Innocent Joy

I was having a conversation with a friend today, we were discussing attractiveness. They were saying how much more attractive naked women are than naked men, and that dicks are just not nice to look at.

I sort of agree……or at least I get what she was saying but for me there is something kind of special about them. Now before you jump on me asking what I’ve been smoking or if I’m drunk, let me explain.

Maybe it’s a bit innocent and naive of me but there is something beautiful and almost magical in watching (and feeling) a cock go from soft to hard. Seeing it grow; the way it lengthens and thickens right before your eyes. The skin tightening, seeing the helmet appear all shiny and dripping pre-cum. I watch it happen with childlike (was hesitant to use the phrase but I can’t think of another that fits) wonder, no matter how many I’ve seen (and ok it’s not a huge number) it still fills me with a sense of awe. It’s like magic.

So I think she’s wrong, or maybe she just doesn’t see the magic like I do, but dicks can be very attractive.

9 thoughts on “Innocent Joy

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  2. This reminds me of a conversation I was in with a small group of people, maybe 6 of us, a mix of women and men. We also talked about the beauty of the body. And it was generally agreed that women look better naked. I thought it was interesting that the women had also agreed about that. But I love your description of being fascinated by a dick erecting. A guy loves hearing that reaction, thinking it’s magical 🙂

  3. Oh I agree so much. I have always found the process of watching a cock metamorphosise from its soft, wrinkly, pre-aroused state into full blown hardness strangely hypnotic.

    I like the male body, its strength, its hard lines, its hairiness. That said, I am rather partial to a nice pair of boobs and the soft curves of a woman’s body too.

    Being bisexual has its perks 😉

    Katie xx

  4. I agree with your friend – I like looking at a naked woman more than looking at a naked man. But, that’s when I look at pictures. When I look at a real body in front of me, I just enjoy seeing the body, seeing it move, seeing it respond… and it doesn’t matter whether the body is male or female. And yes, I agree with you, dicks can be very attractive, but I still prefer them live to on a photo 🙂

    Rebel xox

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