I was thinking….

I was thinking about waking up next to you in a tangle of limbs, a sheet covering us, fan keeping things cool. The sex smell from last night lingering. Just laying there listening to you breathe and remembering the feel of your mouth on mine, your hands on my body, the taste of you when I took your cock in my mouth, you filling me. I start to wriggle a bit as I remember and my movement causes you to stir, still mostly-asleep you reach for me, pulling me against you as your hand strokes over my hip, along my stomach and up to cup a breast, gently squeezing as you thumb rubs over my nipple. Knowing the moment you’re fully awake by the hardness against my back and your mouth on my neck. I twist my head so my mouth can find yours, rolling onto my back as you kiss me.

A long slow good morning of a kiss, while your hand works each tit in turn, your thumb gently rubbing the nipples into hard peaks, before you slide it down, stroking over my stomach and along that line you know drives me wild, moving down until you’re cupping my pussy, and I’m pushing against your hand. Your mouth now on my neck, my shoulder, my chest, carefully sucking one nipple as I gasp, they’re still sore from last night but the stab of pain is buried in the pulse of pleasure, and I’m arching up to you. Moving to suck the other nipple, you move your hand stroking up and down my pussy, slipping a finger between the lips, sliding it up and down, using your thumb to circle my clit. I feel myself coming as you work my clit and I want more.

I need to feel you in me, I reach down to where your hard cock is pushed against me and slide my hand along the shaft, running my thumb over the tip, before turning my body towards you, and guiding you to what I want. You slide in and I wrap my legs around you, pulling you deeper into me and holding you there. Letting the end of my orgasm pulse around you before I start rocking against you, holding you inside me and slowly moving my hips in small rocking circles, taking it gently and slowly after the pounding of last night.  You take over the motion rocking your hips without withdrawing and soon I’m tightening around you again and as my orgasm ends you pull out, working your cock with your hand, pumping your come over my chest, before laying back down next to me. Pulling me against you and stroking your hand over my chest rubbing in your come.

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