I love…

I love…

That little huff of breath before you kiss me.
The way you smell after the gym before you shower; warm, male and soooo sexy.
Your eyes shining when you smile at me.
When you have to adjust yourself because I wore ‘that’ dress out for dinner.
When we hug, and you grip my arse pulling me close enough to feel your hard-on pressing against me.
When you take my hand while we’re walking.
When you pull me onto the dance floor for a ‘slow number’.
When you buy me a book from my wishlist, just because.
The taste of you in my mouth after a quick pre-work blow job.
When you bring me flowers to make me smile.
When you kiss me for slow and soft, or hard and urgent.
The way you look in your suit, or those jeans that hug your arse.
The way you grab my hair when I’m giving you head.
When you look at me as if I’m the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
When my nipples are still sore the day after we’ve played.
When you turn up at my door with takeaway and booze.
When you say let’s play hooky and stay in bed all day.
When you take a day off so we can go to the beach.
When you tell me to get dressed up and take me out for a nice dinner.
When you spend hours devouring me without expecting anything in return.
The feel of you inside me, filling me.
The softness of your skin after you shave.
The little bruises you leave on my very personal places.
When you tell me I’m sexy.

What do you love?

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