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Girl On The Net

How A Bad Girl Fell In Love

On Thursday I celebrated the launch of Girl on the Net‘s new book, How a Bad Girl Fell in Love with a glowing review, which you can read here.

How a Bad Girl Fell in Love is part confessional, part drunken-rant-on-the-bus from the writer of one of the UK’s most popular sex blogs. Below is an excerpt, which I had to pick at random because actually choosing a quote was just too hard.


how a bad girl fell in love

When I told Mark about the sex blog, he was far more chilled than Adam. Perhaps because it was still early days: we hadn’t yet had the kind of sex he’d be nervous to tell his friends about. While he’d have loved the idea of calling me his girlfriend, he knew that’d mean a pretty swift separation without even a goodbye blow job. I was just a girl he liked, who met up with him twice a week or so, then rubbed against him in the hallway of his flat until one or both of us made a come face. We were new, casual, and definitely not significant. So, as with so much else in life, laid-back Mark made the sex blog chat simple:
“I’m going to write about sex on the internet. Can I write about what we do?”
“Of course. Let’s do it again now, though, just so it’s fresh in your mind.”
Afterwards, when we were sweaty and knackered and definitely not hugging, he sat up with a jolt, lips twitching like he’d just thought of a killer joke:
“I don’t have to actually read it, do I?”



Blink Publishing have very kindly offered to donate a copy of How A Bad Girl Fell in Love for one lucky HornyGeekGirl reader. To be in with a chance you just need to enter using the widget below. The more tasks you fulfil the more entries you receive. I do check entries, so I will know if you haven’t really followed someone. Competition only accounts will be removed.

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