes but what about your parents?
M: They passed away years ago.
T: What about other family?
M: I don’t have any. It’s just me. So what are your holiday plans?
T: You”re going to be all alone over Christmas?
M: If I’m lucky and my housemates all go to their families, yes.

By this point I just want the conversation to be over. They’re giving me this look, and it cuts. My Dad loved Christmas. I would always go see him on Christmas morning but never stayed for lunch. Not after I had my own place, I would rather go home and do my own thing.

Maybe it was better having Christmas alone when it was my choice, rather than now where it is because I have nowhere to go. However, I am happy with my life. Sometimes things get me down but overall I love it. And Christmas is great because my housemates are usually gone for a few days, so the house is all quiet. I can wash up later in the day rather than having to worry about doing it straight away. It’s nice.

The conversation with people though, that’s hard. It seems to bother people a lot. Even when I reassure them I am happy with how things are. I hate the conversation but other than outright lying (which I won’t do) I don’t know what else to do. What to say to them to stop that look.


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