I’m a (currently single) geeky girl, who has discovered an interest in sex blogging and erotica. I started reading sex related blogs about twelve months ago, and discovered erotica about six months after that. I had read books of erotic stories previously, but they were always something I felt I had to hide and not talk about. Finding all the amazing blogs I read really opened my eyes to the world out there.

I was always made to feel like I was weird for being a geek and liking geeky thing, and then when I tried to talk to the few friends who accepted my geekiness about sex they just shut down, and told me people don’t talk about that, it’s private. However, I am slowly realising that it is them who have the problem and it is perfectly ok to admit I like the things I like and to talk about the things I want to talk about.

On this blog I am hoping to write reviews of toys, discuss my life and search for Mr Right (while hopefully having fun with some Mr RightNows), and share any blogs posts I’ve enjoyed or found stimulating. I may also branch out into reviewing Erotic books and collections.

I do plan to keep this blog as anonymous as possible because while I know it’s ok to like what I like (as long as it’s not hurting anyone), I have to live in the real world where sometimes it isn’t ok.

Please feel free to leave comments. I will always do my best to reply.

5 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Great little introduction, and I think a healthy layer of anonymity is great (sometimes, I wish I could reclaim mine). Glad to see a geeky chick exposing herself (both her personality AND her body) as a way to both grow and have some fun!

  2. Hey there. I ran across your blog while reading Hyacinth’s work. Not that you need it, but I’m quite fond of your writing style. Welcome to the community, and I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Thank you. Always nice to hear compliments on my writing. I never feel it’s good enough, we’re our own worst critics, right?! 🙂

      Thanks for the follow. 🙂

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