Instagram Policies

Little mini rant contained…..feel free to look away. 😉

I recently tweeted a link to a vlog, you can see it here. It is basically about Instagram removing pictures and closing accounts because of their vague guidelines. Now I recently had my Instagram closed and photos removed because Instagram said they breached their policies. The three pictures were basically tit shots (the same ones I have posted on here and on twitter), now I can see how they are considered to have breached the nudity policy, however you can see my confusion when I can go through Instagram and see other women’s boobs, I can see thousands of topless men, and even some cock shots (mostly peeking cocks rather than full on). So how is it my pictures were offensive when pictures showing the same….or more are acceptable. Is it just because my tits are big? Or because I’m carrying more fat than is considered the norm? How exactly does the process work ? And where is my option to ‘fight’ the closure/removal?

I did tweet @instagram calling them out on this but they didn’t feel it worth a reply, tweeting was the only way I could find to actually contact them. Their customer service is abysmal. So I guess I will just continue to tweet and post my pictures here, and say sorry Instagram but you don’t deserve me and my tits. :p

2 thoughts on “Instagram Policies

    • They were just simple boob pics but I do find their standards and complaints procedure is shit.

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